10 Best Parkour Shoes Review & Buying Guide 2023

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Every running shoe is not compatible with your parkour training. Let’s have a look at the best parkour shoes to improve your running strength, power, and safety while running on rough and hard surfaces. Although it looks a bit funny and entertaining, in reality, it is not. Parkour is a stunning training and responsibility, and a crucial attitude is necessary for it. So you can’t be careless about choosing parkour shoes.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a training and trending workout having different types of movement, including running, swimming, climbing, jumping, vaulting, and others from military obstacle to complete martial art course.

To clear this tough training, from hurdles and hard surfaces, particular running shoes are required. Usual running shoes will not be able to survive under such conditions. I make you sure that this article will able you to select the best parkour shoe that will meet your training demands.

Qualities of Parkour Shoes:

Before selecting shoes, you note a lot of qualities, but if you are going to buy parkour shoes, then keep in mind that the training is not as easy as it seems. You have to pass through different hard and soft, watery, muddy, and stony areas. Your shoes should be durable enough to bear it. 

The grip of the shoe should be good enough to hold you when you are moving along the terrain, surfaces, mountains, marble, or muddy surface. So a shoe with an excellent grip has more chances to survive under all such situations.

The other vital factor is the sole and structure of the shoe. You should select the thinner sole rather than thick, as it will provide you a high level of stability while moving and will balance your weight during training. Most people think thinner soles are not as durable as a thick one. But remember that the steadiness and sensitivity of the shoe are more important than durability. 

What’s The Weight of the Shoe for Parkour?

The other most important thing is the weight. The shoe must be light-weighted. Because during training, the candidate has to jump down or moves uphill by carrying heavy luggage, so their shoes must be lightweight. The jump with thinner will be easy than others.

The midsole must have EVA foam for cushioning effect.

The outsole must support the ankle perfectly as if during the running outsole, or the ankle collar is irritating, it will damage your ankle and will lead to severe injury. Remember, military or other climbing games strength is a vital factor, and any disability will lead to your disqualification.

The parkour game is all about stability and balance, so cross-training shoes that can maintain balance will consider as the best for it. 

The material used for making parkour shoes must be breathable to allow passage of air from inner soles. As the midsole has to be a cushion, but if the upper surface is not breathable, it will lead to heat accumulation that not only feels uncomfortable but also burns your foot during a workout.

Best Parkour Shoes for Military Trainers:

  1. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneakers
  2. Adidas Energy Boost 3, Parkour Shoe
  3. PUMA Narita V 3 Parkour Shoe
  4. Vibram Trek Ascent Parkour Shoe
  5. Take Flight Ultra Stealth Parkour Shoe
  6. 5 Evolve Cruzer Parkour Shoe
  7. Skecher’s Men’s Energy Afterburn Sneakers
  8. WHIT Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner
  9. Know Obstacles Drops 2.0 Parkour Shoe
  10. Nike Dart, 12 Parkour Shoe

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneakers

Onitsuka Tiger ultimate is an efficient and lightweight shoe that meets the fashion style well. The shoe is perfect for parkour with effortless motion and a Cush-hole shock absorption system on the rough and hard landing surface.

Best Parkour Shoes for Military Trainers


  1. The tiger-ultimate 81 sneaker is especially for parkour training with the maintenance of high comfortability and lightweight. 
  2. The upper has breathable, and the rear midsole has three holes for ventilation at places where tension is more. 
  3. It can absorb the energy released by lofty jumps. 
  4. The shoe has a nostalgic design with nylon and mesh blend fiber that makes it light and breathable.
  5. The suede heel and toe lining provide more firmness.
  6. It has a superb absorption ability that helps to runner over muddy and watery places.
  7. The outsole provides archer support.

Adidas Energy Boost 3 Parkour Shoe

Adidas brand is a well-liked brand for the spot accessories, and like all other games, it also introduces some best affordable running shoes for parkour training. Adidas energy boost 3 is also one of them, having all the necessary qualities for parkour.

