How To Check Jeans Size Without Wearing?

Buying jeans or clothes of the perfect size is challenging. Denim looks perfect only when it is of the ideal and accurate size. Too many oversized jeans give a baggy look, while short, tight jeans cause a lot of disturbance all day and don’t provide unrestricted movement.

When we shop for the best and most accurate size denim online, we obviously can’t physically measure its waist, height, and fit. In all these conditions, we require proper body measurement. When we go shopping physically, in some instances, we never want to check the size by wearing jeans, and most shops need to have changing rooms to allow us to check the denim size by wearing it.

Then what will you do in this situation? It could be more apparent for most people, who need to learn to check the grab size without wearing it. But don’t worry—this article will surely help you to check the deni’s perfect size according to your body without hesitation.

You can easily check the waist width, hip size, and length of the desired denim by using different techniques, such as measuring tape or other methods defined by experts and tailors.


Measure Your Body Size Before Going To The Shop

Wherever you go to buy perfect-sized and fit denim, you must have an idea of your body measurement. Only then will you be able to buy a perfect bottoms pair? Here are some tips to get your body measurements.

Waist Measurement

Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your waist, placing it 4 inches against your belly button. Then, move towards the back and back to the front to measure the size of your waist.

Check Your Inseams

Now check your inseams by measuring from foot to crotch. Note down the desired length. For long leggings, please measure the length from the bottom of the foot, then measure the hips from where they are widest.

During measurement, ensure the tape is not drooping or lifting, as this will affect the measured length and prevent you from getting the exact length.

Measure the thighs, only measuring one thigh. Keep the tape snug; it should not be slipped down. While taking the measurement, keep the measuring tape tight enough.

Now measure the front rise from the crotch to the belly button just behind the crotch line and over the front of the pelvis to the waist.

Record these measurements and then use them to find the perfect pair of Dungarees using the size chart. You can use only inseam measurements to find the best jeans for women, but for men, it is necessary to use all the lengths and measurements to find the size.

Let’s take a look at some new hacks that are easier and more helpful for finding the perfect. These are easiest and most helpful when you have no idea about the exact measurement.

Neck Method:

It is one of the best and most well-known methods to find the waist size without wearing it. Except for a disabled person, all human beings usually have a double waist measurement than that of their neck.

First, button up your denim and put the waistline around your neck. If both ends of the denim meet at the back of the neck, they fit perfectly for your size.

If the borders overlap, the denim is oversized; if they do not meet, it is an undersized Togs pair.

Pros and Cons: 


  1. The neck method is a quick and easy way to estimate if a shirt will fit without trying it on.
  2. It can save time and hassle in the dressing room by giving you a good idea of whether the shirt will fit your body.
  3. This method is beneficial for online shopping, where you can’t try on the clothes before purchasing.
  4. The neck trick can also be applied to pants, helping you determine if they will fit your waist without trying them on.
  5. By using this method, you can avoid the frustration of buying clothes that don’t fit properly.


  1. The neck method may only be accurate for some, especially for individuals with a muscular build or a different body ratio.
  2. Some fabrics, such as stretchy or polyester blends, may require an accurate measurement using this method.
  3. The neck trick may only work for some clothing items, mainly if the fabric only partially wraps around your neck.

Hand Method:

This method is used to check whether the measurement done with the first method is correct. For this, close your fist and then put your hand inside the waistline of the buttoned-up pants from fist to elbow. The size of the jeans is perfect if the hand fits the jeans’ waist smoothly without any effort.

Pros and Cons: 


  1. The hand method allows you to measure your body size without leaving your home, making it easier to find the right size without trying on multiple items in store. –
  2. With online tutorials like YouTube or TikTok, you can quickly educate yourself on measuring your body using this method. 
  3. Using the hand method, you can quickly determine the exact measurement and save time and hassle.
  4. Avoid sewing or altering clothing by ensuring the correct size before purchasing.


  1. The hand method may only sometimes provide the most precise measurements, leading to potential wrong-size purchases.
  2. It can be challenging to gauge how an outfit will look on you solely based on measurements, as fabric and stretchiness can influence the fit.
  3. You need to try on clothing to avoid excess fabric or a poor fit around specific areas, such as the waist or hem.
  4. It can be hard to find advice on the hand method for specific body types, leading to confusion for the consumer.

Shoulder Method:

This method measures the size of the hips. It is very helpful for measuring the largest part of the jeans for both men and women. It is a permanent solution to the problem of finding the exact size of the jeans. First, measure the most significant part of the jeans, which is the hip.

