How To Fix Cat Scratches On Leather?

Cats can be a great addition to our lives, but they can also be a bit destructive sometimes. They become super annoying due to their habits.

Most cats’ habit is that they scratch the leather of couches and sofas as they play with them and consider them their best friend.

But this habit of the cats brings a disaster and spoils the beauty of the furniture. If you’re looking for a way to fix cat scratches on leather, you are at the right place. Here we will guide you on how to fix the cat scratches on the leather. 

The cats are the fluffy ones and are the reason for a lot of joy for everyone. But when they get angry, they mostly attack on the furniture and houseplants and destroy them. 

It is not easy to resurrect dead plants, but surely we can help you mitigate the risk factor and give you tips about resurrecting the furniture in case of scratches due to a cat’s paws or nails.

How To Fix Cat Scratches On Leather

How To Fix Cat Scratches On Leather?

Before moving towards the tips to fix the cat scratches, paying attention to the type of damage is essential. It would help you choose the right kit, as some kits are expensive, and choosing the most suitable one is essential to minimize the loss.

Sometimes, the leather sofas get a few surface scratches due to cat paws and nails. You will need a good-quality camera for a close look to check this. These are minor cat scratches; you will need a few household tools to repair them.

If there are deep scratches on the leather sofas and chairs, then it can get severe. These may occur when the cats spot the same place many times. You will feel them when you rub your finger or hand on the leather. 

The leather’s surface has been damaged if the finger sinks into the scratch. But don’t worry, you can also fix these types of scratches; you will need some extra material. 

Tears are the worst cat scratches, which means your cat has torn the leather. It is the biggest problem for cat owners. 

Sometimes, it is easy to repair torn leather sofas, and if the problem is severe to the level that you find top-grain leather, you will surely need to contact the upholstery professional for help. 

You must have an idea about what type of leather you’re furniture has. If there is finished leather, it will be durable and have a moisture-resistant surface, while unfinished leather is not moisture-resistant and is also soft in nature.

While mostly miscast leather is not used for furniture, as it is of lesser quality, and is used for purses and fashion accessories. Before applying any method or solution for repairing, it is necessary to know the leather type so you may not further spoil the material.

Things You Will Need For Repairing

  • Scissors
  • 1200 Grit Sandpaper
  • Leather Filler
  • Leather Dye
  • Leather Cleaning Solution
  • Leather Binder 
  • Leather Conditioner

Methods To Fix The Cat Scratches On Leather

Trim The Fabric Or Leather

First, you will need to check the leather fabric thoroughly and then try the loose fabric carefully with the help of a pair of scissors. It will help you to get a smooth surface, and you will easily detect scratches.

For this purpose, use small scissors. They must be sharp, and if you trim the soft leather, do it carefully to avoid extra damage. 

Clean The Affected Area

Now clean the area around the place that is scratched by the cats. For this purpose, you need the leather cleaning solution. Clean it gently to remove unwanted dust and impurities.

Because when we use the binder, the impurities will also get stuck to the place and give a bad appearance. Now clean all the place with a dry cloth to remove the moisture. 

If you don’t have a leather cleaning solution, you can dry the place; then you can also use the wet cloth, then use the absorbent cloth and dry the place properly.

Apply The Leather Glue Or Binder

We know the purpose of the leather binder or glue is to reinforce the molecular bond of the leather. The binder will protect the damaged fibre structure from further damage. 

It will enhance the life span of your furniture’s leather and make it more long-lasting. You can also bind the leather without the use of the leather binder. Choosing the binder that dries out completely after the processing is better. 

Sand The Affected Area

After using the leather glue or binder, it is necessary to smooth the surface or sand the leather surface. For this, you can use 1200 grit sandpaper. Apply the sandpaper lightly on the treatment area. 

It will even the surface and help you fix the problem easily. It will damage the scratches. If the scratches are minor, it will fix the scratches as well. 

Sanding should be gentle for the soft leather. After the sedimentation process, gently clean the area to remove the dirt. 

Apply The Leather Filler

After smoothing the surface, now to fill the holes and deep recesses, you will need the help of the leather filler. It will keep the area consistent. You can use different types of leather filler to fix the scratches due to the cat’s paws. 

You can also look for the restoring kit having different colours that you can mix according to the colour of the leather couch or leather bag. A repair kit has all the tools necessary for repairing the leather couch and sofas. 

Using a flat plastic instrument to apply the leather filler is better. After applying it properly, leave the surface for drying. 

Before starting the process, read all the instructions carefully in case any special instruction is given. Suppose most of the mixture gives lighter color after drying, and most get darker. 

Use The Sandpaper Again

Now again, smooth the surface with the help of 1200 grit sandpaper. At this time, apply some pressure to get a smooth surface with no bumps.

If there is any bump, apply more pressure and fix the bumps, and if there is any gap left, repeat the previous process. After proper work, clean the area gently to remove the sedimentation around the affected area. 

Use Leather Dye And Leather Conditioner

If you have not used the same color leather filler or there is any inconsistency in the color of the couch, then don’t worry. You can use leather dye of the same colour to give your couch a genuine look. 

Apply your leather dye properly according to the instructions given on the paper so that you may get the single-tone leather couch.

After drying the leather dye, use the conditioner to smooth the texture. You will feel comfortable and fit while sitting on the smooth couch. 

It will protect your leather from further wearing and tearing and add a protective layer for a long time. Now your fibre structure will not lose and look new like before scratches. 


In conclusion, scratches on the leather couch due to feline paws are compulsory if you are a cat lover. Don’t worry. It is quite simple to fix these scratches. You will need the leather filler and dye to cover these scratches. 

And before starting the process, cleaning the surface and removing the loose threads is essential. Apply a leather colourant for the area and seal it with a leather finish. 

This process can help make your repair more long-term. You will get new leather furniture. It will help minimize future breakage of your remaining leather’s surface.

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