Which Online Streaming Service Should You Choose?

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The modern world surely has a great number of benefits for everybody. More technology coming into the markets means more comfort and convenience for the people who can afford it.

In the past, you only got your TV shows or movies from cable and the cinema. There were only a number of channels that you could watch. Sometimes there may be content that you like, and other times you just have to accept whatever is on TV. 

Those times don’t exist anymore. You can no longer use the phrase, “There is nothing to watch.”

These days, you have access to tons of fantastic content everywhere. You have cable TV and tons of streaming services.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all when you’re looking into online streaming services. While many people simply subscribe to a couple of services and keep paying no matter how much or little they use them, you don’t have to overload on subscription fees. 

List of Best Online Streaming Service


To help you find the best online streaming service for your needs and wants, let’s look into the top most popular options. 


Netflix is among the oldest players in the game and is popular around the world. Mostly, people use Netflix for binge-watching shows since the company usually puts out entire seasons at once for the public to enjoy.


Netflix has plenty of great content, including iconic shows like The Office, Friends, That ’70s Show, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Netflix also has many original shows, movies, and documentaries. Like any other content, they receive their fair share of good and bad reviews. But it’s more good than bad. 

You can choose between the basic ($9 per month), standard ($13 per month), and premium ($16 per month) plans. Also, you can share these with others to split the cost without ruining your Netflix experience. 


Going with the HBO Max allows you to access the complete HBO catalog. It doesn’t only have a long list of movies but also fantastic TV shows—both old and new.


With all-time favorites like Friends, the Lord of the Rings, Rick and Marty, and the Harry Potter series, HBO Max is an excellent choice for people of all ages. 

There are three variations, HBO now, HBO Go, and HBO Max. Click here to find out the difference between them. 



Hulu is also a top-rated streaming service. If you don’t have cable TV, you can catch the new episodes of many shows on Netflix. 

But, Hulu takes it a step further and offers you the Live TV option for $55 per month. That is basically a replacement for cable TV. For the regular Hulu packages, you can get the basic at $6 per month and the premium at $12 per month. 

While Hulu has an extensive catalog, it doesn’t include everything. Sometimes, it includes only a chunk of certain shows. Therefore, Hulu users usually find themselves going after additional subscriptions like HBO.

Amazon Prime Video


If you have a subscription to the convenient world of Amazon Prime, you also have access to Prime Video. If not, you can get it for $13 a month or $6.45 per month if you’re a student.

This service has a great number of movies and TV shows that you can rent or buy. Other than that, you can also watch all the TV shows and movies that have a “Prime Tag” for free. 

Amazon does have a great catalog. It may not be all major blockbusters, but you do get a massive range. It is excellent for people looking for shows that are more on the road less taken.

However, you may have to buy add-on channels, such as HBO, to watch full shows. Therefore, you’re bound to have another subscription along with Amazon Prime Video. 

Disney Plus


By its name, you may figure out that Disney Plus is mostly for the young. Or the young at heart. 

Disney Plus is packed with a lot of great family-friendly content for everyone to enjoy. You can have access to original Disney shows like The Mandalorian, as well as the Marvel and Star Wars movies. 

With COVID-19 shaking the world, Disney Plus is offering more to its subscribers now than ever before. You can watch not only the old favorites on Disney Plus but there is also plenty of new original big-screen releases.

It began with them streaming the movies already released a few months ahead of schedule. Now, they are putting up brand-new releases as well. 

After a week-long trial, you can get Disney Plus for $7 per month.

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