How To Fix Error 0308010c Digital Envelope Routines Unsupported?

The developers, while working on the different systems and sites, especially Node. JS and command line interfaces, the developers have to face many types of error codes.

Those who work with node.js of version 17+ and the command line usually face the error named error 0308010c digital envelope routines unsupported. It interrupts the functioning of the system and also causes many problems for the users.

In this article, we will help you to know how to fix error 0308010c digital envelope routines unsupported. 

Error 0308010c Digital Envelope Routines Unsupported

error 0308010c digital envelope routines unsupported

Error 0308010 is the common type of error that is related to the Node.js crypto module and usually occurs when the user tries to work with a cryptographic algorithm. This type of algorithm is not supported by the Open SSL of the system.

That’s why servers pop up such types of errors. It affects the working of the system and causes problems when working with third-party libraries or APIs.

This type of error occurs due to many reasons, such as if the user is using an outdated version of Node.js that is not compatible with the system, then he will have to face this error.

Sometimes the third-party API is not available on the system of the user, and the installed OpenSSL version is also not suitable for the algorithm.

That’s why this error appears on the screen. Meanwhile, if the version of the react-script is less than 5, then users have to face this error. 

How To Fix Error 0308010c Digital Envelope Routines Unsupported?

Update the Node.js:

The old version of node.js creates problems for the users. So you will need to update the latest version of node.js. You can use the following commands to update your node.js to the latest version

For macOS and Linux, use the following commands

sudo npm install -g n

sudo n latest

For the Windows update, click on the following commands.

npm install -g n

n latest

It will help you to resolve your problem.

Upgrade to Webpack 5

The other best solution that you can adapt to resolve your problem is to upgrade your webpack to the latest version 5.61.0.

It is the best version where the maintainer has added an MD4 implementation. You can easily upgrade your package.json file by using the link npm install webpack@latest.

But if you are using the webpack internally you can’t upgrade the system with the help of the given link.

You will have to wait for the release of a new version. If you can’t, you can use any other solution to fix your problem.

Rebuilt node.js

If the error is still present in the node.js and OpenSSL, you can move toward the next step. In this step, you must rebuild the node.js with the algorithm.

Because some versions of node.js are not compatible with the required algorithm. You can rebuild node.js in the following way;

First, copy the node.js by clicking on the following link

git clone

cd node

then check the desired version 

git checkout <desired_version>

Now adjust it according to the required algorithm and then install the node.js  

configure –openssl-config=<path_to_openssl_config_with_required_algorithm>

make -j4

sudo make install

Restart your system and application and enjoy a bug-free system.

You can also add the legacy provider flag in the defined package.json. The legacy provider is the collection of algorithms that are not in use for a long time. 

Delete your node_modules

You have also another option if case you are unable to resolve the problem by applying all these methods.

You can delete the node modules and package-lock.json instead of package.json files. After that just install the npm and restart the server.

Before restarting the server, update the react script version of the server. You can install the specific version with the help of the following command.

If you use npm

npm install --save --save-exact react-scripts@5.0.1

 if you use yarn

yarn add --exact react-scripts@5.0.1

The react-script version 5 will surely resolve your issue. 

Update the NPM packages

You can also resolve the problem by updating the NPM packages. You can do so by running the npm audit fix command. It is the best security patch in recent versions. It provides the remedies for vulnerabilities in the package tree. You can also use the update command to resolve the problem. 

npm audit fix --force

Install NVM on Windows

You can also install NVM on Windows by opening the nvm-windows repository in the release page. Then click on the nvm-setup.exe for the latest release.

Accept the license and click on next. Here you will find the option of default destination location selected, select the location and click on next. Select the folder for the symlink and then click on next.

Now install the nmv for the window. It will take a few minutes and then you will find the file in the selected location. 

It is not good to install the many versions of OpenSSL. Install the latest version to avoid issues and conflicts. It is better to consult the maintainer of the API for the specific Open SSL requirements.  


In conclusion, error 0308010c:digital envelope routines:: unsupported is the error code I node.js that affects the working with the new and specific algorithms. The user can resolve the problem in different ways such as by upgrading the webpack to version 5 and installing the NVM.

You can also upgrade the react-script. It will surely give you a bug-free system and you will be able to work properly without waiting for so long. If you still face issues you can contact customer support for more ideas and solutions as well. 

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