Which is the Best Shaving Razor? Types of Razor Available for Shaving

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What is a shaving razor? Shaving razor is a primary tool used for the removal of unwanted hairs from the body by shaving. The best shaving razor should provide a smooth, comfortable, and close shaving experience to a user.

A compatible shaving razor can improve your facial look and beauty; on the contrary to this, a wrong choice can make you look even uglier. These razors usually consist of steel razor blades made of martensitic stainless steel with high percentages of Chromium (Cr) and Carbon (C).

These razors have been in existence since before the Bronze Age, but these have now become an essential need tool for everyone in this modern era. Shaving can also have some side effects too; the best razor will be the one with minimum cuts, abrasions, irritation, and other side effects of shaving.

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Types of Razor Available for Shaving:

Many kinds of razors are available in the market with specific characteristics and functions. Some of them are discussed here as:

Best Electric Razors:

These are the most useful and convenient types of razor electric for persons who travel more. They are portable and can save the time of a user also. One can shave at any time with the battery being alive. It does not need any shaving cream or water to shave with this electric razor.

Best Electric Razors for men

There are two types of electric razors as foil and rotary shaver razor. The first one has protection for avoiding any contact of skin with a silver coil, but the later one has 3 round blades above the handle which move in a circular motion like Gillette razor. The only drawback of using electric shavers is that it may irritate the skin of the user.

Best Cartridge Razors:

These are one of the most used razors of this present era. They have a straight handle with different blades mounted on it. It gives you a comfortable shaving experience as it can adjust according to the shape of a user’s face.

This kind of razor Gillette fusion, Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette blue 3 may have a different number of blades mounted on the handle from 3-6 depending upon a person’s need and choice. It is not too costly so that it can also be replaced after some time.

Cartridge Razors

With more no. of blades as compared to other razors, such shaving razors can be used for quick shaving, but at the same time, they can have more allergy or cuts to your skin. These kinds of blades may not be economical for some users as their price is increasing over time.

Best Safety Razors:

These are the oldest types of razors used for shaving or removing hair purposes. They are not flexible, so a user needs to pay full attention while using these shavers during shaving to avoid any damage to the skin.

In these razors, the blade is not permanently fixed or built-in as a user can change the edge at any time he wants it. These are cost-effective as they are cheap to buy. Their lifetime is sometimes longer than other razors, but a person should be well experienced to get a smooth shave without any wound by using this razor.

Best Disposable Razors:

These are the cheapest and portable razors that are mostly used in these days. These are the most straightforward kind of cutters where the blade is permanently fixed to a plastic body, and a user cannot change the edge of the razor on its own.

They are light in weight as their body is made of plastic and are made for using only one time. They are usually suitable for all types of skin, but they might cause some harm to your skin as well as they require pressure for removing hairs.

Best Straight Razors:

It is the simplest razor available in public and commercial places in this era. It is open bladed and has many types of handles. These are foldable handles having the capability of closing the blade inside the handle. Skin looks cleaner and fresher after shaving by these razors as compare to all other razors. A half blade is used for single shaving.

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It means one can have two shaves with a single blade while using this razor. It is a portable razor as we can change the blade at any time and it has a longer service life. As in these razors blade directly touches our skin, so chances of cuts or damages are much more. Users should keep patience while using such razors to avoid any damage to his skin. It is not suitable for sensitive skin.

How to Select the Best Razor for Use?

There are a lot of brands with well-renowned razor logo and different sorts of shaving razor available in the market, but not all of them suits a user. Every person has his skin type and hair structure, depending on what he should select the best suitable alternative for him. Moreover, there are many factors which a user should look while choosing a shaver for him; they are given as:

Comfort Ability:

A user must use a shaver with whom he feels comfortability as comfort can bring self-confidence in your personality and protect you from any damage.


 A good razor should be inexpensive as everyone should be able to buy and use it. The economy is significant in every aspect, as is in this case as well. The first thing that comes in a user’s mind is money, and we should not ignore this.


It should be efficient in cleaning the user’s hair. The degree of cleanliness required by the user, size, and volume of hair  to be removed has a remarkable influence on the selection of these razors.

Compatible to Skin Type:

One should always use a razor that is compatible with his skin tone to avoid any allergic to his skin by using a shaver.

Easy to Use:

The best shaver should be easy to apply for a beginner as well. It should be adjustable with a face structure and do not require pressure for removing hair and have a clean and smooth finish.

Final Verdict:

In the article, I explained what kinds of razors are available in the market? And what characteristics a specific razor has? I have described the qualities one should look for when trying to have the best shaving razor for him. I hope this article will help you in finding a suitable shaver for you.

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