All You Need To Know About Rock Crystal Beads

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Rock crystal jewelry is incredibly beautiful and amaze with its perfect brilliance. Particular attention is paid to crystal beads, which attract the eye and leave no one indifferent.

Properties, Description

Rock crystal beads are a classic jewelry option. The main emphasis in such products, of course, is on the gem. The stones play beautifully in the light, incredibly refresh the image and give the owner a special charm and attractiveness. The mineral can be cut into a variety of shapes:

  • Circle
  • Oval
  • A drop
  • Pear
  • Rhombus

As a rule, they are combined only with noble metals, but you can find products based on leather or elastic durable thread. On closer examination, you can see that rock crystal does not have perfect transparency. It has inclusions of various origins and cloudy areas. 

All You Need To Know About Rock Crystal Beads

Among jewelers, this is not considered a defect, but indicates the natural origin of the gem. Proof of this is the uncut minerals of irregular shape in the form of a necklace. 

Such jewelry deserves special attention, since cracks, air bubbles, small chips are clearly visible in the crystals, which makes the product unique and inimitable.

Rhinestone jewelry beads have healing and magical properties. It is generally accepted that this is a powerful energy amulet that is able to protect its mistress from trouble, help achieve success in business, attract success and prosperity, and also restore mental strength. 

In addition, in lithotherapy it is used to treat insomnia, get rid of nightmares, increase immunity, improve blood quality and prevent diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Who are the beads for?

It cannot be said that crystal beads are suitable for someone specific. The transparency of the stone allows you to wear jewelry for any color of clothing and style. No matter what you wear – a red dress or a blue suit – the mineral will be in harmony with any color palette.

It should also be noted that the mineral is a universal decoration that suits both blondes and brunettes.

As for the age category, in this case, massive, large beads are more intended for adult women, but small jewelry, which is made up of several layers or made in the form of a bundle, is more suitable for young female representatives.

Who suits the pendant

Rock crystal pendant is a laconic, strict decoration that suits girls or young girls. He does not pay much attention to the neckline, but at the same time visually lengthens the curve of the neck, adding sophistication and flexibility to the forms. Best of all, a rock crystal pendant is in harmony with a thin chain of gold or silver.

Beautiful styles to wear

Classic transparent gem beads are classified based on the shape and method of cutting beads:

  1. Polished: They attract attention with their heterogeneous internal structure. Often made in the form of a cabochon in combination with gold. To make the jewelry unique, they can contain engraving on the surface of the mineral.
  2. Combined cut: Thanks to the edges, a unique play of light is created. Beads can be made from stones of different shapes and sizes.
  3. Irregular shape of stones: Virtually untreated crystals. Such jewelry is unique in its beauty.

All classic models are usually worn exclusively for special occasions and ceremonies. It can be a trip to a restaurant, a visit to the theater, a magnificent celebration, an official party.

Another popular style is the combination of rock crystal with other minerals. Such jewelry is characterized by bold design solutions and opens up opportunities for creative experiments. 

Jewelry made of rock crystal crumbs looks very beautiful in combination with bright gems – turquoise, agate, opal, topaz. In this case, crystal beads emphasize the harmony of the jewelry. 

More often the product is made in the form of a tourniquet, which fits snugly around the neck. Suitable for family holidays, parties, romantic date.

Rock crystal beads are suitable for absolutely everyone. They are delicate, sophisticated and will be a great addition to the image for any occasion. They are an irreplaceable gift for a birthday, anniversary or on the occasion of the birth of a child.