Fashion Related Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Whether you want to start a fashion-related business or turn a hobby into a side hustle, there are plenty of opportunities to make money in the fashion industry without going through a formal designer education and training program. 

Regardless of what type of business or side hustle you start, however, knowing what products will sell is only the first step.

You also have to find reliable suppliers, manage your website and sales processing, market your products effectively, reply to customer emails, track orders and deliveries and possibly store your wares safely, to name just a few responsibilities of a business owner.

There’s also making sure that you run a profitable business and that after all your expenses, like rent, lease or mortgage, insurance, marketing, salary, etc., you have enough margin for your business to grow.

This means factoring all of your overhead into pricing your products or services and possibly hiring an accountant or bookkeeper to ensure the numbers are accurate. 

With that said, here are a few ideas to get you started in a fashion-related business.

Fashion Related Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Design and Sell Custom Outerwear and Accessories

Many companies outsource the design and purchase of their branded swag for charity events, and conferences and for employees to wear as uniforms or giveaways.

A dropshipping business allows you to order custom t-shirts in bulk and other apparel and accessories without needing a lot of overhead or warehouse space.

You also can run your business from any location and offer multiple products. If your sales increase, you’ll have little to do to meet the increased demand if you’ve partnered with reliable suppliers and shippers.

You can also design and sell custom apparel and accessories directly to the public through your website or in person at festivals and other public gatherings.

Curate Clothing & Accessories Lines and Sell Them Using Social Media

Another way to break into the fashion industry is to become one of those accounts you follow on Instagram or Pinterest that showcases the types of clothing you’re into.

Whether you like the latest in cutting-edge or if vintage is your jam, if good taste is your talent, you can quickly source ready-made apparel that fits your style and sell it to your followers by linking your posts to product pages on your website.

One of the quickest ways of finding items to keep in stock is to buy used clothing from thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces.

Keep in mind that if you buy clothes from thrift stores to resell, especially from non-profit outlets, many of their customers are there to buy affordable clothing.

So if you do thrift, be sure to donate your used items and anything else you can regularly.

Use Your Sewing Skills & Advertise Your Services Online

Tailoring, clothing repairs, and alterations are all in-demand services that are excellent fashion-related business ideas.

While you may not need a certificate or formal training, you can provide these services if sewing or making clothes is something you do as a hobby and are already good at.

You’ll also have to become an expert at SEO and social media marketing to advertise your business because there is a low barrier to entry and a lot of competition.

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