4 Advantages of Having a TrackMaster Wheelchair

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Probably one of the best reasons for buying an advanced wheelchair design has to do with mobility. You can navigate all types of terrains and comfortably maneuver through often difficult weather extremes—one of the significant benefits of using an innovative brand such as a TrackMaster.

So, what are the main advantages of choosing a TrackMaster brand wheelchair over other types of wheelchair brands? Besides the mobility feature, you’ll find additional features too good to ignore. Read the following information to find out why TrackMaster is currently the top brand among wheelchair users.

TrackMaster Wheelchair
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1. Why the TrackMaster Wheelchair Beats the Competition with Its All Terrain Design

As noted, mobility is superb when you’re operating a TrackMaster wheelchair. The wheelchair remains mobile, whether going through slush and mud, snow, sand, or gravel. For example, you can still get through the mire if you get caught in a rainstorm while on a trek in the woods. 

That’s because the wheelchair’s “wheels” are designed to cover all types of terrains. Because the wheelchair is an All-Terrain Vehicle, you’ll have added peace of mind wherever you go or wherever you need to be.

Users of all-terrain wheelchairs, such as the TaskMaster, can access nature more easily and experience improved movement on sandy beaches, inclines, and even snow. The extra-wide wheels or tires, a common adaptation of the design, boost stability on uneven surfaces. 

When used in snow or mud, the wheelchair disperses the weight of the chair’s user and the chair over a broader area. As a result, a person can ride on top of the snow or over slush and mud rather than sinking into it.

Whenever you use the wheelchair over gravel, the wider and heavier wheelbase allows you to stay stable, smoothly taking on the rockiest of landscapes.

2. The TrackMaster is Designed to Fit Tight Spaces

Not only do the wheels on the TrackMaster navigate smoothly over sand (at the beach), gravel (on rocky roads), mud (in rainy weather), and snow (on winter days), but it also can take on urban settings. Use the wheelchair to maneuver into tight spots, access elevators, or get around sharp curves. You’re in control of this dynamic machine.

3. Excellent Accommodations for Seating

When you order a TrackMaster, you can also customize your seating, so it fits your requirements. You’ll receive help from an Assistive Technology Professional, or ATP, who will evaluate your seating needs before you place an order. The seating for the wheelchair allows you to elevate the seat, or recline or tilt it as you wish.

4. Travel at Night – Or Anytime

Your TrackMaster also comes with two adjustable LED floodlights that provide plenty of light during the night. Therefore, you can travel when it gets dark if you feel inclined. In addition, the manufacturer can add generators for additional power, if needed.

Final Thoughts About the TrackMaster

If you want to free up what you can do and where you can go, you need to consider the benefits of using a TrackMaster for getting around. Not only can you travel during the day or at night, but you can also go to just about any place without worry. By using the vehicle, you can enjoy nature more and use your time better.

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