How To Fix Chrome-Error://Chromewebdata/ In Google Chrome

At this time, no one can deny the importance of Chrome, whether he is a businessman or a student. Its unique features allow people to set their schedules, share assignments and work, and do the work more securely and collaboratively.

It allows the fastest web browsing, which is very popular among all. Sometimes, while working, Google Chrome users usually face an error chrome-error://chromewebdata/ due to various issues. 

This article will help you know What chrome-error://chromewebdata/ and how to fix it. Let’s see it in detail.


What is chrome-error://chromewebdata/?

Chrome-error:/chromewebdata is the type of error message that appears on the screen of Google Chrome when Chrome fails to launch the proper URL. This error, while appearing on the screen of the web, causes a lot of problems. 

The user can’t continue streaming, and in order it affects the working of Chrome as well. There are many causes for the appearance of this type of error on the Chrome screen. 

Sometimes, it occurs due to a slow web server working, and sometimes it appears due to entering the wrong port number or searching a URL while working on it. These are the few error types that may appear 

  • chrome-error /chromewebdata/ 7146
  • chrome-error /chromewebdata/ 6772
  • chrome-error /chromewebdata/ 5551
  • chrome-error /chromewebdata/ 7053

Some common causes of the error 

Before finding the solution to the problem, it is necessary to look at the possible reasons behind it. After identifying the root cause, it will also be easy for you to solve the problem. 

The Chrome web server sometimes releases an error message due to an internal bug or user profile issue. Some of the other common causes are the

  • Corrupted cache data
  • Outdated browser versions
  • Problematic extensions
  • Corrupted browser settings
  • Due to viruses and malware, data

How To Fix chrome-error://chromewebdata/?

We know it is not always easy to visit the engineer’s shop to solve the problem. Now, you can fix this error at home while knowing some tips. Surely, you will not need to visit anyone, and you can complete your task soon without any problem.  

Restart The Computer 

The error in Chrome can appear due to multiple reasons. Before moving towards a complex, restarting your computer is better.

It will remove the corrupted files and data and help you to clear out all the necessary data. It will also improve the performance of the computer or the web.

You will need to follow the given steps;

  • Close the Chrome browser and all the other sites from the task manager.
  • Now restart the computer and relaunch the browser. It will fix your problem, and you will be able to enjoy net surfing again without any issues.
  • If there is still any error on the screen of Chrome, then press the Windows + D keys to open the desktop. Press the Alt+F4 keys, and it will resolve your problem.

Check The Internet Connections

The poor internet connection is also one of the reasons behind this error popping up. So it is necessary to check whether the internet connection is working well.

You will need to check the modem connections. You can also troubleshoot the internet connections. It is better to check the speed of the internet service provider. It will help you find out how fast the connection is.

Check the strength of the signals. And restart your router. It will remove our problem within minutes. 

Check The Server 

It is essential to check the working of the server also. Sometimes, when the server is not working, the web chrome pop-up the message chrome-error://chromewebdata.

If the server is not running well, you will need to restart the server. You can also set the server’s configuration using the Chrome browser web server for Chrome. 

Clear The Cache Data And Update The Chrome Browser

Suppose you are still unable to resolve the problem from your computer’s settings. Clear all the corrupted files and cache data. Open the settings from the web settings, and open the cookies settings. First, set the time ranges to all times option.

So that both the cache and cookies get clear all the time, remove all the information by clicking on the clear now button. It will clear all the extra data from your browser. 

Now update the Chrome browser to the latest version and restart your computer. It will give a bug from the Chrome browser. 


In conclusion, chrome-error://chromewebdata/ is the most common error in the Chrome browser due to multiple issues. Some issues are poor internet connections and cache data in the Computer and browser.

You can remove the bug by applying the following tips. If you still find any problem you can contact customer service for help. In this way, you can fix your problem on your own.

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