How To Check Jeans Size Without Wearing?

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Buying the jeans or any cloth wear of the perfect size is no more than a challenging task. The denim looks perfect only when it is of perfect and accurate size. Too many large jeans give a baggy look, while short, tight jeans cause a lot of disturbance all day and don’t provide free movement.

When we shop for the best and accurate size denim online, obviously we can’t measure its waist, height and fitting physically. In all these conditions we require proper body measurement. While when we go shopping physically, in certain cases you never want to check the size by wearing the jean and most of the shops don’t have changing rooms for checking the denim size by wearing it.

Then what will you do in this situation? For most of the people it is confusing, and they don’t know how to check the jeans size without wearing it? But don’t worry, this article will surely help you to check the jean’s perfect size according to your body without hesitation of wearing it.

You can easily check the waist width, hip size, and length of the desired jean by using different techniques such as measuring tape, or some other methods defined by experts and tailors for measuring the size of the jean.


Measure Your Body Size Before Going To The Shop

Wherever you go for buying perfect sized and fit denim for you, you must have an idea about your body measurement, only then you will be able to buy a perfect jean pair for you. Here are some tips to get your body measurements.

Waist Measurement:

Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the waist by placing it 4- inch against your belly button and then move towards back and back to front to measure the size of your waist.

Check Your Inseams:

Now check your inseams by measuring from foot to crotch. Note down the desired length. For long jeans, measure the length from the bottom of the foot, and after that measure hips from where they are widest.

During measurement make sure the tape is not drooping or lifting as it will affect your measured length, and you will not be able to get exact length.

Measure the thighs, only take the measurement from one thigh. Keep the tape snug, and it should not be slipped down. While taking the measurement, don’t pull the measuring tape too tight.

Now measure the front rise from crotch to belly button just behind the crotch line and over the front of the pelvis to waist.

Record these measurements and then use them to find the perfect pair of jeans using the size chart. For finding the best jeans for women you can use only inseam measurements but for men, it is necessary to use all the length and measurement for finding the size.

Let’s have a look at some new hacks that are more easy and helpful for finding the perfect jean. These are easiest and helpful when you have no idea about the exact measurement.

Neck Method:

It is one of the best and well-known methods to find out the waist size without wearing it. Except for a disabled person, all human beings usually have a double measurement of the waist than that of its neck.

First button up your jeans and then put the waistline of the jean around your neck. If both ends of the jean meet at the back of the neck, then the jean fits perfectly for your size.

If the borders are overlapping the jean is oversized and if the borders are not meeting with each other then it is an undersized jean pair.

Hand Method:

This method is used to check whether the measurement done with the first method is correct or not. For this, close your fist and then put your hand inside the waistline of the buttoned-up jean from fist to elbow. The size of the jean is perfect if the hand fits the jean waist smoothly without any try.

Shoulder Method:

This method is used to measure the size of the hips. It is very helpful for measuring the largest part of the jean for both men and women. It is a permanent solution to the problem of finding the exact sized jean without trying it. First, measure the largest part of the jean that is obviously hip.

]Now measure the distance between the two shoulders and then check both the measurements. If both the measurements are the same then the pair is perfect and according to your body size and if the measurement is more than it means you are going to buy a large sized or baggy jean pair. If the measurement of the jean is short, then this one is an undersized pair for you.

How To Check The Length?

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There are two basic methods to check the length of the jean. The first one is to match it with your legs, but it is not very accurate because due to stretchiness or any other issue measurement may go wrong.

The second method is easy and more accurate. Hold the edges of the legs from both sides and pull your arms to the side as far as you can.

If the middle of the jean comes right under your chin, then it means you have chosen the right pair of jeans that will be exactly according to your size. Keep in mind that the middle portion should be right to the chin at neck level.

All these hacks are quite helpful, but keep in mind you must have an idea about your physics measurements. It will help you a lot while going shopping.

Abdomen Method:

Do the right waist size, you can measure the waist between your navels to backbone. If you want a skinny jean around your feet, then for a proper fit around the ankle, use the circumference of your clenched wrist.

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