8 Best Shoes For Nurses Review & Buying Guide

Search out the best shoes for nurses? That will keep them fit and active while they are working in 12-hour shifts and spend most of their time on their feet.

The success of the professionalist lies under its athlete. The stronger its feet, the more he/she will be active. For medical workers, a nurse or doctor’s healthy feet are vital as their high demanding duty requires a long time standing, walking, and running from ward to ward for their patients.

The selection of the perfect shoe has an extensive impact on health and personality. According to estimation, about 33% of nurses suffer back pain issues due to wearing improper shoes. So care in the selection of shoes can protect you from this.

The first and utmost question is to know what type of shoes should be best for standing hours. Nurses mostly confuse in choosing the best one. In this article, we have discussed the characteristics of the best shoes and suggest some best reliable shoes for nurses.

Qualities Of The Best Shoes For Nurses to Remember Before Buying It:

When you go to buy nurse shoes or order by online store, the following tips will help you in finding the best shoes that will protect you from pain along with a stable movement.

Material & design:

The first thing we note while buying shoes is the material and design. The material describes the durability of the shoe while designing of shoe tells how much it can survive or durable for walking. All we know duty of the nurses does not involve only walking from ward to ward, but they must face the debris, water, or liquid spoilage coming in their way. So, the shoe must have a material that you can clean easily.  The rubber material is best for a nurse’s shoe as it is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean but not replaceable, light in weight, and breathable rather than synthetic material.

Moreover, the material should be of high quality. It should design in such a way that your feet remain pain and fatigue-free. Select the design according to your foot pattern; take the advice of a podiatrist that what type of layout will suit your foot.

Comfort and Support

The other noticeable thing is comfort and support. We know that nurses must stand and walk for an hour. so their shoes must have to cushion inside for comfort. The molded gel midsole is perfect for this purpose. Along with this, note the width, material used in their manufacturing, flexibility, and power of the sole. The shoes with curved surfaces and arch cradling insoles are the best for nurses. The nurse’s work includes scrolling, lifting 4uthings, and bending, so the shoe should be strong and durable enough for a straight walk.

The heel of the shoe must be well-built for support. The stability and support during the walk depend upon the strength of the outsole.

Slip-Resistant And Shock Absorber

Moreover, the outsole must have the ability to absorb the shock and must be slip-resistant. As we know, the hospital floor may be wet due to any reason. If the shoe is not slip-resistant, then you may fall, and critical injury can occur. Along with patients, the nurse’s health is also valuable and supreme.

Rocker bottom helps to decrease fatigue and acts as the best shock absorbers. The flagship style like Dansko is good for protection on the greasy surface.

The High-Quality Best Nursing Shoes for Women:

Following is the collection of high-quality shoes that meet the demands of nurse’s shoes and have a high comfort level.

  1. Skechers for Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoes
  2. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule
  3. Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Shoes
  4. ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoes
  5. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Graphic Clog
  6. Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip On
  7. Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe
  8. Reebok Lifestyle Princess Sneaker

Skechers for Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoes:

Sneakers brand is famous among nurses due to chic shoes. The shoes are the first preference of nurses with extra support and cushioning.

best shoes for nurses


Let have a look at the feature of Skechers Eldred shoe that make it more attractive among women.


The material is a vital consideration of any brand. Skechers Eldred shoe has high quality rich and smooth leather that makes it different from all other brands. Well- stitched seams and synthetic foamy sole makes it more attractive. Moreover, a lace-up and elegant design with soft lining fabric is perfect for women.

Inner And Outer Soles For Support:

The shape of the memory foam sole is quite like the foot shape. The outsole is athletic and slip-resistant that is helpful to walk on a slippery surface. The soles allow flexibility so that nurses can stand for 13 hours of work without achy pain.

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule:

Dansko is a well-renowned brand that mainly designs shoes for medical professionalists. Dansko clogs and mules are chic shoes for doctors, surgeons, and nurses. The brand is famous among nurses because of its unique style, along with comfort. The shoe provides high stability and support to the foot so that they can stands for hours without any pain and fatigue. The ionic shoes are perfect to wear for everyone.

best shoes for nurses


The features are unique and stylish so that you may fall in love with them. When it comes to mules, you will not find the best one other than Dansko mules for nurses.


The blue shadow patent chic mule has polyurethane in its lining, along with an Upper surface that builts of rubber and high material to ensure washing with water and oil bleach. The upper part is of high-quality leather, provides ventilation, and is easy to clean with spill-proof stuff.

Outsole and insole:

The rocker bottom is anti-fatigue with 0.75 inches platform and 2 inches heel that provides stability during movement.  The outsole is a perfect shock absorber. The roomy and spacious toe box allows free movement of the toe. The footbed is supportive and controls the temperature. Moreover, the midsole provides a cushioning effect while walking. This mule is perfect for a walk on a wet and greasy surface.

Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Shoes:

Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Shoes are all in one shoe having all the features a nurse shoe requires. No matter whether you are a student nurse or a professionalist, this shoe will feel you roomy during a long shift. The shoe is available in all sizes fitted to the foot.

best shoes for nurses


The Peggy shoes have a faux leather upper with perfect ventilation ability. The shoe looks elegant with a tooled design. It is more comfortable shoes for working in hospitals. The unique structure keeps the back align and helps in reducing the fatigue and pain in the foot.

Support and comfort:

The shoe is highly comfortable with an elegant lining and outsole. The footbed is light and padded to provide cushioning and a soft effect. The outsole is strong enough for perfect grip. The midsole has EVA foam for cushioning. The Peggy clogs are perfect slip-on shoes for working on a sticky floor.

ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoes:

ASICS GT-2000 7 Running Shoes are the best and reliable for all type feet, but it is more suitable from mild to moderate overpronators. The rugged trial-specific outsole provides a comfortable walk during duty hours. The shoes keep the feet straight and reduce the pain that may occur due to hard shifts.

 best shoes for nurses australia

Material & Design

These are the best running shoes for nurses that are durable and comfortable. ASICS shoes have an impact guidance system that boosts the foot’s natural movement from heel to toe. Moreover, the vertical flex groove design makes it attractive. The sole is rubbery, having an Asics abrasion rubber compound for durability. For the best support Duo, Max’s support system is effective. The heel is 20mm, and the forefeet are about 10mm.

Comfort & Support

The paddy sole provides comfort while doing work for hours. The soles have more grip to walk on slippery floors. In addition to this, midsoles have gel technology that keeps the toe and heel cushy and feet feel fresh all day. The outsole acts as the best shock absorber on rugged surfaces. The midsole has structural integrity with the Trusstic system. The outsole also gives traction with reverse lugs. You can buy this from lucky feet shoes Temecula.

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Graphic Clog:

Crocs clogs are for the nurses and doctors who have chronic pain in their feet or are facing such issues. The crocs are leather-free shoes for vegan nurses.  Crocs Neria Pro II clogs are perfect lightweight clogs for working in hospitals and at home.



This clog is the best synthetic clog, leather-free, and light in weight with a synthetic sole. The upper surface is clean, smooth, shiny, and attractive looking. The shoe is slip-resistant and comfortable. It encloses the toe and heel and gives a cushioning effect even after standing for hours.

The heel is reliable for working with a 1.5″ measure, while the platform is 0.75″ in measurement. Neria Pro has a triple crocs comfort level. The pillow cushy memory foam over foamy footbed and croslite outsole keep foot cozy in long term duty hours.

The clogs are luxurious and reliable, with well-built support for student nurses also. When during training they hurt by clinical rotation, the shoe will feel roomy. The shoes are washable and easy to slip in and off.

Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip-On:

Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip-On is the perfect slip-resistant shoes with rubbery soles. The shoes are light and comfortable to walk. The upper full-grain leather makes it more attractive and fit your feet all day. These are super durable and long-lasting.



Although the shoe is not stylish but perfect for long time duty. The insoles are of rubber and provide high comfort to the feet. Moreover, the soles are removable. The outsole is muscular and slips resistant that helps you to work on wet or dirt floors.  You can clean it well. But has less versatility in colors.

Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe:

Cherokee is also one of the most famous brands for medical assistant’s shoe. They always offer professional, sensible, high-quality, and reliable shoes for nurses. Harmony step-in shoe is a padded collar shoe that is liked by nurses due to high comfort and its style. This shoe is perfect for modern ladies who want stylish shoes along with comfortability.



It is unique and comfortable in material and design. The white-colored, smooth leather gives it a pristine look. It is also available in different colors that suit uniforms, scrubs, and dress codes. The shoe is comfier and softer with padded collar step-in and moisture-absorbing lining. The a.75 inches heel is perfect for a walk and stands for a long shift. The 0.5 inches platform gives a stable grip on the floor and balances the weight and supports the arch equally. The leather is breathable that allows the air to pass through feet, effortlessly cleans up leather.

Support and comfort

The upper leather is tough that supports the feet and arch, and keeps feet fresh and active all day. The outsole is soft and molded. Anatomical shoe break-in is precisely according to the foot shape and bespoke fit.

This sole keeps the arch support and gives the foot a normal alignment to walk straight and effortlessly with a heel cup. Moreover, the sole is strong enough to surpass the hazards coming in your way without affecting your walk and work.

Reebok Lifestyle Princess Sneaker:

The Reebok is known for years for durable, comfortable, and unique shoes for men. It offers high-quality lace-up shoes for male nurses. The work of male nurses is not less than females, and they need more strong shoes as they must move up and downstairs, in ICU for patients care, and carry heavy luggage.

Moreover, reebok shoes also maintain the temperature and hold a grip on the oily and wet floor during movement. These shoes are reliable and soft that you may not feel tired while working all day. You can also wear them for casual functions.



Reebok Lifestyle Prince Sneakers have a padded foam sock liner with a padded collar that supports the arch and gives durability and cushioning effect. In addition to this, the EVA midsole adds more comfort during standing and moving all around. The sole is of synthetic rubber that is slip-resistant and holds you on an oily and wet hospital floor. The shoe is unique in style and comfort in wear.

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