How To Respond To What’s Up?

It is not unusual to listen the phrase ‘What’s up?’ in a casual conversation. It’s a friendly way of greeting someone. But it’s often difficult to know the exact way to respond. Sometimes, the unsure response and behavior lead to an awkward conversation.

In this article, there are multiple tips on how to respond to the phrase ‘What’s up?’. We’ll look at different scenarios and advice on how to initiate conversations with confidence.

It’s usual that when someone greets you, he says”What’s up?”. It is important to respond to him properly. We know that it is a tricky question and its answer must be interesting. You might feel tempted to simply answer with the same phrase.

Instead, try responding with something like “Not much, just enjoying my day” or “Just hanging out, how about you?

What Does What’s Up Mean?

How To Respond To What's Up

The slang phrase “What’s up?” is used as a greeting or inquiry. Its usual meaning is “What is happening?” or “How are you doing?”. It has become a ubiquitous slang term, especially among young people.

Although it started out as informal language, the phrase has now become an acceptable and popular way to greet someone.

This phrase was often used within black communities as a greeting. Over time, the expression became more widely adopted and eventually entered mainstream usage. Today, it is commonly heard in casual settings such as among friends or colleagues.

How To Respond To What’s Up? 

Not A Thing But A Chicken Wing!

It can be difficult to come up with creative, unexpected responses. We know that this is a typical question. But for those looking for a humorous, yet appropriate response that is sure to get a chuckle out of any crowd, the phrase “Not a thing but a chicken wing!” is an ideal solution. 

This playful response is sure to catch people off guard and elicit some laughter. It’s also versatile enough and you can use it in various situations.

There are multiple situations such as when catching up with friends or greeting coworkers at the office, at this time we feel a bit problem responding. Plus, it’s easy to remember, making it an excellent go-to response when your mind draws a blank.

Ah, Can’t Complain

Our chat with friends is not always funny and exciting. Sometimes, due to any reason, we can’t reply to them with the same excitement. As we just want to keep things simple.

We also want to avoid any awkwardness. It might arise from not having anything interesting to say. That’s where the phrase “Ah, can’t complain” comes in handy.

This response is perfect for situations where there isn’t much happening in your life. You simply don’t feel like sharing any news. It conveys a sense of neutrality. Let your friend know that everything is okay without going into too much detail.

I’m Hanging In There, Been A Busy Week

When it comes to communicating with coworkers, keep in mind there must be a right balance between everything. One great way to achieve this balance is by using simple phrases that convey your message without sounding too formal or stiff. “I’m hanging in there, been a busy week” is one such phrase that works well in many situations.

Whether responding to a casual greeting or checking in with a coworker about their workload, this phrase can help you strike the right tone. It’s casual enough to show that you’re approachable and friendly, but also conveys a sense of focus and diligence. 

Oh, All Kinds Of Stuff!

One good answer to give is “Oh, all kinds of stuff!”. It is a simple statement.  This phrase is versatile and can cover a wide range of activities and experiences. You will not need to get details. It also conveys a sense of energy and enthusiasm – you’re clearly busy and engaged with the world around you.

For casual conversations or quick catch-ups, “Oh, all kinds of stuff!” is an easy way to give a positive response and keep things moving along.

Having A Great Day! What About You?

Sometimes it becomes the biggest confusion about how to respond to the statement. A blessed and great day is an important part of a happy life. It is a sign that shows that we must appreciate the good moments.

The phrase “What’s up?” has become synonymous with a friendly greeting that invites people to talk about how their day is going. When asked “What’s up?”, saying “Have a great day! What about you?

Nothing Much!

Responding with the statement “Nothing much!” is one of the most common ways to respond. Saying “nothing much” as a response to “what’s up” indicates that nothing significant or noteworthy has occurred in one’s life recently. It is a simple and easy answer to show that life is not on excitement and is dull and boring. 

Same Old Same Old

Have you ever felt that something is just so familiar and mundane? The phrase ‘same old same old’ is often used to express a feeling. It shows boredom or tedium. It’s a way to say that nothing new or exciting is happening.

The phrase is used to describe a feeling of sadness. He used this phrase when a person feels their life is mundane and boring. This answer is to describe to the other person that the person is not in a good mood. The term can be used in various contexts, from describing daily routines to relationships, work-life, or social situations.


In conclusion, responding to “What’s up?” doesn’t have to be mundane and boring. Get creative and think outside the box to make your response stand out. From hilarious puns to creative one-liners, there are plenty of options to ensure your response is unique and exciting. Be confident to show off your personality. You can go light with a good sense of humor.

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