How To Fix Alexa Error 701? A Complete Guide

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For Alexa users, there may be a bit of an issue, sometimes due to the appearance of the error code 701. It is a standard error that appears due to multiple issues.

But don’t worry, as here we have come up with some easy and unique tricks to resolve the problem. Here we will help you to know what Alexa error 701 is and how to fix Alexa error 701.  

Alexa is the best intelligent assistant of Amazon; with the help of it, users can perform many tasks. It can perform many tasks such as providing information, delivering news, playing music, and sports scores, to tell you the weather. 

With the help of it, the prime members of Amazon can order the products. It expands the information and helps to find out more refined information about anything.

But the appearance of the error creates a lot of problems for the users, and they become unable to do their work. 

Alexa error 701

What is Alexa’s error 701?

Error code 701 in Alexa is the error that occurs due to a poor internet connection. Due to this error, the unavailable sign or text like Sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the internet right now appears on the screen.

Due to this error, the user will find the restriction in the voice command. Don’t panic, as you can fix your own issue easily.

There are many other reasons behind popping up this error, such as outdated software, network problem, issues with the Alexa device, and corrupted files. 

How to fix Alexa error 701?

There are many easy solutions and tricks to solve the problem. Such as

Check the internet connections

First, you will need to check the Wi-Fi connection, and it is necessary to make sure that you have a secure and fast working internet connection.  You can check the Wi-Fi connection in the following way.

Open the Alexa app and click on the setting option from the device. Open the Alexa settings and find the Wi-Fi network.

From here, you can check whether it is connected to the Wi-Fi network or not. If not, you can reset the setting.  

For a better internet connection, the router and the Alexa device should be within range of each other. 

Clear the cache data

The cache data is collected when the user searches different sites on the browser.  It is better to remove the cache data for the fastest working of the device. Open the settings, and from there, clear all the cache data and corrupted files.

Reset your device

It is usual that in our daily life, we, by doing experiments change the settings of Alexa. Some of the settings may spoil the working of the device, and it leads to the error text.

The next solution to deal with error 701 is to reset all the factory settings on your Alexa device. It will make it work like a new device. For this,

Press a reset button on the Alexa device for 5 seconds and release the button. Then wait for a few seconds. It will rest all the settings of the device. 

Update your device

One of the reasons behind this error may be the old version of the Alexa app. So you will need to update the app; for this, you will need to open the settings of the Alexa app. Now click on the device options.

There you will find the option to update your device software. By clicking o it you will get the updated version within a few minutes. 

If the update option is not available, then it means you are using the updated or latest version.

Contact customer support

You can also contact customer support for more help if you are in trouble. You can contact them from the help option.

You can also call them on number 1-888-280-4331 and also email them at The team of officials will contact you and will resolve your problem immediately. 


In conclusion, although the Alexa error 701 is quite frustrating and annoying, you can easily solve this problem. There are multiple reasons for this problem, and a single solution doesn’t need to be enough.

So start to resolve it by restarting the device and updating the software. In the end, you can contact customer support if you fail to do so.

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