Now measure the distance between the two shoulders and then check both measurements. If both measurements are the same, then the pair is perfect and according to your body size. If the measurement is more than that, it means you are going to buy a large-sized or baggy pair of jeans. If the jeans’ measurements are short, this one is an undersized pair for you.

Pros and Cons 

Pros of using the shoulder method for measuring body size without going to a shop:

  1. A convenient method for determining clothing size without having to try on items physically
  2. It saves time and effort by providing a quicker way to determine whether pants or jeans will fit easily.
  3. Helpful for individuals trying to find the right size when shopping online

Cons of using the shoulder method for measuring body size without going to a shop:

  1. It may not be accurate for all body types or clothing styles
  2. This could lead to purchasing items that do not fit properly
  3. This might result in excess fabric or clothing that is the wrong size

How To Check The Length? 

There are two basic methods for checking the length of jeans. The first one is to match it with your legs, but it is not very accurate because, due to stretchiness or any other issue, the measurement may go wrong.

The second method is easy and more accurate. Hold the edges of the legs from both sides and pull your arms to the side as far as you can.

If the middle of the jeans comes right under your chin, you have chosen the right pair strictly according to your size. Remember that the middle portion should suit the chin at neck level.

All these hacks are helpful, but you must know your physics measurements. It will help you a lot while going shopping.

Abdomen Method

To get the right waist size, measure the waist between your navels and your backbone. If you want a skinny jean around your feet, use the circumference of your clenched wrist for a proper fit around the ankle.

How To Check The Length?

Leg Matching Method

You can also use the leg-matching method. Simply hold the waistband of the pants and wrap it around your neck. If the ends of the waistband fit comfortably around your neck, then the pants or jeans will also fit around your waist. This is a quick and easy way to see if the length of the pants or jeans is long enough for your legs without stepping into the dressing room.

Arms Stretching Method

Another method to check the length of a pair of pants is to stretch one arm along the seam. Hold the waistband around your neck, and then pull one arm along the seam of the pants. If the end of the pants reaches your wrist, then the pants are likely to be a good fit in terms of length. This trick can help determine if the pants are long enough to wear comfortably.

Sizing Hacks for Stress-Free Jean Shopping

Here are some tips to make sure you find the perfect pair of jeans without the stress:

1. Look at the Label

Check the size chart of the jeans you are interested in and compare it to the measurements of a pair of jeans that already fit you well.

2. Follow Celebrities

If you admire a celebrity’s style, try to find out what size jeans they might be wearing. This can give you a good idea of how the pants will fit readily.

3. Use the Cotton Test

Hold the waistline of the jeans up to your neck. If the waistline comfortably wraps around your neck, it should fit your waist well.

4. Ask for Fashion Advice

Post a description or transcript of your measurements on a fashion subreddit and ask for advice on which size would fit you best. You might get close to an exclusive sizing hack to make jeans fit.


In conclusion, if you already know your waist size, see if the jeans fit without trying them on by holding the waistline of the jeans against your waist. If the waistband aligns with your waist, they will fit my waist properly.

Another way to check is by looking at the size label inside the jeans and comparing it to the measurements of a well-fitting pair of pants you already own. You can also comment on the measurements provided by the creator of the jeans to ensure a good fit.

Using these methods, you can determine if the pants fit effortlessly, saving you time and hassle when shopping for jeans in 2022.

Frequently Asks Questions

Can These Methods Be Used For All Types Of Jeans, Including Skinny And Bootcut? 

Yes. The techniques can be applied to various styles, whether you are looking to distress skinny jeans or alter the fit of bootcut jeans. Just adjust the process based on the jeans’ specific design.

Is It Essential To Have Someone Else Measure Me, Or Can I Do It Alone? 

Measuring oneself can be done accurately, but having someone else do it can provide a more precise measurement. Having a second person to ensure accuracy is always beneficial, especially when measuring hard-to-reach areas. 

How Often Should I Update My Body Measurements When Buying Clothes Online? 

It is recommended that you update your body measurements at least every six months to ensure accurate sizing when buying clothes online. Weight fluctuations and changes in body shape can occur over time, so it’s essential to check and update your measurements regularly before purchasing.

Are There Any Additional Tips For Ensuring A Good Fit When Buying Jeans Online? 

Brand reputation plays a key role in ensuring a good fit when buying jeans online. Look for brands known for consistent sizing and quality. Read reviews and see if there are any suggestions regarding sizing. Consider measuring yourself and comparing the measurements to the brand’s sizing chart. 

Can These Methods Also Be Applied To Other Types Of Clothing Besides Jeans? 

Yes, these methods can be used for various types of clothing. From t-shirts to dresses to even sweaters, the same techniques can be applied to achieve that distressed or customized look. The key is to experiment and have fun with different materials and styles.

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