Ark Server Hosting: Top 13 Best Ark Survival Evolved

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Ark Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival video game created by Studio Wildcard in partnership with Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement. It was launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in August 2017, with updates for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch in 2018. Players in the game have to survive being trapped on an island full of wandering dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, natural hazards, and potentially threatening human players.


Some prefer shared game server hosting. It makes it possible to rent space on a broader public network.

Top 13 Perfect Ark Server Hosting Providers

Based on the important factors, the 13 best Ark Server hosting providers we tried in 2019 are mentioned below. There are the following servers that host the ARK survival evolved server:

Survival Servers Best Ark Server Hosting


  • Customize ARK Survival

Everyone can set up and modify their ARK: Survival Evolved game client for PC and PS4. With the quick one-click method, you can download authorized mods/maps (PC only), change locations, or adjust any setup.

  • Global Location: Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, New York, France & Germany
  • Proficient support
  • Good value
  • Well-established host for the game client
  • Concentrate on a limited range of games
  • A custom panel of controls is installed
  • App creators who understand the importance of mods
  • They don’t bring a lot of games like other companies that tend to offer a high-end offering for that narrower selection of fantastic app support.
  • ARK Survival (PC) starts from $0.37/Slot (Maximum 255 slots).
  • ARK Survival (PS4) starts from $0.33/Slot (Maximum 100 slots).


PingPerfect is a UK-based game server hosting service that has been linked to other networking regions. Its management team includes guys and girls who are on board to help 24/7.


  • Best locations for the client.
  • Value for cash.
  • Excellent established host for the game server.
  • Deliver a 48-hour trial free of charge.
  • The control panel of TCAdmin is simple to use.
  • In 24 hours, money is Guaranteed back.
  • In-house DDOS protection to prevent any interruption.
  • Global Locations: Cape Town, Moscow, Singapore, Sydney, Montreal, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, St Louis, São Paulo, London.
  • Price according to many slots and locations (From £15.00GBP, from $12.33USD & €11.23EUR).
  • Ark Survival Prices Evolved are in amounts of 10; the more slots you purchase, the cheaper that Slot becomes down to at least £ 0.48 a slot.
  • Discounts for shorter rental times are available.
  • VPS & database scores are not good.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is a hosting service based in the UK that is quick to react to new games. The tech guys are also quick to react to player improvements, but the service usually gets a bad rating from users around the internet for some reason.


  • Lots of sites for servers to choose from
  • A big company with many workers
  • Never restricted memory/Ram
  • 24hrs helpline service available
  • Offsite backup is available, and you never lose information
  • DDOS protection and always online servers
  • Automatically posting messages setup
  • Automatic Mod Updater
  • Modify the server at any time and switch to any other game
  • 24hrs Money Refund Policy
  • Free trial available and for 30 slots = £20.99 (Recommended)
  • United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia, France, England, Spain, and Germany. has been around for nearly as long as the operation of the game client! A major web hosting company that owns many data centers around the world helps them. Nonetheless, they are not known to get new games up and running quickly, so it may take longer for a new title to arrive with them before providing servers for it.

The cost is the biggest weakness of the company. But they must be your option if you want a strong product from an established game server business.


  • Selling databases for players after 2000.
  • Once checked, good service times and 24-hour online servers.
  • Lots of ping-checking game servers.
  • Worldwide range of web locations.
  • Competent workers.
  • 100% refund payment.
  • Digital control panel designed to manage game servers.
  • High charges (Total charges $42.93)
  • Information is encrypted with 2048-bit encryption.


The service times were strong, and they understood what they were talking about; it was just a disappointment that the cost was at the edge. Fragnet is the strongest Ark database hosting list because they’ve been the worst tested, but they’ve been ranked 10th out of 108.


  • Plenty of locations for the database.
  • Rapid assistance periods worldwide.
  • Costly per-slot cost ($0.8/slot).

Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks includes Ark Survival Servers, which have been developed and used since 2010. The assistance times were outstanding, and the service quality was strong.


  • Supported by a big brand of gaming.
  • High-end portal and board of command.
  • Fast moments of support.
  • Instant setup is available to play after the purchase of a server.
  • Only the location of the EU and US servers.
  • Costly per slot size (from £16.00 per month).

Streamline Servers


  • Long established a database for players.
  • Server Loads protected matches.
  • Loads of areas for the server.
  • It is not cheap (from $15.00 per month).


LOW.MS is a new business founded by a staff member of perhaps the biggest Minecraft database hosting company.


  • Fast periods for help.
  • Loads of hidden games
  • Price-based center of the market ($0.76/Slot).
  • It is a new gamer hosting company.
  • The Control panel is easy to use.

Host Havoc

It is a younger organization than the others. They concentrate on a list of important games like Ark: Survival Evolved, which usually means satisfying every question.

Key Features

  • Developer for a niche.
  • Well-informed workers.
  • Areas of the EU, US & AU database.
  • Slower to support times.
  • Price ($0.50/Slot).

ROX Servers

ROX Servers are a hosting company based in France that offers a wide variety of games.


  • Reasonable price (from $ 9.25 / month).
  • Loads of hidden games
  • For some consumers, France-based may be perfect.
  • Long established (more than ten years).



  • Free 8hr Trial period
  • Within 24hrs refund money
  • The network cross-travel system enables multiple servers to be linked regardless of the location of the GEO.
  • Fast customer service support
  • Easy to use mods/maps
  • Over 100 game settings
  • Do not offer Xbox or PS4 servers but only for PC or Macs.
  • A backup setup is available.
  • 60 players for $15/month



  • 72hrs money back Guarantee.
  • Highly affordable (£8.99/month).
  • Offer for PC or Mac only.


Server Blend started life as HostASpace, founded in 2014 to provide high-quality expert game servers.


  • Highly trained support server game
  • 24-hour helpline server and DDOS protection to stay online.
  • A custom version of the TcAdmin control panel
  • It is the game’s price server.
  • Lowest ping and the best game experience.
  • $15/M for 30Players


How Much Does It Cost To Host An Ark Server?

Each host server has a different price according to locations and slot numbers. The bigger the list (the more slots and the more plays you can have at one time), the less cost per Slot you’re paying. Cheaper Ark servers come in at $0.50 per Slot, while higher-cost servers move more than $1 per Slot.

Can You Host And Play Ark?

 Yes, you can play a solo game. First, you must join an ark. Then, you can host a LAN game or completely by yourself by choosing Local Play. Before playing, you can select different settings.

What’s A Non-Dedicated Server On The Ark?

A non-dedicated Host Session implies that you can start playing the game and enter the world to play together.

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