What Is The Difference Between Bootcut And Straight Leg Jeans?

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Jean is the favorite outfit of many of the people, including both genders, males, and females. People prefer to wear jean due to their unique sex appeal, simplicity, and versatile expressions. It is a comfortable outerwear and people remain relaxed after wearing it.

Having jeans is a unique addition in the wardrobe. There is a lot of variety in the design, style, and look of this outfit. It is up to the wearer what type of jean he/she likes to wear.

Bootcut and straight jeans are most liked by the people. Let’s have a detailed look on the difference between boot cut and straight jean style. It will help you to know what type of jeans will look better on your body type.

Both of these are two different style jeans, and sometimes it creates a great confusion for the customers about how to buy the better one. Selection of the right denim will help you to get a classic personality. Meanwhile, right shoes and matching shirt with the perfectly fit denim enhances the charm of the personality of the wearer.

Bootcut Jeans:


Bootcut jeans have a classic and attractive appearance with straight appearance, but in actual they are as straight. They are narrower at the knee than that of the leg opening. They are fashionable, stylish as well as comfortable for wearers.

These jeans are fitted from the types and tapered from knees towards bottom. Available in both high and low-rise waist, it is up to you what type you will prefer. If you have a heavy body then it is better to choose the bootcut jean with high rise.

Mostly, manufacturers choose the leg opening of boot cut jeans in between 17 and 20 inches. The flared and relaxed fit legs provide great comfort while walking. One of the most amazing things that makes it most preferable is its slim appearance through hips and thighs that give a sexy appearance.

Suitable for:

All we know is that every person does not have the same body shape and while choosing the suitable denim it is necessary to know the denim will be suitable for what body style.

This denim style is suitable for all body types including pear shape body, hourglass shape body, curvy body, and rectangular shape body and these flared jeans are more suitable for women with small body frames also.

These jeans are available in a variety of designs and colors. You can buy them for casual functions and for home also.

How To Wear?

Although these jeans are not more casual, there are some suitable shoes and top styles that will enhance the charm of your personality. For bootcut jeans. Tennis shoes do not give a good appearance.

You can wear heel shoes and high-heeled boots with this jean style. The top style depends upon the rise of the jeans. With the high cut waist jeans you can wear the shirts with tuck style or top on them, while with low cut waist jeans wear a shirt that exactly matches the cut of the jeans.

You can adopt this fashion in school functions or weekend occasions. For formal dinners and going out, this wear is the best one.

Straight Leg Jeans


As the name shows, straight leg jeans have a straight look throughout from thighs to the bottom. These are without flare and tapering, and they remain hanging straight. This denim style has the same girth from knees to downward.

These are suitable for both men and women with stylish looks. They are fit to the thighs and legs, but are not much fit. They look like pants and are more comfortable for casual functions.

According to the manufacturers, the leg opening of this denim lies in between 14-16”. It is up to you what suits you better. You can choose the denim with low, mid, or high rise according to your body type.

Suitable For

These jeans are suitable for people with round hips. Straight cuts are suitable with mid- rises for women with wider shoulders and broader body type. They have straight well sat and are flattering and skimming over hips.

They give a slim look to the body and are not suitable with too much baggy or too tight form.

How To Wear?

To enhance the charm of the personality, you can wear this denim with boots or tennis shoes. Being a woman, if you love high heels, you can adopt that fashion with this denim also.

Chucks and lean boots are more suitable for this jean style. These jeans are more casual than the boot cut jeans. These are more comfortable fits for women with heavy body appearance as they give a slim look to the body.

You can wear it with a top or shirts for a stylish look. For straight leg jeans, shirts are more preferable than tops. These jeans are liked for all occasions due to their relaxed and comfortable fits.

It means you can wear them to formal dinners and casual functions. Clunky shoes are not suitable with straight jeans. Such shoes look pretty with boot cut jeans.

Bootcut Jeans Vs Straight Leg Jeans

Bootcut jeans are flared at the end, while straight leg jeans are straight throughout.

Bootcut are good for women with curvy bodies, while the other one is suitable for short women.

The Bootcut jeans are suitable for formal occasions, while the other jeans are good for casual wear.

With bootcut jeans clunky shoes are good, while with straight jeans tennis shoes are good.


Are Bootcut Jeans Shorter Or Longer?

Boot cut jeans are longer than straight one, and they are especially designed to cover the back of boots.

Why Are Bootcut Jeans Liked?

Boot cut jeans give a sexy appearance and have tight hug thighs and legs.

What Are Straight Leg Jeans?

Straight leg jeans are flattering, straight and have a good sitting. They are good for shorter women.

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