8 Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing Professional

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Are you a freelancer and wondering about the best budget laptops for photo editing? For a freelancer, the PC is the main center of attention, and without a good laptop, online working is impossible.

It is the most time-consuming task to find the best laptop in the budget because the prices are touching the peak of the sky. But do not worry, it is hard but not impossible. We will provide you with complete guidelines with under-budget laptops for your Photoshop business.

Photo editing is a highly paid profession these days. Adobe Photoshop is the most well-known business adopted by freelancers. For Photoshop, you will need a high-quality camera to take pictures and the best laptop for editing, reviewing color correction, and shots finalization. Most people think they cannot do well with a low-price laptop or a low price that has low quality. It is not right.

You can find a good and high-quality laptop under your budget for photo editing. A lot of professionals confuse about whether they should buy a laptop or desktop for their work. Both have advantages and disadvantages as well. The selection of the hardware depends upon your working style and requirement. The PC is perfect for traveling as it is light.

Desktops are easy to upgrade, cheap, and the best choice for those who like to work at a fixed place. But laptops are more powerful and mobile vibrant. They clock to lower speed for battery backup. Therefore, laptops are more in demand than desktops.

The laptop for photo editing does not require having a fast processor, more RAM, and the best graphics card. But the RAM of the PC should be large for storage of more data. For photo editing, your PC should have more power and speed. Moreover, it should have a high-quality display with high resolution for the best view of images.

The Features Required For Photo Editing Laptop:

The photo editing laptop should have the best spec for the best working. The market is full of the best laptops for photo editing work, but our main concern is to find the best budget laptops for you.

So that in the era of Covid 19, you may do your Photoshop or Adobe photo business at home without taking tension of budget. Following guidelines will help you in choosing the best laptop with a low budget.


The processor of the laptop should be able to handle the work more quickly. The slower processor will limit your Photoshop, and you have to sit for hours for your work. The AMD Ryzen processors are also considered the best ones. Intel Core i3 is also the best one for photo editing beginners. For the professionals, the best processors are Intel core i5 and i7.


RAM (random access memory) is also a vital factor for the best laptop for photo editing. For this, the PC with 16  & 32GB RAM would be best. The clock speed of the RAM is not much necessary for a budget laptop.

But for the faster RAM, go for more than 3200MHz speed. It is best for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop.


For laptops, two types of physical memory storage are known: SSD and HDD. The HDD is slower than SSD. To install Photoshop programs and store a large amount of data, including pictures.

The SSD storage is better. It is faster and has an excellent memory capacity of more than 500. If you want to take HDD, then it should have a platter speed of about 7200 RPM. The best storage capacity for photo editing is 256GB and 512GB.

Graphics card:

Because the integrated graphics card would be enough for this work. But it would be better to have a 2GB graphics card as it will help you with high-resolution photos. For editing very high-resolution photos and videos, it is better to have.

A good laptop for photo editing requires having the best resolution screen with color rendition. As if your budget allows you to buy the best external screen for Photoshop and photo editing.

Then you will need a screen with a 13″ inches screen and 15.5 inches screen will be best for this work. You can go with a resolution of about sab-4k 2560*1600p for Photoshop work. A screen with more resolution with panel IPS, VA, or TN is preferable to the lower one.

Additional accessories:

The things that require for Photoshop will act as an aid for the best presentation of your work. You should have the best quality webcam and the best mouse for photo editing work. The battery life of the photo editing laptop should be up to 10- hours without any disturbance.

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Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing:

Following are the best budget laptops for photo editors to do their business in the best way. These laptops are for both professionals and beginners.

  1. Hp Chromebook 14 FHD
  2. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon
  3. Dell G7 15 For Photo Editing
  4. Razer Blade 15 For Photo Editing
  5. Surface Laptop 3 For Photo Editing
  6. Hp Spectre X360 For Photo Editing
  7. Asus Zenbook Ux331fa-As51
  8. Acer Aspire 5 Laptop For Beginners

HP Chromebook 14 FHD:

HP Chromebook 14 FHD is the best budget laptop for windows lover for photo editing work. It has loving and adorable features for the user. Despite using Mac OS and other running windows, you can use Google’s Chrome operating system on it. It is a simple and low-priced laptop. It has features that can help you in using google apps.

Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

It is not compatible with Photoshop but is best for alternate apps such as Lightroom and Google’s snap speed. It is an ultra-portable laptop with unique features, including a 14 inches FDH screen with an ISP panel. It facilitates the user with the best photo editing qualities. This laptop is cheap, but it has high display quality with a lesser screen.

This laptop has an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 32 GB SSD storage capacity, and 4 GB RAM. It is best for web browsing, watching YouTube, and image viewing and editing. But it has very low RAM which decreases the speed of the CPU also. It is light in weight and is the best efficient hardware with a battery life of about 11 hours.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon:

Lenovo always comes with the best budget and best performance laptops for professionals and beginners in all fields. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 CARBON is its best budget product for photo editors and Adobe Photoshop professionals.


