How To Choose The Right Urban Backpack

Last Updated on 8 months ago by Nicky Johnson

A city backpack is primarily a practical everyday item that is difficult to replace with a bag of a different kind. With thoughtful placement, the backpack allows you to easily and efficiently carry a lot of things. 

On the other hand, the position on the back provides balance and comfort, unlike, for example, shopping bags, which are not comfortable to carry heavy loads and cause muscle pain.

Due to the wide variety of options, it can be difficult to choose the perfect urban backpack. 

How To Choose The Right Urban Backpack

Before you pick up a new thing, you can spend days on end watching videos on the Internet about different bags, reading ratings, visiting stores and trying on different models. To shorten the selection time, we offer useful tips on how to find a good backpack for the city.


Size is not the only selection criterion, but remains an important consideration. Each person has different needs, so city backpacks of different sizes find their buyer. 

For example, large models for the city can be viewed. The volume of such bags is measured in liters. For example, a small city backpack for a one-day business trip may hold only 20 liters, but a multi-day hiking backpack can hold 80 liters or more.

When choosing a city option, you should focus on an average volume of 20-25 liters (although some options can be designed for 50 liters). Choose according to your needs!

For those who are going to travel a lot by plane, it is better to purchase an urban backpack that meets most of the restrictions on the size of hand luggage, usually about 55x40x20 cm.

Check with the airline with which you fly most often for exact dimensions. If you plan to take a thing not only to work, to the city, on a short trip, but also on hikes, it is better to give preference to tourist options for 65 liters or more. This size will provide better lumbar support and more room to pack extra clothes, food, gear.

When deciding which backpack to buy for the city, use the rule: the smaller the better. The larger the bag, the more useless things you will want to take with you – it’s just extra weight on your shoulders.

Practicality and Functionality

The main characteristic of a city backpack is practicality. It is convenient when a 14/15 inch laptop compartment is provided. 

It’s hardly worth carrying around a 17-inch laptop, it’s impractical due to the weight. Secure zip pockets are also valuable for quick access to small items. 

An interesting solution is a hidden pocket on the back, which will allow you to safely carry your wallet and keys. 

For everyday use, it is recommended to have an urban backpack that is not afraid of rain. It is not necessary to choose a completely waterproof material, but you should not buy completely moisture-resistant fabrics.


Even a high-quality urban backwoods backpack is not suitable for 6-month travel. Each product has its own purpose. 

However, you can always find universal options that combine several models. Such a decision will be a significant advantage! Adaptability, the ability to transform, fit for different purposes can be an important buying argument. 

Check the capacity of different models. If your favorite accessory can hold office folders and evening yoga equipment, this can be a huge plus. When the chosen novelty is stylish enough to take to the office, and durable enough to walk through the woods, this is also a plus.


A quality backpack for the city should be comfortable. The thing will be used every day for many hours, so practicality and harmlessness to the back are important. Investing in a city backpack, rather than an ordinary handbag or shopper, is already a sure step. 

A desirable element of any product is the presence of a soft anatomical back. This will provide optimal comfort, protect the capacity of the internal compartments from impacts. Wide, adjustable shoulder straps are important to ensure proper balance.