Is missguided legit Or Scam?

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As a society, we use the Internet to purchase goods and services just as frequently as we do in person.

This fast fashion retailer was founded in 2009 by Nitin Passi. The UK-based brand offers clothing for women, men, and children.

Often offering much lower prices than competitors like H&M or Zara, Missguided has become popular among younger millennial shoppers.

With more than 120 stores around the world including North America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, the company sought to reach 50 million customers by 2021.

But is Missguided legit? The main reason is that the company is known for growing its user base rather than producing actual goods.

Is missguided legit

Is Missguided legit?

The authenticity of a company can be determined in several ways, but one way is to look at the company’s customer reviews.

People tend to complain when they have a long list of grievances against a company they purchased from, and these are misguided customer reviews I found on the website.

But it is a legit website with all authenticity, phone numbers, and popularity on social media. One of the most important things is physical existence.

This site has existed for more than 9 years, which is the biggest proof of its estimation. While scam things don’t survive for a long time.

Missguided Features

This store allows customers to buy all the essentials in one place by saving your amount and time. You can buy all the accessories including clothing; shirts, tops, swimwear, jeans, shoes, beauty products, and all other things from this single store for all ages from 16-35 and gender; men, women, and kids.

It facilitates the user with some enticing promotions and low prices.

Paid shipping, pay by PayPal, credit/ debit card

Return policy within 14 days

The easily reachable website is also compatible with other devices.

Personomer support whom you can contact via email, live chat, and phone number:020 3471 7680.

Missguided Reviews

After long years of being a part of the world’s largest online fashion retailer, this company is finally making a move to become a brick-and-mortar retailer.

The UK-based retailer has decided to invest in a space to offer customers more to such points with its product line.

It comes with a review rate of 4.2 which means only a few people are satisfied with the performance of this site.

Missguided is a UK-based online fast fashion hub for the “modern, social generation.” Missguided has received an overwhelming number of complaints on social media sites – sites that are not monitored by the company.

This has prompted some people to believe that they are not paying attention to the customer service part of their business model. Many customers have complained about having to wait 2-3 weeks or more for orders, packages being lost in transit, and poor-quality clothing.

Many issues arise when people buy or use products that they find faulty or misleading. These issues can range from just being inconvenienced by the product, to having to spend more money on products because of the need for repair, to becoming injured by the product.

This is especially an issue with children’s toys. There are many complaints about Missguided, a company that provides clothing, shoes, and accessories for women and girls, selling products that mislead its customers. So they need to improve their service, shipping, and return policy.


In conclusion, Missguided is a trustworthy brand and the validity of their items is not questionable. They offer a wide range of brands and styles with excellent customer service, so we recommend that you try out this site for all your fashion needs. Most people say it has terrible customer service.


Is Missguided legit?

Yes, it is a reliable resource for fast fashion and answers the questions that a newbie might have. It also provides helpful advice on how to avoid falling victim to or falling prey to some of the more common scams on the internet.

What are the main features of this site?

It comes with a lot of variety in clothing and all other accessories for people of age 16-35. It has a paid express shipping process, and you can return your product within 16 days in case of any problem.

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