10 Important Considerations Before Getting Your First Tattoo

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There are various reasons why most people get tattoos. It may be a tribute to a loved one or any other story. However, before you visit tattoo shops near me, it’s best to know every detail about them.

Always Remember- It’s Permanent

Once you get a tattoo, it becomes part of your skin. Removing it is more challenging, and the method of removal may not be pleasant.

You may have some options but you might want to know more details on tattoo removal and tattoo removal healing to give you more ideas on deciding further the design that you’ll get.

Remember that your tattoo stretches and grows with your skin, so be prepared if yours grows larger than you wanted.

First Tattoo

Size of the Tattoo

A larger tattoo will take longer and will affect a large section of your skin. Also, the cost will be higher than a smaller one because you’ll use more tattoo ink and details. Tattoo size will determine the area of placement. For instance, you can place a large design on the stomach, back, or chest, while small ones can be placed anywhere.

Sociable Effect

Mostly, tattoos are placed in an open space where a person can show them off. However, people view tattoos differently. Yes, it’s on your body, and you’ve used your money, but having a tattoo can have social impacts. It’s best to consider what a future employer will think about you or your family members.


It is best to know the motive behind getting a tattoo. Having a clear understanding of what you want will help the artist know the best design.

Safety Considerations

It is not easy to know a good tattoo shop by just walking for the first time. Therefore, research online and check Google reviews or social media platforms. Ask your friends or relatives for recommendations. You can also reach out to customers with tattoos from the shop you are considering or call the shop to enquire about their services.

Pain Management

A tattoo hurts even if your skin is numbed. But, if you’re placing your tattoo on an area with muscles or fat, you’ll feel less pain compared to applying it on a bone. Tattoos in hidden places hurt more because they are covered, while smaller tattoos are less painful.


The cost of the tattoo should be among the first considerations. It is important to know the price to avoid getting a not-good tattoo because of your budget. Also, going for an expensive tattoo when on a budget can lag the process because the artist will start with the outline and finish up later after you pay the balance. Check various artists and compare the prices and quality of the tattoos.


You can place your tattoo anywhere, but if you are pain-sensitive, avoid your inner thighs, elbows, or torso. It’s best to make a firm decision on the location to avoid regrets later. Ask your tattoo artist for guidance on placement and size.

Experience of the Artist

Ensure you get tattoo services from an experienced and talented artist. This way, you will be assured of quality services. Inexperienced people can cause you lifetime damage if they deliver what you weren’t anticipating. Avoid cheaper services because the artist may not be experienced.

Care of the Tattoo

It’s advisable to keep the tattoo dress on for some hours if you are busy the rest of the day. Clean your hands before removing the bandage and wash the tattoo with the correct soap. Pat the area with a clean towel and do not rub. To avoid infections, practice good hygiene and if you get a burning sensation or yellow pus, seek medical care.

Take your time and decide on the size, location, and why you need the tattoo. Ask around for recommendations from an excellent artist to avoid getting the wrong design.

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