Five Facts About Bradley Cooper You Never Knew

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Bradley Cooper is one of Hollywood’s leading lights these days and has come a long way from the bit part roles that took up the earlier stages of his career, shifting from the likes of Wedding Crashers to A Star Is Born and the seven other Oscar-nominated roles he’s played.

As well as being voted one of the sexiest men alive, he’s also one that people admire the most, yet there’s still an awful lot we don’t necessarily know about The Hangover star.

That’s why we decided to do a bit of digging to find out more about his life…

Bradley Cooper

He turned his life around

That’s why we’re starting with the fact that he completely transformed his life in his 20s and has regularly opened up about that period in which claims that addiction “haunted” his life. Addiction is a cruel beast and one of the most common illnesses on the planet, with hundreds of thousands of people checking into clinics such as UKAT each and every year.

For Cooper, he became addicted to cocaine which really hampered his acting career getting off to a dream start. Claiming he was lost, he eventually hit breaking point, severing his Achilles tendon after getting fired from a role. That was the kick start he needed to get the grit and determination to launch his career. And the rest they say is history.

He speaks fluent French  

Cooper, incredibly, speaks fluent French and learned to speak the language at Georgetown University. He honed those skills further while studying abroad in France and has even given press interviews in the past, completely in the language.

He’s a great cook

We’ve seen him cooking in movies on a number of occasions and he played a Michelin starred chef in 2015’s Burnt, but did you know he’s actually got the skills in the kitchen too?

That’s right, to prepare for Burnt, he spent several weeks in a kitchen with renowned chef Marcus Wareing, and Wareing even said he knew his way around a kitchen before they even began training. 

He often takes his Mum to premieres

We love this about him. Cooper has never forgotten his roots and while he could be taking whoever he wants to movie premieres, it’s often his Mum, Gloria who gets the call. You’ll regularly find them on the red carpet together. What a lovely man!

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