Is Silicon Nerd Legit or Scam?

No doubt, due to the pandemic, the popularity of games and gaming products is increasing daily. People are just mad to buy gaming products.

Many online stores offer the best gaming items, including silicon nerd. But as we know scam rate is more than the original. So there is a great confusion related to the topic: is silicon nerd legit?

To check the reliability and legitimation of this website, we have studied the reviews and information also being checked.

After a complete study, it revealed a lot of new things, many options favored this, but the one point that caught our attention was the blank product list. It is necessary to know whether this website is legit, as we care for you and want to save you from scams.


What is a Silicon Nerd?

It is based in the United States of America and claims to be the best product for games. Its specialty is gaming gadgets, including laptops, XBOX, and other items. It claims that its clients order from all over the world and request items with ease. All we know is that there is a wide scope of gaming items such as tech, style, magnificence, extravagance, etc.

But when we visited the website deeply and used a scam detector, we learned that all this was false and found no recorded item. It creates a big confusion for this as everything winds up as this site’s major disillusionment.

This company has been working for the last three years and ensures the best products for users. The reviews ensure the trust rate of this site is very low, which means people are not much satisfied with its working process.


  • Contact number: Not mentioned.
  • Email address:
  • Response Time: Within 24 hours
  • Delivery Time: Depends on the courier partner.
  • Returns: If the retailer is agreed, then the return will be acceptable
  • Payment: Online modes such as PayPal, credit, and debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover) are accepted
  • Address: 71 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom
  • Refund: Depends on the time the order is canceled.

Silicon Nerd Reviews

Strangely, the company has been working for three years, but there needs to be a reliable review of the product. It also lacks impressive and promotional posts on any social media app. There needs to be customer feedback on the website.

Is Silicon Nerd legit?

Now we will come to the question: is silicone nerd legit? There are many good points about this site, such as the company offering service to Germany, Singapore, and other countries, ensuring data safety by HTTP connecting network, selling items the same as retailers’ rates, providing free shipping, and many other options.

It offers free delivery over the order of $100. But there are also negative points as there is no contact number, customers are not immediately replied to by the service, no about us page, no personal details about the site, and no reviews from past years.

All these points are against the site and show it is not legit. This site is only a scam for users, so it is better to think and check details before investing in this site to buy products.

Because people say it is a scam, hence according to them, it also becomes a source of PayPal scams; therefore, its working is questionable for everyone. Moreover, videos on YouTube also evaluate it as a scam on social media websites.


From the information available, we have learned that this website needs to be more legit. It is a scam as there is no way to contact customer service in case of any problem. Moreover, there is no people’s feedback about products. So it is a sign of wisdom not to buy products from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company offer free shipping?

Yes, this site offers free shipping for over $100

Is silicon nerd legit?

No, this website is a scam, so it is important to take care while purchasing online from them.

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