How To Fix A Cracked Screen With Nail Polish?

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Have you ever faced the sudden cracking of the mobile phone screen? Do you know how to fix a cracked screen with nail polish?

If you have dropped your cell phone from the top of the railing or if it has fallen accidentally just imagine there is a way to set the cracked screen if it is not damaged internally.

There is nothing more annoying than to have a broken touch screen. Today we will tell you a magic way to fix a cracked mobile screen at home. This magic way is to fix the screen via nail polish.

A smooth and clear surface gives a glimpse and a cute look to the mobile. Definitely, no one likes to have a mess with the mobile screen.

The scratched mobile screen makes the user unable to use the mobile properly. It makes it difficult to see the working of the mobile. Moreover, if your mobile is working fine but cracked glass or screen can lower your mobile’s sale price.

That is the biggest loss and unfair with a high-quality mobile. Let me tell you that there is a blessing for mobile users that they can prevent these cracks from spreading or if cracks are small, you can fill them perfectly.

There is one thing or substance that can help you in preventing small cracks. This substance is called cyanoacrylate.

Cyanoacrylates are strong adhesives used in households, medicine, and industry. You can use it to fix cracks on mobile screens and plastics also.

Superglues and nail polishes also contain cyanoacrylate which is why you can use nail polish for the fixation of small cracks on the mobile screen. It is not an expansive strategy that you can do at home.

If you go to the market for repairs, it will be costly. Furthermore, the damaged screen also affects the selling cost of the mobile.


How To Fix A Cracked Screen With Nail Polish?

Can nail polish fix a cracked screen? Yes, of course, you can fix the cracks in the screen in the following way.

  • First, wipe the screen with tissue paper to remove dust or particles. In the other case, they can be stuck due to adhesive use.
  • Now hold it carefully and apply nail polish on the cracks. If you are using clear nail polish, then it does not need much to clear all. But if you are using colorful nail polish for fun and creativity then clean the excess nail polish as soon as possible.
  • Removal of the nail polish before drying will keep the other areas of screen polish free. The dry nail polish is also not easy to clean.
  • Now tilt the mobile phone in different directions such as front and back so that it seeps down perfectly.
  • Now allow it to dry after cleaning the excess nail polish.
  • After this press the screen gently, because if you press it strongly the cracks can be increased.

Is It A Good Way To Fix Cracks With A Nail Polish?

Nail polish is a quick remedy that can stop further cracks on the screen. Nail polish is perfect only for small cracks. If your screen is damaged too much, and it has become a spider web, then the next option is to replace it with a new one. If the mobile screen has a plastic screen protector, it will protect your main screen from scratches.

Screen Replacement:

You cannot fix a shattered screen but if you want to save money you can replace the screen by adopting the following instructions.

  • Remove the back and battery of your phone.
  • Then keep separate all the screws with the tool from the motherboard.
  • Separate the screen and glass and then replace the shattered screen with a new one.
  • Now fix them all one by one

You can also use screen replacement kits also.

The Other Options As An Alternative To Nail Polish

If the screen has small cracks and nail polish is not available in this case you can use a lot of stuff such as toothpaste, soda, colored markers, and fun wallpapers.

These things make a broken screen fun for users instead of ashamed. These creative ways will allow you to enjoy your mobile for a long time in a creative way.

You can adopt Kintsugi art for having a unique look. In this art, people use to crack the screen by themselves and fill the cracks with gold.

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Frequently Asks Questions:

Q: Can nail polish repair the shattered mobile screen?

Ans: No, nail polish can fill the small cracks only. You cannot use it for repair.

Q: Which nail polish is the best option for a mobile screen?

Ans: If you want a clear and smooth screen then clear nail polish is the best option. If you want a creative fun, then you can use colored nail polish.