Boost Productivity: The Top 5 Online Tools for Organizing Your Life and Work

Time is the one resource you cannot produce, replicate, or buy. It is easy to feel as if you never have enough of it, considering the countless responsibilities you need to juggle at home and work.

This is why getting organized is essential. It allows you to prioritize and effectively tackle your personal chores and work activities, ultimately enabling you to manage your time better.

As a result, you can minimize your daily stresses, work faster, and enjoy more time for yourself. To help you get organized, here are the top five online tools we recommend.

1. Google Drive

Online Tools for Organizing Your Life and Work

This is one of the best tools to organize your documents, whether they are in MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Google has its own versions with Docs, Sheets, and Slides, so you can create all your documents on the Drive.

Its cloud storage facility lets you access files from anywhere and on any device. You can share them easily with others and set up multiple editors to edit them in real-time.

Another important feature is the platform’s ability to save all your previous edits. So, if you want to return to an older version of the document, you can easily find it with a time stamp.

Moreover, Google Drive provides other apps, too, from Forms and Drawings to Site and Jamboard, making it a highly versatile tool.

So, if you want to plan your weekly expenses, design a meal plan, or prepare a report for work, this could be an excellent option to create and store your documents in multiple formats.

2. Todoist

Online Tools for Organization

Did you know Americans spend 51% of their workday on tasks that add little to no value? This can happen in your personal life as well, especially when you are burdened with a long list of activities to complete.

But when you organize your to-do list effectively, you get to prioritize and focus on what matters most. And that is exactly what Todoist is designed to help you achieve.

It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to type in tasks, determine their level of priority, and set reminders. The task manager has natural language recognition capabilities, enabling it to complete what you type.

All your tasks are organized into separate buckets—Today, Upcoming, and Custom Filter Views—so you can gain better clarity on what needs to be accomplished immediately.

You can also integrate work and team to-do lists alongside your personal ones under the app’s workspaces. This eliminates the need for maintaining separate notes or apps for each category.

Todoist is available for free with basic features, while the Pro and Business plans are offered at $4 and $6 per month on an annual subscription.

3. LastPass

Online Tools for Organizing Your Life and Work

According to studies, the average person has over 100 passwords. This is hardly a surprise when you consider the Amazon, Netflix, email, banking, and all the other online accounts you maintain.

Remembering a large number of login credentials is undoubtedly challenging. So, many people apply a single password for multiple accounts.

Some opt for ones that are easy to remember, including names, birthdays, and even basic number formats such as 123456. Writing them down on sticky notes and notebooks is also common.

But all these practices increase the risk of data breaches and make you vulnerable to account hacking, profile takeovers, identity theft, financial fraud, and various other criminal activities.

You can avoid these threats and safely manage all your login credentials with LastPass. It is a password manager that can store an unlimited number of passwords and autofill them each time you access an online account.

LastPass provides passwordless login to your vault using your biometrics or an authenticator app, saving you from the hassle of remembering passwords.

It also comes equipped with additional features to strengthen data security. For instance, it monitors the dark web for possible breaches, sends security alerts, and assesses password hygiene.

LastPass is free to use on a single device. However, paid plans provide multi-device security with extra features for family and business purposes.

4. Calendly

Online Tools for Organizing Your Life and Work

With over 20 million users, this is one of the most popular scheduling tools for work. But there is nothing preventing you from using it for your personal needs as well, especially when you are overwhelmed with countless appointments.

And what does it offer? Calendly allows you to create and manage your calendar online, set up one-on-one meetings and group events, and send automated notifications, reminders, and follow-ups to attendees.

Accessible on desktop and as a mobile application, you can even connect Calendly with a variety of other apps, including Google, Outlook, and Office 365.

This scheduling tool comes with a free basic package and four paid plans that offer additional features.

5. Leadar

Online Tools for Organizing Your Life and Work

You will often need to find contacts for personal and work needs. For instance, you may want a personal instructor to help you get back in shape or a qualified builder to renovate your home. Similarly, you might have to hire employees, search for sales leads, or find vendors at work.

In moments like these, Leadar could be an excellent option. It is a data aggregator with a database of over 110 million individual contacts based in the US.

The platform continuously updates information and uses multiple verification methods to ensure accurate and up-to-date data. And you can search its database and find contacts using several criteria, including names, job titles, and location, making it easier and effortless to discover all the contacts you need.

To Wrap Up

Managing mounting responsibilities in your personal and work lives is not an easy task. Without a proper system to organize yourself, you can easily miss important activities and waste substantial time on non-value-adding ones.

The online tools we have discussed in this article will help you organize tasks more effectively, bringing clarity and focus so you can prioritize the activities that matter. They address some of the most time-consuming areas in day-to-day life, from managing your schedule to finding important contacts, equipping you to simplify your workload to a manageable level.

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