How Much Does It Cost To Replace a MacBook Screen? [Explain in Details]

MacBook laptops are one of the fantastic inventions of Apple with elegant characteristics. Its features are unique and facilitate the users with a wonderful surfing experience. But what if they fell accidentally and the MacBook screens and MacBook Pro screens were damaged?  

It is a hilarious situation, and the first question that comes to mind is how much it costs to replace a MacBook screen. MacBook laptops are expensive, and their repair demands a lot. In this article, we will demonstrate how much it will cost to replace the entire screen on a MacBook. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a MacBook Screen

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a MacBook Screen?

MacBook Air laptops are expensive and made of incredible material that gives them uniqueness. The cost of replacing a MacBook Air screen excludes other expenses, such as changing or replacing the batteries, internal components, or hard drives. It is only the cost of the cracked screen repair.

The damage repair or replacement cost depends upon various factors, such as the age of the laptop, the model you are using, and the damage’s extent. The repair cost of the MacBook screen replacement ranges from $99 to $300.

The cost of a new MacBook Pro screen, if it is new, varies somehow from $455 to $755. In case of external damage, the cost of MacBook screen repair will be about $99, and extra charges will cost about $299. 

There are different costs of MacBook Pro screen repair for different types of damage. The replacement and repair cost of a MacBook screen can vary depending on various factors. It is worth repairing and out-of-pocket costs to repair the broken MacBook.

Such as tier 1, accidental damage will cost about $355. The Tier 2 accidental damage costs about 475 to repair a damaged MacBook, and Tier 3 unintentional damage is $555—the Tier 4 unexpected damage costs about $655 with an additional $100 as a labor charge.

The liquid damage comes under tier 4, while if there is a dent or breakage in the bottom case, it will cover under tier 1 accidental damage. 

How Much Does a Warranty Card Cover?

The MacBook screens are expensive, made up of fragile, and not tempered. They are more susceptible, so when they drop, they break easily. The display is present just below the glass, so when the laptop falls, it damages the new screen and leads to a crack or severe breakage.

One happiest news for MacBook users is that the company offers a limited warranty for the display and accessories. Sometimes, the cost of MacBook screen replacement is covered under AppleCare coverage, and sometimes not. Apple will replace the screen.

It is almost one year, and during this duration, you can claim free service in case of any damage. You can take your MacBook to the company if it needs to replace the damaged screen during the warranty period. if you don’t have AppleCare, it will cost more. 

The warranty card only covers a few damages, such as if the screen is defective for one year or cracked, you can go for the repair. It covers the cost of repairing a MacBook Air screen. Apple replaces the MacBook screen as well.

If you need an AppleCare center nearby, you can also get the advantage of mail-in repair. They will also offer you screen replacement in case of severe damage. 

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Screen?

The repairing of the MacBook screen takes about 2–3 weeks. It takes much due to a lengthy procedure in which the laptop is mailed from Apple Store to the repair shop or team. After repairing the screen, the team will send it again to the authorized Apple service provider, where the customer can receive the gadget.

They will repair the broken screen and replace the laptop’s screen immediately. If there is a distance issue, you can request mailing to the Apple Store. The turnaround time can be different as sometimes, due to more workload, the facility delays the shipping.

If you have a coverage plan, it may cover the full cost or cost you around $100 for shipping. The cost to replace the screen on your MacBook will be more than the cost of the repair.

Factors Affecting the Repair Cost of a MacBook Screen

Another critical factor is the model of the MacBook. Older models will generally be less expensive to fix than newer models of your MacBook, as the parts are more readily available.

Moreover, the size of the MacBook screen can also affect the cost of repairing a MacBook screen, as there are various screen sizes for MacBook laptops, such as 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch.

Location is also essential when considering the repair cost. If there is no Apple center in your city, repairing the MacBook screen from another town will be expensive. The cost to replace the new MacBook screen

The model of the MacBook also affects the cost of the MacBook Pro screen replacement. You may be wondering how much it costs to replace your MacBook screen without AppleCare.

If you are going for the replacement screen of a 15″ MacBook Pro without AppleCare, it will cost about $429-$799. The cost of replacing your MacBook screen for models A1990 and A1707 is $499. If you want to replace the display of MacBook model A2485, you will have to pay $799. Replace the screen of the MacBook Pro model A2485; it will cost about $799.

Tips on How to Protect Your MacBook Screen From Future Damage

MacBook laptops are the most precious and expensive, requiring much care. They have powerful machines and are the best pieces for professionals and students. Here we have come up with some tips that will help protect the screen from damage. 

The protective layer is significant for the protection and safety of the laptop screen. To protect your MacBook laptop screen from damage, it is essential to use a thin glass protective layer. You can choose the one that is specially made for the MacBook screen.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to handle the laptops carefully and not place them where they may be drooped or knocked over. 

Your laptop screen must be clean, and there should be no dust and impurities on the net. The dust and contaminants damage the screen. To clean the screen, use a soft and dry cloth and lightly rub on the screen’s surface. Don’t put the laptop directly in sunlight as due to this, the screen fades with time. 

Try to keep the harmful gadget such as keys, coins, and even your fingernails away from the screen, as they can cause scratches and also cause significant damage.

These gadgets are not dangerous for humans but can wreck the screen. If the screen is damaged, then replacing or repairing by the Apple repair center is the best option.  

Furthermore, to avoid the accidental cost, it is better to invest in a laptop badly and, after use, place it in a higher place to protect children. Remember to buy the coverage plan and screen replacement services if it will help you and allow you unlimited coverage.

It is the best way to overcome the financial burden that may occur after accidental screen damage or breakage. You can repair the damaged MacBook screen or external closure at low rates. The MacBook screen repair cost without AppleCare will be high. 


In conclusion, MacBook laptops are the most expensive ones, and they are the most diligent. They require a bit of care, as if you get any damage on the screen, you will have to pay a lot for repair and replacement. The average cost of a MacBook screen is about $99 to $799 to repair and replace.

Apple also offers screen replacement. It replaces the screen at a low price while the actual cost may be high. The cost to repair your MacBook depends upon the model, size, and type of damage.

You can protect the screen for a long by keeping it clean and using the protective layer for the protection and safety of the MacBook laptops. Using laptop bags to keep the laptops safe is also better. With a few defensive tips, you can ensure the security of your laptops. 

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