The Most Popular Area To Live In The Blue Waters Island For Wealthy Ex-Pats

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Rich ex-pats visit the cities of Dubai for what it offers; a combination of a luxurious lifestyle, fabulous vacations, stunning Islandic views, and a serene environment to relax. It is, therefore, no surprise that certain areas are famous for being pricey and, in a word, extravagant.

The cities of Dubai tend to say metaphorically these words: How Lavish do you want it? And Dubai goes ahead to meet and beat those expectations.

One of the lavish and expensive places to live in Dubai is Blue Waters Island. The name may be strange to newcomers in Dubai. Certain areas are often lavish and expensive in the news and offer the best luxurious lifestyles, but Blue Waters is a silent baller.

It isn’t in the information so often, but its characteristics are simply stunning. It is nicknamed the Island for wealthy ex-pats.

Therefore, although Blue Waters is not as common as the other areas, such as the Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, it is one of the most excellent places for the upper class and tourists.

Read this article to get more information about the property to buy in Bluewaters Island – here we go.

Bluewaters Island

Property in Bluewaters Island

According to Ax Capital, many people do not know the options available on Blue Waters Island, and that contributes to its silence in the advertisement market. If people knew more about Blue Waters Island, it would feature more in real estate conversations and make more names in the housing news of the UAE.

Kindly read on to discover the kinds of property to buy in Blue Waters. After that, you can read more to learn about the facilities to expect on the Island.

  1. Studio apartments
  2. Single bedrooms
  3. One bedroom apartment
  4. Two bedrooms properties
  5. Three bedrooms apartments
  6. Four beds apartments
  7. Villas
  8. Duplexes
  9. Penthouses.

Facts about the Blue Waters Island

  1. It is courtesy of Meraas Holdings.
  2. Beach centers and relaxation spots are available.
  3. It was launched for general use in 2018
  4. Waterfront apartments are available in large numbers.
  5. All categories are available as listed above.
  6. It is within convenient range with other city centers.
  7. Suitable for family life in a friendly community environment.
  8. Navigable to schools and sports centers
  9. The Ain Dubai is located on Blue Waters Island (The Ain Dubai is the world’s giant wheel), and residents/ tourists can visit anytime.
  10. Hotels are available within proximity to Blue Waters Island.
  11. Home to the Beach Club and a ferry dock
  12. A combination of residential buildings and retail/ mini shopping complex; is expected to have at least 150 stores by the time it is complete.
  13. Enclosed parking lots for cars included over two thousand vehicles at a time.
  14. Clinics are available within a 10-minute drive.
  15. Schools for toddlers in the area where a parent can monitor and get to trust the system.
  16. There is a Bubbling nightlife and Bistros on Blue Waters Island, such that one evening walk can bring a new friend or help you discover a new street recipe that frees the mind.
  17. The availability of highly-ranked eateries and restaurants is another perk to Blue Waters Island. 
  18. Only a few minutes drive from the Burj Al Arab.

The Most Popular Areas to live in Blue Waters Island for wealthy ex-pats

The Blue Waters Residences has been voted the most popular place to live on Blue Waters Island for wealthy ex-pats. This is a set of Ten domestic semi-towers on fifteen floors. It has a remarkable and outlandish exterior.

The buildings have small shops on the bottom floor where residents can pick up grocery items for emergency shopping. It also possesses modern facilities for maximum comfort, ranging from Jacuzzis to children’s playgrounds and parking lots.

The Caesars Resort follows the Blue Waters residences in popularity. People love the Caesars Resort because of its affordability, authenticity, and attached facilities. It is regarded as the second most fun place to live in the Blue Waters for an urban lifestyle.


Conclusively, please keep at the back of your mind that an offer at the Blue Waters is an offer for good business (you may have to observe the cost and other combinations).

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