Best Parkour Shoes for Military Trainers


  1. The Adidas energy boost 3 has particular features for protection, comfort, perfect balance, and durability of the shoe during parkour.
  2. It makes shoes perfect for running in rough and hard landing surfaces.
  3. The exterior has synthetic mesh fabric for protection and ventilation.
  4. The lightweight of the shoe makes it stable, versatile, and durable for a lot of parkour activities, so easy to jump and move during training.
  5. The solid rubber sole with lugs design provides an excellent grip to every type of sole.
  6. The midsole provides strength and a cushioning effect on the shoe. 
  7. The shoe is stable for running and other activities.
  8. But a bit problem is this shoe is that the arch is not much stable to the wall on smooth surfaces and metal bars.

PUMA Narita V3 Parkour Shoe

PUMA is a well-reputed brand for aerobic and low priced parkour shoes. Puma Narita V3 is also one of the outstanding products of a puma with a low price ratio. The shoe is best in performance as well as structure.

Best Parkour Shoes


  1. Puma Narita v 3 is a lightweight shoe that allows free running to trainers.
  2. The outsole, sock liner, and heel have a lot of advancements that maintain the comfortability of the shoe and prepare it for intense activity.
  3. Geo mesh pattern, along with sock liner, makes it breathable and provides large surface foot free movement of the foot.
  4.  EverRide rubber in the EverRide outsole has the best performance for traction and durability.
  5. The combination of sockliner with EcoOrthoLite provides a high level of comfort and reliability during long term travel. 
  6. Moreover, the flow of air in insoles prevents heat accumulation.
  7. This shoe facilitates you with bet comfort and arch support at the arch ankle.

Vibram Trek Ascent Parkour Shoe

Vibram trek ascent is a more reliable, stable, and loving parkour shoe with unique features. It is a dreamy shoe for parkour practitioners with strong structural and functional abilities. The trek ascent outsole is best and stable for support, run, and jump over slippery, wetly, concreted, cemented, dirty and grassy surfaces.

Best Parkour Shoes cheap


  1. The unique features of trek ascent carry a perfect blend of spandex and polyurethane on the upper surface. That’s why highly ventilated and easy to wash is and cleans.
  2. It allows the climbers to climb on the mountains and stay there long with its MEGA GRIP and also permits it to grip firmly on the walls and other surfaces.
  3. It is the best shoes for military officers and trainers with strong stability and grip on the lower sole.
  4. The pretty sole with a blend of polyurethane with an anti-drelix sockliner and 4 mm rubber gives it firmness to run, move and jump effectively. This sole has all one quality that makes it more favorable for parkour. 
  5. But it has one con that its lace loops are loose.

Take Flight Ultra Stealth Parkour Shoe

Take flight ultra-stealth is among the most favorite shoes of parkour trainers. The shoe has all qualities to fulfill the parkour athlete’s needs. Take flight Company specifically designs shoes and clothing for trainers so that they may do their best with comfortability. 



  1. The shoe provides a high comfort level with a dual sock liner design and compression landing system.
  2. The shoe has a tread pattern along with the rubber compound that gives safety and reliability during training.
  3. The outsole provides stability for walking and climbing on hard and rigid surfaces.
  4. The midsole is formed for extra comfort and cushioning. The shoes show 100% quality for parkour athletes.
  5. The rubber sole provides durability and good grip on different surfaces.
  6. The upper fabric has a mesh that keeps the foot fresh and active all day.

5 Evolv Cruzer Parkour Shoe

Evolv has started its career primarily as a rock climbing brand, then it slowly moves to sport shoes like that of parkour. Now a day it has gained much popularity in parkour’s world with durable, grippy, and light-weighted shoes.



5  evolve Cruzer is one of the best shoes to Evolve for parkour athletes. It has high friction TRAX rubber, provides a broad grip on wet and greasy surfaces that make it perfect for climbing on the rocks.

