The One Punch Man Workout

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Today I have got a very interesting topic “The One Punch Man Workout” for you guys. I am introducing an amazing story of a bald badass a hero who is famous for his extraordinary superpowers. I am here revealing the secrets of his strong superpowers. Since 2009 I have followed the major exploits of the bald hero named Saitama.

He reveals the secrets of his superpowers and trained others about his routine. I will briefly describe Saitama. It is a story of the transformation of a humble Japanese man into a superhero. It is called as one punch man workout. He is strong enough to end his enemies even with a single punch using his world-ending powers.One-Punch-Man-Workout

One Punch Man Workout Training

One punch man workout consists of the following things.

  1. 100 sit-ups
  2. 100 pushups
  3. 100 squats
  4. 10 km running it is approximate 6.2 miles.

Just repeat the whole process in a week and that’s it is the one punch man training workout.

A Sample Of One Punch Man Workout

YouTube video

Here is a complete description of one punch man workout training. It is a schedule of 3 weeks which will help you to understand the routine of this workout. Here I will describe

  1. Squats Tutorials
  2. Sit-ups Tutorials
  3. Pushups Tutorials

Here is a complete schedule of the first week of one punch man workout.

Week one:

In the first week of your workout, I will advise you to start from the lower and smaller load of work. Always use 5/sets as your benchmark.

Monday: on the first day of your workout try to do 25 squats, 25 pushups, and 50 sit-ups.

Wednesday: on Wednesday you should try 30 squats, 30 pushups, and 55 sit-ups. It means you will increase their number by adding 5 numbers every workout. A further same process is repeated. Because you will try to slightly increase their number as days are proceeding you will slightly increase the number of pushups, sit-ups, and squats.

Friday: On the last day of the first week you will do 35 pushups, 35 squats, and 60 sit-ups.  

Now after succeeding in the first week, we will reach in the second week. now I will share the further routine of the workout.

Week Second:

Monday: 40 pushups, 40 squats, and 65 sit-ups.

Wednesday: 45 pushups, 45 squats, and 70 sit-ups.

Friday: 50 pushups, 50 squats, and 75 sit-ups.

Now I am telling you guys about the last and final week of the workout. in this last week, there are modifications and their routines are different from the other two weeks. Here is the routine.

Week Third:

Monday: In the final week when your previous two weeks exercise will make you strong enough to carry on your tutorial a little harder as compared to the previous weeks.

On Monday you will do 48 pushups, 56 squats, and 70 sit-ups.

Wednesday: now on Wednesday you will do 63 squats, 49 pushups, and 77 sit-ups.

Friday: now you will do 70 squats, 84 sit-ups, and 56 pushups.

This is a routine schedule which I have shared. If you will strictly follow this plan you will get results in less time.  If you feel it difficult to pull on, then take that day as a test day. Repeatedly practice never give up. Try to do more and more practice.

Protein diet

Diet Necessary For This Workout

For one punch man workout, you should also care for your diet. Because it is essential for it. Without a proper diet, you can’t do such a hard workout. The only principle is not to skip breakfast. Try to take a heavy breakfast which consists of proteins and carbohydrates.

  1. Proteins

you will need more proteins in your diet to make up the deficiency. The accurate amount is 8 g per pound of your body weight.

  1. Take vegetables

You need to take more vegetables to balance your ph. level, to get some vitamins and minerals and make bowel movements easier.

Saitama Workout

Saitama workout is quite good for health. It offers us good health and body fitness. This system has many major movements patterns.

You have a pushing motion pushup.

Core training sit-ups.

Leg training squats.

And some cardio like running.

This kind of fitness routine is far better as compared to the routine which people experience at the gym. Doing these exercises is a natural pattern. There is no difficulty in doing this workout. Especially it is beneficial for professional fighters, boxers and for athletes to achieve their muscular endurance. The result is that your cardiovascular health would become excellent and provide a good balance of strength work.

Frequently  Ask The Questions

Is The One Punch Man Workout Good?

Yes, it gives good results in the first 30 days and increases your strength.

What He Did Saitama Do To Get Strong?

Even though he assures us that he has his immense power through simple physical exercise, nobody trusts in him. He had attained some level of superhuman strength after a year and a half of 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km of daily running, according to Saitama.

Is Saitama Stronger Than Goku?

The achievements of Goku are far better than those of Saitama. While his limiter may have been violated by Saitama, he still obviously has some boundaries. Saitama utilizes Boros ‘ Consecutive Perfect Punches.

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