Types of equipment your Restaurant should have and tips for finding a supplier

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Good equipment is essential to run a successful restaurant for efficiency, consistency, safety, and durability. It allows for faster and more efficient food preparation, cooking, and service, improving the overall dining experience for customers and reducing wait times. 

It also ensures consistent results in cooking and preparation, helping to maintain the quality and consistency of dishes served. Several companies specialize in these, for example, Russell Hendrix restaurant equipment or similar ones with a large stock and variety of equipment essential for everyday restaurant operations. 

But what are some things you should check before ordering these? Read on to find out.

finding a supplier

Receiving scales

Receiving scales are digital scales used by restaurants to measure the weight of food ingredients and supplies when they are received from suppliers. These scales help to ensure accurate portion control and inventory management, as well as to monitor food costs. They are typically compact, portable, and easy to use, allowing staff to quickly weigh and record the weight of items as they are received.

Refrigeration and ice

Refrigeration and ice equipment are crucial in restaurants because it helps to preserve food and maintain its freshness and quality. This equipment is used to store perishable items such as raw meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables at the appropriate temperature to prevent spoilage and contamination. 

Additionally, ice machines are essential for providing ice for drinks, keeping them cold, and preventing dilution. Overall, refrigeration and ice equipment help to ensure food safety and maintain the quality of food and drinks served to customers.

Outdoor grills and BBQ 

Outdoor grills and BBQs are standard in restaurants because they offer a unique cooking experience and add versatility to the menu. They allow for preparing dishes that require high heat, such as steaks, burgers, and barbecued meats, and add a smoky aroma that cannot be achieved with indoor cooking devices. Using outdoor grills and BBQs can also increase a restaurant’s capacity for serving food, especially during peak hours or special events.

Tips for choosing a restaurant equipment supplier

Determine Your Equipment Needs

Before you start your search for a restaurant equipment supplier, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what equipment you need. Make a list of all the tools you’ll require, including refrigeration, cooking, storage, and serving equipment, and prioritize your needs based on urgency and budget.

Check Their Product Quality

When choosing a supplier, it’s essential to consider the quality of their products. Check for certifications such as NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) that indicate that their products have been tested for safety and quality. 

Consider their Customer Service

A good supplier should provide excellent customer service and support. Look for suppliers available to answer your questions and assist with installation, maintenance, and repair. Consider their response time, their willingness to help, and their overall level of professionalism.

Look for Warranty and Maintenance Support

Make sure to choose a supplier who offers warranty and maintenance support for their products. Check the terms and conditions of their warranties, and consider the cost of maintenance and repairs. Select one that offers reliable and affordable support to ensure that your equipment is well-maintained and operates effectively.

Buying equipment from Russell Hendrix Restaurant Equipment or a similar supplier in your restaurants will enable you to run operations smoothly while ensuring that customers are always satisfied. Consider the equipment you need carefully, depending on the scale, efficiency, etc., and use the information mentioned above to choose the right supplier.

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