How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

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Alcohol consumption is very injurious to health. After drinking alcohol stays in your system for a long period of time. Every day millions of people in the world spoil their life by pouring alcohol into their system. Long-term alcohol consumption can cause different hazardous diseases like liver failure, kidney problems and heart issues. A drunk man loses all her intellectual abilities and gradually become mentally retarded.

To determine how long does alcohol stays in your system depends on the quantity of liquor which you have taken. According to an estimated value alcohol remains in the urine for about 12 to 36 hours. Body tests can detect alcohol intake even after 48 hours of alcohol intake.

Alcohol is available in different forms like whiskey, beer, wine and many other different forms. All of these are meant for intoxication purposes. Alcohol stays in our system for about three hours according to an estimated value.


Determination of Alcohol Presence in The Body

For the determination of alcohol presence in the body different screening tests are performed which are perfectly accurate and results are also reliable. Following tests are performed for this determination.

  1. Saliva test. By using saliva sample of a drunk man after two hours of taking drink alcohol presence can be determined.
  2. Urine test. By taking urine sample of a person after 24 hours of taking a drink the amount of alcohol consumption can be determined.
  3. Hair test. This is an amazing test which can determine the amount of alcohol intake even after 90 days of liquor intake.

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Factors That Affects Alcohol Absorption and Elimination in The Body

Different factors such as sex, age, and weight of a person are responsible for the absorption and elimination of alcohol in the body. The liver breaks down the affect of liquor very slowly. These alcoholic beverages like whiskey, beer, wine, ordinary local drinks and liquor. when they are included in our body and reaches to our system they are harmful and it’s difficult to break down their effect.

The rate of their breakdown is different. And the rate of breakdown varies from person to person. It also varies between man and woman body systems. It depends on everybody body system individually. As we all know that men and women body systems are completely different from each other.

When alcohol is consumed it reaches to our stomach where it is digested and after digestion, by passing through the walls of small intestine it is absorbed into our bloodstream. After its absorption in the blood, our blood becomes contaminated with this unwanted waste material. And this polluted blood is transferred to all parts of the body and damage our different body organs like an excessive amount of liquor intake can cause kidney failure. In the same way, there are liver disorders, lungs malfunctioning, stomach and skin problems, and urinary bladder infections.

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How Alcohol Stays in Your System and Eliminate It

How long does alcohol stay in your system depends on the size of your liver, the person body structure and its mass, and the quantity of liquor consumption? If you will take a low amount of drink it will most frequently eliminate through the body even by respiration, by sweat or by the process of urine.

Alcohol required a lot of time to leave your system. It depends on the amount of liquor which you are taking. The more amount of alcohol you take in turn it will take more time to eliminate through your system.

In the case of an average normal man the alcohol stays in the human body for about an hour and then it is eliminated. It depends on individuals’ endurance. For example, those people who are regular drinkers and are addicted to drink, their system is more likely to eliminate alcohol substance more rapidly through the body.

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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

How long does alcohol stay in your system is mentioned here?

Alcohol remains present in the saliva for about 8 hours.

It is detected through urine and remains present within it for about 12 to 24 hours.

it is present in our breath for about 24 hours.

While it can be detected by hairs even after 90 days of consumption.

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