Wedding Planning: Top Tips for the Groom

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Are you ready to make a statement at your wedding? Looking your best requires more than just tossing on a suit. It’s about presenting your personality, your style, and your love for your partner.

The choices you make will shape how you feel and also how your partner, your friends, your family, and your future self will remember this special day.

Finding the Perfect Men’s Wedding Suits

Choosing the quintessential wedding suit can be a bit of a task considering the sheer number of options available.

In making the perfect selection, one needs to consider some essential factors like the season when the wedding is happening, the time of the wedding, and the theme if there is one.

Everything must be cohesive. For instance, a light-colored wool suit might work well for a spring garden wedding while a midnight blue tuxedo might be more suitable for a grand evening celebration.

That being said, compatibility with the bride’s dress is also something to consider. The couple’s outfits should complement each other, creating a cohesive visual aesthetic. Formal gown styles often pair well with streamlined, classic wedding suits for men.

At the same time, boho or relaxed dresses might find their perfect match in a suit with a bit more unstructured volume or unique design details.

The Importance of a Good Fit

When it comes to donning a suit, the fit is everything. An ill-fitting suit can take away from a groom’s confidence and overshadows his silhouette. Hence, it is crucial to get the suit fitted by a professional.

The rules of fitting include ensuring the jacket’s shoulders align with your shoulders, the sleeves sit just above the thumb joint, and the pant length should hover over the shoe without bunching.

RW & CO has some of the best wedding suits for men with flattering silhouettes for your big day. A well-fitted suit looks elegant and sophisticated and makes the wearer feel comfortable and self-assured. Tailoring your wedding suit allows it to become a true reflection of your individual style.

Some alterations might seem insignificant, yet they have the potential to significantly improve the suitability and comfort of your suit.

For instance, small modifications like adjusting the trouser waist, shortening the sleeves, or inserting a breast pocket for handkerchiefs can make a big difference. Never underestimate the power of a properly tailored suit.

Choosing the Right Pair of Shoes

Top Tips for the Groom

Shoes can significantly enhance or dampen the overall appearance of any outfit, including the groom’s suit. From loafers and brogues to oxfords and monk straps, the possibilities are endless.

Make sure the color and style of the shoes coordinate with the suit. Black, burgundy and various shades of brown are timeless classics, but trendy grooms might prefer unique colors or patterns.

Most importantly, comfort is crucial. Unlike the bride’s heels, which are often kicked off under the table, the groom’s shoes need to be worn for most of the day. So, be sure to choose a pair that you can comfortably stand and dance in for hours.

In addition, ensure that the shoes are well polished and look pristine because as they say, “You can judge a man by his shoes.”

Accessorizing Your Wedding Suit

Accessories can add a dash of personality and style to a groom’s outfit. Ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie bars, lapel pins, and boutonnieres can all be used to express one’s style. These small details can truly set one’s wedding attire apart and make it memorable.

However, be careful of overdoing it. Too many accessories can create a cluttered look, detracting from the sophistication of the suit. You can learn more about wedding suit trends and accessories here.

Overall, the rule of thumb when it comes to accessorizing a suit is that the colors should complement each other, not match exactly.

For instance, a blue suit can be paired with a blue tie of a different shade but avoid wearing both in the exact same shade. It’s all about creating a cohesive and balanced look. Keep in mind that your tie and pocket square should also never have identical patterns.

Finalizing the Grooming Essentials

Depending on one’s personal style and the level of formality of the wedding, the groom may opt for a clean shave, a styled stubble, or a well-groomed beard.

Regardless of the choice, keeping facial hair neat and cut back is essential. If one is in the habit of sporting a mustache or a beard, getting a professional trim before the big day is a good idea.

The same emphasis on grooming applies to hair as well. A classic or trendy haircut can add a final touch to the groom’s overall look. Consider getting a professional haircut a week before the wedding day to allow it to grow into a perfect length.

Also, proper hair care in the weeks leading up to the wedding can make a big difference, leaving one’s hair healthy and shiny for the big day.

A dash of subtle fragrance can do wonders to uplift the groom’s persona. A man’s scent is something people remember, making it an integral part of his identity.

When it comes to the wedding day, select a fragrance that suits your personality and the vibe of your wedding. After all, the scent is one of the strongest triggers for memory, and you definitely wish this day to be unforgettable.

The Art of Suit Coordination With the Groomsmen

Top Tips for the Groom

While the spotlight is rightfully on the bride and groom, it’s essential for the groomsmen to complement the wedding theme and enhance the overall visual aesthetic.

The groomsmen’s attire can be similar to the groom, but an element of differentiation should be reserved for the groom. That could be a different color of the suit, a unique boutonniere, or an exclusive accessory.

Consider the wedding theme, location, and formality level when coordinating the groomsmen’s attire. Even if the groomsmen are given the freedom to select their suits, providing a guideline may ensure a cohesive look.

The same concept applies to accessories as well, which should be coordinated to create a harmonious overall impression.

The Final Touches to Your Wedding Attire

In the final week leading up to the wedding, it’s all about the finishing touches. From the last fitting of your suit to the final haircut, ensure that everything is in place.

If you’ve opted for a custom-tailored suit, it’s essential to try it on one last time; should there be any last-minute modifications needed, this is the time.

Similarly, if planning a new hairstyle or beard style for the wedding, make sure to try these out in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises.

With the hectic schedule leading up to the big day, sometimes little things slip our minds. Keep an organized checklist—from the suit to the shoes—and keep ticking items off your list as you finish them. Take out your suit and hang it properly to prevent any creasing before the ceremony.

Lastly, take a moment to be kind to yourself amidst the chaos. Relax, enjoy the process, and don’t forget to get plenty of sleep on the eve of your wedding. After all, nothing beats the radiant charm of a stress-free, relaxed, and happy groom.

Overall, when it comes to suiting shopping for your wedding day, the process should be anything but stressful.

With careful planning, you can ensure that every detail from the suit to the shoes speaks volumes about your personality, style, and love for your partner.

Remember, your wedding is a reflection of the journey you and your partner are about to embark upon. So, don’t hesitate to let your suit speak the language of love.