Fix YouTube Error: Check Your Connection You’re Offline on YouTube?

In the era of social media, there is hardly a person who needs to be made aware of YouTube and its features. YouTube is the most popular and largest video-sharing platform, entertaining users with amazing videos. You can watch the online videos and can share them with your friends.

All you know is that YouTube is something with a stable network connection. Most people encounter errors when offline, sometimes when they open the app to watch their favorite videos.

Due to an offline YouTube error, YouTube will not open. Why does this YouTube error appear, and how to fix your offline on YouTube?

Restarting the YouTube app is the best solution if the internet is not working. It will help you to remove the error and watch your favorite videos. You can also update your YouTube app.

Fix YouTube Error Check Your Connection You’re Offline on YouTube

What Causes The Error “You’re Offline. Check Your Connection”?

Before moving to the solution of the problem, it is necessary to check the reason behind the appearance of YouTube offline.

The possible reasons will lead to the best possible solutions, and you will be able to resolve your problem within minutes. 

Here are a few reasons or causes arising from the app error. 

The error is a sign to show that there is a sluggish or weak connection between the YouTube server, and due to this, the server is sending an error message to YouTube you’re offline.

Check whether your connection is stable or not. It will make you unable to perform your task. We know that YouTube is more beneficial for business people and influencers. So the error message on YouTube can lead to a loss in their business. 

There are many other causes behind popping up the error message, such as a faulty Wi-Fi adapter connection, an outdated YouTube app version, and cache data collection. 

The cache data and cookies are the data the browser saves whenever the user opens any app or site. But with all these causes, the network connection problem is the first. This error may also occur due to software issues. 

How to Fix Your Offline on YouTube?

Check Your Connection

For the proper working of YouTube, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection. With a stable internet connection, you can turn your YouTube on. It will show You’re offline.

Check whether the wires are connected to the socket properly or not. Your YouTube must be connected to the internet. It is a priority to check your internet connection. 

Make sure your internet connection. You can fix the internet connection by the ISP. You can also try other connections, such as accessing the mobile data and connecting to another data or Wi-Fi. 

Check from the system and allow the connection from that network. You can use Internet protocol version 4, a virtual private network that is the best one to fix the YouTube error.  

Make sure your IP address is correct and is assigned to the system. Because if the system cannot get an IP from the DHCP server, it will not be able to connect to the system, and you will see the error offline check your connection.

If the connection is correct and the system is still causing issues with the connection, then the problem may be due to the wrong command. You can use the following command

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig /renew


netsh winsock reset

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /release

Now open the network and internet settings and navigate to the properties of the network. Now assign the given DNS server IP address.

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

After this, enable the validate settings and save them. Restart the system after correcting the network connections and see for updates to use YouTube. 

Clear the Cache Data and all YouTube Stored Data

If your internet connection is working correctly and the problem is not due to a connection error, then it is better to move to the next step to resolve “you’re offline check your connection error. The cache and cookies data we sometimes store to watch offline videos is also the reason behind the error on YouTube. 

To fix YouTube’s problem, dealing with this useless data is essential. Although this data only piles up a little, it is better to delete all the data.

To delete the cache data, open the browser and go to the option of clearing all the cache data and cookies, and mark it. It will remove your useless data. 

Now clear all the videos that you have stored to watch offline. Go to the settings and navigate to open the app.

Now open the storage option and clear all the data there. After this, restart your system for a new start and bug-free YouTube app. 

Disable the AD Blocker

We know ads are so annoying and frustrate users while using any website, so most websites use ad blockers to prevent the appearance of ads on the website while they are in use. These ad blocker programs block the videos and images before uploading into the browser. 

They are suitable for removing annoying ads, but sometimes, it interferes with the functioning of the website, and due to this, the message error appears on the screen of YouTube.

While ad blockers can improve the user experience by removing annoying and intrusive ads, they can also interfere with some website functionalities, including YouTube. 

So from the settings on the computer, disable the ad blocker function. If the problem is due to this factor, it will be resolved. Now refresh the system and open YouTube to enjoy online streaming.

Avoid the Use of a VPN

If you are using a VPN or virtual private network for connection, there is more possibility of getting the YouTube offline error. In this situation, you can’t connect to YouTube.

To fix the issue on YouTube, “you’re offline, check if the VPN is disabled or not. Disable the VPN from the settings of the device and log in the YouTube to see if the problem is still there or has gone. 

Check the Streaming Device

You will likely use streaming or a web browser to access the YouTube platform. The incomplete installation of the updates in the background also inhibits the app’s function.

This app primarily uses devices like smart TVs, streaming sticks such as Apple TV, firestick, or Roku, a PC or MacBook Laptop, and games consoles such as PlayStation and XBOX. 

So it is suggested to power off the device you are using for YouTube. Unplug the wires for a few seconds, and after that, plug them in again. It will allow you to download the app’s updates in the background and fix your problem.

Check the Time settings of YouTube on your PC

If you still see the error message warning and it prevents you from watching YouTube videos, you should check the PC details, such as time and date settings.

The date and time should be correct according to the appropriate time zone. First, choose the local time zone. 

As for the United States, PST is used, and for the India time zone is represented as IST or EST. If everything is going well, then it is still better to check all the information. Press the window key + I to open the window settings.

Windows Settings. Navigate to the time and language option. Click on this to open it, then check the location and time zone.

If they are incorrect, make corrections according to the local time zone. You can fix YouTube error by setting on the position it will automatically set the time, time zone, and date.

Check Airplane Mode

While watching the online videos, your airplane mode must be disabled. It is a feature that restricts wireless communication within the device.

The user then can’t enjoy the connection and watch videos, which is against flight safety regulations. 

The internet connection may become disabled in flight mode. Sometimes while on the ground, most people forget to disable this feature, and due to this, when trying to access YouTube to watch videos and get the error.

So to fix this issue and avoid inconvenience, check the airplane mode from the settings. After this, you can enjoy the digital world within no minute. 

Update the YouTube App

“You’re offline. Check your connection is the error that may prevent you from enjoying videos on YouTube. YouTube keeps saying its users to update their YouTube app regularly from the YouTube app or web browser.

Because the old version may also become the reason for this error. The outdated version of the YouTube app creates a problem for the users. It lacks certain features, due to which the YouTube app shows errors.

So to fix the error, updating YouTube to the latest one is recommended with the latest version. To update the app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store for Android users. If you are an iPhone user, go to the Apple Store to update the app.
  2. After installation, restart the device and then open the YouTube app.
  3. If there is still any problem, sign out from the Google and YouTube account and log in again. 
  4. Now you can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos.

Contact The Google Support Center

After all the above methods, see if the error is resolved, don’t worry. You can contact YouTube support for further assistance. They will surely assist you in fixing your problem. The team is an expert there to help the people. 

YouTube video


In conclusion, the appearance of the error you’re offline on YouTube is due to a poor network connection. For an excellent online YouTube experience, you must have a good working internet connection.

Many other reasons are causing YouTube errors, such as the outdated version of YouTube, stored data in apps like YouTube, etc. Mostly YouTube says you’re offline due to connection issues.

You can quickly fix the problem by using all the above methods. Whenever you face any issue with your network connection, see a YouTube issue on the YouTube page.

Remember to update the app from Play or App Store if you use an Android device. Check the time and date settings from the device settings. If these methods fail, contact the Google Store app for help and more information about the problem.  

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