Little Effort For Toenails To Grow Faster In Just One Week

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Say Goodbye to slow Growth! Let’s do little effort to make beautiful toenails faster in just one week. Neat and clean toenails enhance the beauty of the feet. Home remedies and nutritional experts are here to solve your problems. We will share top secrets methods to increase softness and reduce the roughness of your toenails. Pay attention to your healthy diet tips and fill deficiencies.


Amazing Tips: How To Make Toenails Grow Faster in a Week

If you have lost your toenail, then don’t worry! You’re on the right path. There are following quick and easy methods to grow healthy nails. The nail fungal infection is easy to avoid, particularly in its early stages. You don’t rush to your doctor’s office when the nails are a little yellowish or weak. There are different methods and tips to make shiny and pinkish toenails.

Easy Methods at Home

There are different home remedies to solve your toenails problem. These can help to improve your nutritional deficiencies.

“Just One Product Promotes Growth”

Vitamin E (Olive Oil)

homemade toenail ideas

The most important product called olive oil is used to promote nails growth. Your toenails infiltrate deeply so please nurture your toenails. It also contains vitamin E that improves circulation in the blood, can repair damaged toenails, and enhances toenails growth.

  • Before going to bed, apply warm olive oil on toenails and its outer layer. Message 5 times softly. Wear cotton soaks overnight. The above steps should repeat once a day. Steep toenails in hot olive oil for 15 minutes (once a day).

Keratin protein is the cause of hair and nail growth. So the proteins are essential for overall health.

Vitamin C (Lemon or Orange)

The lemons are rich in vitamin C that grows nails faster. The yellow color of nails will be solved through the lemon.

  • Mix lemon juice and olive oil. Steep toenails in the mixture for 10 minutes daily. Another way, rubbing toenails with lemon. Wash with warm water then apply moisture.

The same method can use with orange juice to make soft and healthy toenails. The orange juice also has vitamin C. That promotes the growth of collagen so it maintains the nails clean. Oranges have folic acid, too. And when it comes to nail growth this specific element is essential.

Nutrients (Coconut Oil)


The incredible product that is suitable for nail health and removes white spots. The nutrients make the outer layer stronger and strengthen nails.

  • Message nails with oil in a circular motion that helpful in blood circulation. The honey, coconut oil, and rosemary oil are essential for the toenails. Steep toenails into a solution of the above oils for 15 to 30 minutes.

A most important benefit is to reinforce the cuticles that improve the development of the nails. You’ll probably be grateful to know the coconut oil stops fungal skin, injuries of cuticles, and hangnails.

Silica, Calcium, and Other Minerals (Horsetail)


  • The ¾ tsp. horsetail stems put in hot water to boil.  Just 15 minutes are enough to steep in solution. Repeat it 3 to 4 times a week. Drink a Horsetail is another option for how to make toenails grow faster.

The nail growth process is very slow but with the help of the above ingredients, the growth will be faster. There’s some indication that biotin supplements and some other vitamins can promote (or replenish) hair and nail formation, so talk to your doctor about using supplements to help the process of healing.

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Tips for Strong and Healthy Toenails

Everyone should maintain toenails on daily. You are woman or man, it doesn’t matter. We are proving you with some tips that make toenails strong and healthy.


  • Wash toenails once a day with soap. Use moisturizer recommended by doctor’s medical advice. Clip toenails with a clipper or scissor. Use nail filer that gives proper smoothness to your toenails. Prefer nutritious diets such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meat, etc. Buy medicated shoe stuff that fits properly. Don’t use non-organic pedicures and non-toxic ingredients nail polish.  The Acetone nail remover is not good for nails, becomes dry. Take a proper professional message once in a month that helps in blood circulation. Take serious inspection of your nails and should be aware of all conditions.  Prevent nails from fungal infections and if you face any serious problem then contact a Doctor. At the first sign of trouble, becoming mindful of your nails or seeing a podiatrist can save your safety and possibly your health.

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When the nail recovers, by keeping it clean and moisturized, you will need to cover the uncovered nail bed. In saltwater, you can also clean the nail to moisturize the surface and prevent diseases.

Do not use the tips of your fingers as aids, and do not assume that the disease can spread rapidly to other fingers or toes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Do Toenails Grow In A Week?

Each cell type in our body develops at various rates. On average, toenails develop around 1.6 mm a month. The precise speed at which your nails expand depends on several variables. They include things such as age, sex, diet, exercise, and even years.

Can Vaseline Make Your Nails Grow?


Vaseline can defend against lack of moisture, stop dryness and cure cracked skin at the same time.

Why don’t My Toenails Grow?

Many possible causes affect your growth such as illness, diet, medicines, and the natural aging process. But if you have not above caused, then contact a doctor or physician.

What Causes Nails Not To Grow?

Sometimes, changing your body can stop the growth of nails. Other causes such as injury, cancer, High fever, and any kind of illness can stop nail growth.

How Can I Make My Toenails Grow Faster Naturally?

  • You should soak your toenails in olive oil with warm water for 15 minutes.
  • Wear neat and clean cotton socks.
  • Repeat the process once a day.

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