  1. It is light weighted with a split tongue that adds more comfort all around the ankle. 
  2. As the shoe is for climbing rocks and hiking, that’s why it is light-weighted and tight to fit.
  3. The shoe is durable for a bit of pretty beating and running in urban areas.
  4. The shoe has a rigid canvas, rubber sole, and memory foam insole along with the microfiber lining.
  5.  You can also wear it with or without socks as it is a barefoot-friendly shoe.
  6. The heel pull tab that can clip to the back makes it more beautiful in the look.
  7. Moreover, the toe and shoe have black frontal safety for protection.
  8. But the material and quality of the shoe are not satisfactory, and it is also not raving for high jumps.

Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Sneakers

Skechers energy afterburn sneakers give free-running activities that the athletes will love most. Lacing up design catches everyone’s attention. The shoes are highly comfortable and unique for parkour athletes. 



  1. The shoes feature love with breathable leather that allows ventilation for dry and active foot.  
  2. It has a super energy afterburn system that keeps the foot comfortable and relaxes even after extensive and hard work out and other activities.  
  3. The padded heel has given a structure in such a way that the shoe can bear high jumps and acts as the best shock absorber.
  4. The midsole gives a cushioning effect for extra reliability.
  5. The rubber outsole provides firm support and stability to the foot for running and climbing up the mountains.
  6. The shoes are a bit wide and heavier than others.
  7. The shoe has simple, while most people want stylish designs in these.

WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner Parkour Shoe

WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner is a high-quality shoe for parkour athletes with zero heels to toe drop, thin sole, flexibility, and a large toe box. It allows free movement of the feet in all types of grounds, from precise, too sticky.  The thin soles make your gait more stable and firm. The shoe provides you healthy feet even after hard work.



  1. The barefoot shoes provide strength, stability, and balances the weight during running, jumping, climbing, and all other movements.
  2. The shoe is intensive and perfect in performance with a foamy midsole that provides comfort to the feet. 
  3. The soles protect the foot during running and balance the weight gracefully so that if the sole break, you will not get injured.
  4. The shoes’ prices are affordable.
  5. Flexibility is a necessary factor for parkour shoes. This shoe has maximum flexibility and sturdiness that it supports the footwell.
  6. The rubber sole is long-lasting and provides good grip on surfaces, and handles the hindrances well.

Know Obstacles Drops 2.0 Parkour Shoe

Know Obstacles Drops 2.0 Parkour Shoes are also popular among parkour athletes. The shoes have minimum scuffing, excellent grip, and feels like a cushion. The shoe is supportive and high-quality.



  1. The shoe is light-weighted, comfortable, and supportive, that is the quality of all the parkour shoes.
  2. The sole rubber makes it durable and reliable for free running.
  3. The upper has polyurethane with mesh fabric to make the shoe breathable.
  4. The shoe has a good grip and long-lasting.
  5. The drop2.0 is better than drop 1.0 in stitching and durability.

Nike Dart 12 Parkour Shoe

The last best parkour shoe on my list is the Nike dart 12. Nike is also one of the most competitive companies for sports shoes in the market. Nike dart 12 is also one of its most famous, light-weighted, and fashionable shoes.



  1. The shoe has the best feature that allows an athlete to jump farther, run faster, and grip efficiently on the hard surfaces with the help of the shoe.
  2. The shoe is unique with an elegant and attractive style that delivers a soft, barefoot touch. 
  3. The midsole has a saddle for perfect fitting. The molds in the shoe make it slip-resistant.
  4. The outsole splits around the shoe to provide flexibility to it and make it adjustable to the foot.
  5. The shoes make the movement and bending of foot, heel, and forefoot quite natural.
  6. The shoe is less expensive than other Nike shoes but averages in its working.

Final Verdict

All we know that parkour training is tough, and athletes have to face many hindrances to complete it. All the mentioned shoes are the best in their performance and will help a lot in free running.