Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support Review

Here are your favorite and most comfortable basketball shoes for Ankle Support. In basketball, ankle injuries are very common. Since basketball requires a lot of leaping when you play basketball, you have most likely witnessed the hair-raising moment after coming down from a layup, when you are not quite sure what is going to become of your ankle, the ankle is put under quite some pressure.

Basketball players often sprain their ankles during practices. If you have your ankles shattered by a harsh crossover or land after a layup on someone else’s foot.

Comfortable Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2024

For basketball players, ankle injuries are very common, be it a professional basketball player or an amateur. A great pair of shoes with commendable ankle protection will help you find this post. The choice of basketball shoes for an athlete can vary and will rely on the style of play of the player and the actual condition of your ankle.

What are the Considerations for Buy Basketball Shoes?

When buying a shoe with exceptional protection, the first consideration is the style. Here, as the high-cut design would help reduce unnecessary ankle movement, we are looking to eliminate both low-cut and mid-cut shoes. Of course, for others, this will make it less free, but if the point is to minimize the chance of ankle damage, then we are on the right track. We do not want to stretch any ligaments too much or for other ankle injuries to happen.

Next, the best of the best sneakers will have variables in them that will cut down painfully from a leap straight to the root of the cause. Similarly, with a high ranking on this list, shoes that can withstand the energy coming from a troubling fall will start.

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Important Note

The right basketball shoes with ankle protection are there for you. Know, that you must make sure that it has a firm base, stability, compression, and outrigger when shopping for a shoe with strong ankle protection. These three elements can improve ankle support substantially and help reduce injury to the ankle.

The shoes will improve the protection of your feet and help against repetitive ankle movements that may lead to sprains or worse ankle injuries. If you are healing from a bad ankle injury or if you quickly and regularly sprain your ankles, it will not be enough to get ankle support from your shoes.

Air Jordan 34


Best Things:

  • The Eclipse plate tends to reduce the total rigidity and to lift the weight off. For this reason, the Air Jordan 34s are also one of the lightest basketball shoes ever made. When all needless stuff is taken away from the tooling to the top, the Air Jordan 34s go back to simple.
  • Wonderful Traction-Pitted and multi-directional traction is provided by the herringbone sole, thoroughly training the player to score some hoops.
  • Stiffening-The cushioning is great on this shoe. When depressed, just before you take the next move, it comes back to its original form. This way, the heel, and the forefoot stay supported.

Worst Things:

  • It is shown that it gets dusty easily and often needs a fast rinse.
  • Thanks to all that it does, the shoe does sell at such an incredible amount.
  • While convenient and durable, the materials used are not of the highest quality and can dramatically decrease their wear span.

Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IX


Best Things:

  • This is a premium Nike style, it has a high-cost range, but it has the elegance and elusiveness to make it worth it.
  • There are no laces on this pair and there is a three-layered strap system instead. On the foot, one strap is short, the other straps up the foot where laces usually do their job, and the ankle is secured with a third ankle strap.
  • The Zoom LeBron Soldier IX fits with heel and shoe front zoom units that provide cushioning and springy reactivity, which is extremely useful for those players with extra weight to enable the technology.

Worst Things:

  • Nothing worse about this product.

Adidas Dame 5


    Best Things:

    • Dame’s best shoe so far! A decent all-around player at a very competitive price.
    • For fast guards who like flexible cushioning, the Dame 5 fits best.

    Worst Things:

    • On Dusty Courts, Slick
    • In the toe box, a little dead space.

    Under Armour Curry 7

      Basketball Shoes

      Best Things:

      • Complete with both HOVR and MicroG, this extraordinary shoe features a mesh and textile upper, 2 different cushioning innovations created at the midsole by Under Armour itself.
      • The signature low-top sneaker has an aesthetic that is sleeker and far more aerodynamically suitable.

      Worst Things:

      • The materials prove to be cheap and synthetic and make the wearer mistrust the shoe’s consistency.
      • It is a very stiff shoe and only after a substantial period can it feel easier.
      • The cushioning is a little firm and offers very little protection against impact.

      Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Shoes

        best Shoes for Ankle Support

        Best Things:

        • The herringbone pattern and transparent rubber are clean-cut and perform very well on the court.
        • The Zoom Turbo and Cushion foam in the forefoot, not to mention, make the wearer a bouncy, easy, and sensitive ride similar to the Kyrie 6.

        Worst Things:

        • It is a highly pricey shoe.
        • It is too heavy.
        • The materials used are weak and synthetic, and make the efficiency of the shoe worse.

        Adidas Pro Bounce Low

          Shoes for Ankle Support

          Best Things:

          • In terms of grip, the Pro Bounce Low holds up very well. Also, the Adidas Bounce Cushioning technology protects the foot and helps this shoe to have a very relaxed journey.
          • The Adidas Pro Bounce Low caters to nearly any audience regardless of its selling price.

          Worst Things:

          • The materials seem a little cheap.
          • It does not work well on dusty courts.
          • The best performance needs prompt cleaning.

          Nike Zoom Devosion

          Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

          Best Things:

          • They are made of synthetic material and have rubber soles, with the arch and rubber soles measuring around 4.5′′ from the shaft.
          • The top is lightweight which makes the shoes more comfortable and breathable, keeping your feet cool and enhancing your efficiency instantly.
          • The heel and the forefoot have grooves that allow each shoe to travel more easily with your feet.

          Worst Things:

          • This is not to indicate they lack consistency.
          • Without a doubt, anybody who buys these shoes would be happy with them.

          Nike Hyperdunk 2016

            best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

            Best Things:

            • The high-cut Fly-knit upper of the shoe was custom-made to offer an improved locked-in feel. They are built into the forefoot to offer extra protection where pivots, cuts to hops are required.
            • Advanced herringbone traction and a supportive heel counter are both included in the shoe.

            Worst Things:

            • Cheap-looking materials, not very easy with Flywire and medial side, need some break-in time to feel normal, zoom feel can differ, and cut-outs are gimmicky insole.
            • A puffy collar on top of already puffy socks is the worst thing you may get.

            Kyrie 6

              Best Things:

              • Kyrie is well known for his handles and crossovers, but for him to do well, his shoe must provide some of the best protection and traction.
              • Along with its broad bottom, the multidirectional pattern on the bottom makes this shoe very sturdy.
              • Zoom does a better job of being flexible and giving some protection against effects.
              • For shifty players who do a lot of cutting and fast explosive moves, this shoe is recommended.

              Worst Things:

              • There are no inconsistencies and all setup is very well and comfortable.
              • Kyrie 6 is also comfortable on dusty courts.
              • No complaints.
              • Highly Price

              Curry 7

              Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

               Best Things:

              • A solid base features the Curry 7 and uses a radial and herringbone traction pattern.
              • The traction is excellent, but on the outsole, the rubber is brittle, so better not worn outdoors.
              • All, the cushioning is decent, but this shoe’s court feel and responsiveness is top-tier. This shoe suits true to size, but the Curry 7s go true to size for the best lockdown.

              Worst Things:

              • It lacks impact protection.
              • It is also costly.


              Many of the excellent options we suggested above are all at varying prices. Some of the greatest basketball players on the court have worn these shoes and many enjoy them, so they are worth a try.

              Most of the above shoes are fine but do not worry about their durability. Only pick the one you want best and, for the most part, give it a try.

              We will love to hear your thoughts on what you consider are the perfect ankle protection basketball shoes. Based on your personal preferences, we will help you choose the ones that suit you. For basketball players just, these shoes are not limited, they can even be used for volleyball players.:

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