Top 10 Best Alternative Sites Like SevenTorrents

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“The most popular alternative site like seventorrents; the best magnet search engines for downloading high-quality movies”

Watch online torrent movies with the best magnet search engines alternate to seven torrents and download free high-quality torrents without any fear of virus and popup ads issues.


It was one of the best torrent websites that were popular for p2p group movies. It had made a great reputation in the world of torrents. It is offered free of charge for downloading. This website was introduced about 10 years ago and had more than 15 million torrent lovers.

Last year it served around 6 million visitors and 20000 members. It provided the viewer’s high-quality movies, games, software, e-book, or any episode of your favorite TV shows. All the torrents available there were 100% verified and can be downloaded at a fast speed. It had an easy user interface and free installation without any window opening issues and was free from advertisements and pop-up ads.

In 2019, one year ago, sad news came to torrent lovers that this website has removed from the internet due to some legal issues. It has decided to transfer all its data to the brand new website WatchSoMuch where you didn’t need any registration. But this website is also blocked due to some reasons.

How To Unblock Seventorrents?

As the seven torrents were one with the best quality HD old and latest movies, so after its retirement and block in some countries, many users are looking for sites to unblock it.

After the blockage of this website, it may be dangerous to use this website because the third party can locate your IP address, so for the safety of your privacy use a VPN for your PC. By following links, you can unblock seven torrents to enjoy their best work.

You can get a lot of sites on search engines alternate to seven torrents just by typing “download torrents” on GOOGLE as this may be a cause of getting a virus. On real torrent sites, the virus is detected and expelled by moderators. On a random website, you can carefully carry a virus through the search engine

Best Severtorrents Alternative Sites Like ServenTorrents:

There are many alternatives to seven torrents that provide you with safe browsing and downloading.


Seventorrents Alternative

This website is known as the “king of Torrents” because of its excellent work in providing media links and free sharing of p2p files. The users of this website can download data by using Bit Torrent files.

It is developed in 2003 by PIRATBYRAN. It is top-listed among the alternatives of Seven Torrents. It is a well-organized website where every data with classified categories like Audio, Books, Comics, and high-resolution movies.

You can easily download movies and also can watch them online. It has been offering 3D printable items and peer to peer sharing platform even with low internet speed. It provides legal data.  While sharing peer-to-peer files you must be careful in using links to some contents that are very sensitive.

Seventorrents Alternative

This website is known for pirated movies. It is popular due to high-quality movies ranges 720p, 1080p, and 3D. It is ban in IRELAND due to piracy issues. You can watch movies on it by using a VPN if it is not banned in your country and can download high HD movies by it.

Best Seventorrents Alternative site like  RuTracker:

Seventorrents Alternative

It is launched in September 2004 and is one of the most popular Russian websites. It has easy access to books, movies, music, and torrents with free proxy blockers and ad blockers. It doesn’t focus on a specific theme. Here you can get the magnet link.

You need a free registration to download any file from this website. There are more than 15600000 registered users and 3.2-petabyte torrents. It has all types of torrent data in categorized form.


Seventorrents Alternative

It is one of the websites that give you the best torrent files and magnet links with an easy interface. It is an international piracy website that is known for its HOLLYWOOD movies. It facilitates its users with every type of media like audio, videos, movies, etc. You cannot directly download movies from it.

By using the RARBG downloader you can avail of this facility. The interface of RARBG looks outdated despite it can easily work on slow internet speed. New users can use it without downloading websites and technical skills. It offers a wide range of high-quality content.

This website is also banned due to some legal issues in various countries.


site like  LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is a user-friendly website that is free from grills and glitches. Limetorrents offers its users a large amount of entertaining content. It is one of those who successfully fills the empty place of seven torrents.

Limetorrents is popular due to a variety of thrill movies, TV shows, games, anime, music, bit torrents, and documentaries for free downloading. It is a verified website. It has less risk of getting viruses.

The real LIME TORRENTS don’t use popups and do not install toolbars to your browsers. It has a specific official URL for registered users to avoid hassles e.g. .asia, .co, .com, and .zone.



When you’re a torrent lover and among huge fans of SEVEN TORRENTS, and you are disappointed by the closure of it, then ZOOQLE is one of the best choices for you. It has a massive collection of verified files.

It contains more than 3 million verified data. It is an excellent website for everyone. Daily thousands of the latest data are updated here which is classified into TV shows, series, music, books, applications, and 123movies

All the data is arranged in an organized manner. If you are looking for a particular collection, you must visit it. Along with the verified data 160000 television programs and 36000 movies are also present. You can easily create your account on its portal and can sign up.

 Nothing will bother you during streaming, no popup ads will display. You can easily block the ads as if appear at the end of the page. It is safe to use and has a user-friendly interface. It is free to use and has all the old, latest, and classic collection. It is also available for smartphones.


1337x is an INDIAN torrent website that allows a colossal directory of magnet links and torrent files. It is developed in 2007 and is ranked 5th according to the TorrentFreak NEWS article in 2020. This has easy access to peer-to-peer file sharing and sharing by Bittorrents. 1337x provides hundreds and thousands of entertaining stuff.


This site has a lot of INDIAN and HINDI movies collection. 1337x is popular among online users via its latest movies, audio, TV shows, and PC games. It is one of the most visited piracy websites with free content of HD movies that can be downloaded for free. It allows users easy access to pirated movies via various streaming points. 

This site is also connected to the proxy website that helps its portal to tackle bans in various countries. Through its piracy site, it allows easy access to Netflix, Hulu, prime, and other entertainment sites for downloading.



It is the world’s best torrent search engine which is fast, simple, and powerful to download movies, anime, music, and many more. You can download powerful and high-quality movies in Urdu, Hindi, and English from here for free without any login and signup process.

It is a legal website that provides you faster and better-downloading experience free from ads. This website has an easy interface and it is a meta-search engine that hosted links from popular torrent sites. Despite its pirating movies, it is still popular among torrent fans just because of free downloading and fast streaming.

Seven Torrents Similar Sites Like TORLOCK:


It is one of the torrent websites which offers verified torrents for its users. It satisfies its users with tons of reliable, safe, clean, and entertaining torrents. Its users are increasing day by day due to its popularity.

This site provides you with free online fast torrent movies and TV shows. The owners of this website claimed 100% verified torrents, they are offering $1 for fake and unverified torrents.

Seven Torrents Similar Sites Like EZTV:


EZTV is famous for TV torrents and is amongst the 1000 websites of ALEXA. It entertains users with many excellent TV shows and anime series for many years. It has massive data about torrents and you can get maximum information from here about torrents.

You can easily download your shows and watch them later. You can also create an account on the EZTV portal to save your favorite torrents. If this site is banned from ISP, then you can access it by EZTV Proxy & mirror sites, TOR browser, and unblock EZTV. But you cannot directly access it by the browser.

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