How to Become a Life Coach: A Look at the Online Syllabus

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Become a life coach by completing an online program at your own pace. Choose from three path options to take your coaching to the professional level with a series of skills and applications.

Using the three-part combination, you’ll acquire skills that you can take with you to further your life coaching career. 

You can obtain five certifications to fuel your coaching career by completing the program. Using online life coaching programs, you can select from one of three coach certification tracks to start your training.

Choose from the life coach certification track, the master coach certification track, and the mental health coach certification track based on your current credentials and skill level. 

Check out the iNLP Center to learn about the pathways to achieving your certification(s) to boost your life coaching career.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the courses and student obligations. Here is a breakdown of the online syllabus on how to become a life coach. 

How to Become a Life Coach

The Online Syllabus 

To become certified as a professional life coach, the syllabus contains sixteen modules, each with online coursework about its specific teachings. Additionally, you must attend thirty training sessions, one hour each, as you work through the modules.

Altogether, expect to complete your certification training in 170 hours, including the online and offline requirements for certification. 

How To Become A Life Coach 

In addition to the syllabus, you’ll work through one to three parts, depending on the track you take to obtain your certification(s).

Each track begins with NLP life coaching training. All tracks also complete part two of the course, the coach mentoring section that follows the initial training.

Within your ICF coach mentor clinics, you will have eight sessions, seven of which will be mentor clinic sessions and three that are private; all of which teach how to become a life coach.  

Additional Syllabus Requirements 

Keep in mind that if you pursue additional certifications, added syllabuses will be required to work through.

For example, the master coach training contains eight modules within the syllabus, and the mental health coaching syllabus includes six.

In order to learn how to become a life coach and progress to the master coach and mental health coach tracks, you must complete parts one and two of the initial training before moving on. 

Things To Note Before Starting 

You will receive training for life coaching and marketing your services. Receive help and get feedback on any questions or concerns by reaching out to your trainer, who is available 24/7.

If unsatisfied with the program, you are entitled to a seven-day money-back guarantee. Bonus courses are available if you want to expand your learning on how to become a life coach after achieving your certification(s). 

Exceed Client Expectations And Grow In Your Life Coaching Career 

Helping clients to the best of your ability requires insight and practical approaches. The knowledge you get from online life coaching programs can help you exceed client expectations and grow in your understanding of how to become a life coach.

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