This laptop is among the most favorite laptops on our list with 14 inches large screen, 8th Gen model, and ultra-portable size. This laptop is easy to carry due to its lightweight. You can take it in traveling. It keeps a balance between its price and performance.

This laptop has a variety of configurations. It has a fast Intel Core i7 10510 U processor that provides super-fast speed for high-resolution photos with 16 GB RAM.

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The Lenovo think pad facilitates the user with a high-quality 15” 1920*1080 HD display and a 512 GB large storage area for storing the edited videos and all other data. You can also play games on it during leisure hour for relaxation of your mind. It does not have a graphic card, but it still works better than all its competitors.

Dell G7 15 for Photo Editing:

Dell’s laptops are also the favorite ones for photo editors, graphics, and other IT professionals. These laptops are the best for performance, specification, and price. Dell G7 15 is the best product of the dell for photo editors. The laptop has a 15.6 inches screen that is excellent for viewing and editing images and playing games.


The screen is not 4k, and it covers about 56% of the sRGB color gamut. This percentage is sub-optimal for the photo editors. It is neither heavy nor light. Its weight is average which may be heavy for lean persons.

The laptop is considered super-fast with an Intel Core i7 9750H processor and 16GB RAM. It provides a large storage area that is about 256GB for files and images.

Moreover, it has 1 TB mechanical hardware and a 6 GB NVIDIA graphics card. All these specifications consider it the best budget and popular laptop.

Razer Blade 15 for Photo Editing:

Razer Blade laptops are basically for gaming. These laptops are considered perfect for gaming and photo editing due to the fast processor and best specifications.

best gaming laptop

Razer blade 15 is its best manufacture that allows the user to edit photos and videos in the best way. It is the most powerful, premium, and best laptop for users. It facilitates the user with Intel Core i7-10750H processor and 16GB RAM that makes it fast for working.

The SSD storage space is about 256GB with a discrete 6GB graphics card. All these features make it adorable for Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop. The screen of this laptop is 15.6 inches with 1920*1080 HD displays that are non-touch.

It offers the user to upgrade it to a touch screen with 4k resolution and a wider color gamut. But for the upgraded version, you will have to charge more due to more quality performance and large surface area.  It is a bit expensive and overkills for some people.

Surface Laptop 3:

Surface Laptop 3 is the best one for photo editors, with a long-lasting battery of about 15-hours with constant work. It contains all the qualities that a photo editing laptop should have.

Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

You can buy it due to its excellent battery life and AMD flagship debut. Surface Laptop 3 facilitates the user with a 15 inches screen having a 2496*1664p touch display. Additionally, the laptop has an Intel quad core10th Gen i5-i7 processor that makes the editing fast and loving.

This laptop has 32GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage. It allows the users to save large files and photos. It gives a classic look with sleek style and has lightweight. But it is not much powerful as other laptops.

HP Spectre X360 for Photo Editing:

HP Spectre X360 is a 2-in-1 laptop & interconvertible between two modes: tablet mode and laptop mode. The features of this laptop are best, but you need to have some muscles for it. This laptop has an Intel Core i7-9750 processor and 16GB RAM.

Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

Both these make it fast for working. Its display is eye-catching that attracts the photographers most. The laptop offers the M105 GPU to photo editors. It has a soft and comfortable keyboard.

This laptop is expensive and has good performance, it only attracts the rich one and those who can afford it. You can use the tablet mode also if you want. It is portable, and it’s these qualities that make it users’ first choice.

ASUS Zenbook UX331FA-AS51:

Asus is also a well-known company like dell, Microsoft, Apple, and many others. It also offers durable and high-performance laptops. Asus Zenbook UX331FA-As51 is a premium laptop that is well balanced and is affordable for freelancers and students. It has a non-touchy screen that has a full HD display and excellent color and viewing angles.

Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

It is a 13 inches slim notebook that has an Intel Core i5 8550U processor and GB RAM. It provides security with a fingerprint sensor and also has audio administration.

The body of this laptop is aluminum. The company claims 1-year damage protection. It is excellent in performance and is the best choice for photographers. Its battery life is about 4-6 hours. It provides many connectivity options.

Acer Aspire 5 For Beginners:

Acer Aspire 5 is the best choice for beginners and students of photo editing. It is affordable, and the features are perfect if you are new in this field. It has a non-touchy screen and AMD Ryzen processor that provides fast speed for working. The laptop has a 15.6 inches screen with an IPS panel and 65% sRGB color vibrant.

Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

The SSD storage capacity of this laptop is 256GB that is more than enough for storing pictures. It has an excellent display but doesn’t have a graphics card that is not a big issue if you are a beginner. Its price is also affordable. It has 3 two core processors that can’t match with performance of the quad-core processor. But if you are a beginner, it is right for you. After experience and being a professional, you can move toward the better one.

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