Tomgirl Jeans Vs Mom Jeans; Style, Look And Waist

The days have gone when people were limited to the age for their look and wearing. It was considered that if you are above 30 then you can’t wear a pair of jeans or any dress that is designed for girls. Now this thinking has gone old as people have understood that style and fashion are not bound by an age limit. 

You can enjoy every type of dressing as much as you did in an earlier age. It is a reality that with passage of time the body structure of every person changes due to certain factors and these changes define that tomgirl denim should be different from that of mom jeans.

Therefore, while choosing the dress or a good pair of jeans, you must take care of those points. Now in the market, a variety of jeans are available for women of every age. Let’s take a look at the points which make a difference between a tom girl and mom’s jeans.

When you talk about Tom girl jeans and mom jeans, these are two distinct types of jeans that have different style and look. Their fabric, appearance, and waist style make them suitable for people of two different ages. Here we are breaking down how both of these are different and what makes them perfect for wearers.

What Are Tomgirl Jeans?

If you are under 50 and want a pair of jeans to give a unique and eye-catching appearance to your personality, then Tomgirl jeans are perfectly designed for you. As everyone knows, when we go to buy a good pair of jeans, the styles, cuts, designs, color, fabric, size, length, waist rise, its suitability with fashion trend and comfort everything matters.

Tom girl jeans are a relaxed outfit with tapered girls and give a slim and stylish look to the girls. These jeans are relaxed but not too baggy. The straight leg style makes it more pretty and comfortable for girls. 

TomGirl Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

You can wear it while going out for parties with friends, in college and at family gatherings also. These jeans are made up of relaxed fabric that is super stretchy and provides free movement. 

American eagle tomgirl jeans are mostly liked by girls due to great comfort. This pair of jeans is available in a variety of designs such as in low rise waist and in high rise waist design. If you have a chubby body then you can choose the Tomgirl jeans pair with a high rise waist as it will provide great coverage and freedom for moving in a relaxed mood. While a low rise waist is for slouchy fitness at the hips that makes sitting stress-free.

Jean’s style:

You can buy these jeans in different stylish looks such as jeans with frayed hem, mended and patched holes, ripped knees and many others. It suits all body types. No matter whether you have an hourglass body look or a curvy figure, you can buy tomgirl jeans. This is a casual dress and perfect for casual functions.

What To Wear To Give An Eye-catching Look To The Personality?

These jeans give a flattering look if you wear them with a crop top, white shirt, cozy sweater or flow blouse. To balance your body shape, try to use light tops. Otherwise, it will give a baggy look to the body. You can wear heeled or flat sandals, sneakers or chunky shoes with this jean type.

Mom Jeans:

Mom jeans have changed the lifestyle of women above 60 year. The comfortable wear and relaxed fit make them more suitable for aged women. Now they can easily enjoy their own lifestyle with their favorite denim. 

This jean comes in a straight cut style with wide cut hips, crotch and high-waist. If you are above 60 and want more suitable denim for wearing at home, then a pair of mom jeans is more than enough for you. 

TomGirl Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

The elastic waist allows free movement without any distraction and disturbance. They are loose at the hips and thighs and hips and flatter the back. It gives a prominent shape to the lower back. 

These jeans are more comfortable, relaxed and loose than Tom girl and relaxed fit jeans. You can choose the denim with ripped, destroyed, and cropped options. Long back pockets are good for keeping your wallet and mobile. 

These are baggy around the legs and waist. The zipper and button style is very stylish and relaxing. This pair of jeans is perfect for women with bulky bodies. Due to their baggy and bulky look, these jeans are considered old-fashioned and flattered. 

The things that make mom jeans adorable among aged women are vintage look, pleats at front, standard waistband, and shorter length that give them a cropped look. 

Among women, American Apparel mom jeans are the most famous due to their non-stretchy fabric. This denim looks pretty on every-sized woman. They are available in both slim and loose styles.

How To Wear Mom Jeans?

For a comfortable and stylish look, you can wear these jeans with tight shirts and different stylish jackets. Both flats and heels are suitable with these jeans. It is a classic fit that gives an adorable look to the personality. 

These are available in medium wash. These jeans come with a flexible waistband that makes it easy to wear. The jeans are becoming popular again due to their unique styling. 

You can try it with sneakers, flat shoes and heels also. These are my favorite outfits due to the large room in the waist and around the hips. You can move and sit easily without any stress. 

The comparison between both of these will make it easy for you to select the best one according to your size and age. It is better to choose the denim made up of 100% cotton fabric as such fabric is more breathable and comfortable to wear.

Tomgirl Jeans Vs Mom Jeans:

Feature Mom Jeans Tomgirl Jeans
Length Short Cropped
Fitting Both Loose or Slim Relaxed or Fit
Rise Both low and High Waist High-Waist
Leg Opening 7-8 12-14