How To Make Pants Bigger Around The Waist?

Have you gained a little extra weight and are you worried about elastic waist slack that does not fit around your waist? Then don’t worry as we have come up with some easy solutions for you that will help you to increase the length of your waist. You can easily do this by adding a waistband. 

All we know is that with the passage of time, changes are made in our bodies. It is a natural process that some people gain weight, and some lose it.

Although it is not a sudden process, we feel it when we wear our favorite shirt, pants, or any dress, and then we realize that the dress is a better fit than before, and it is tough to deal with it. 

But it is toughest to think of giving your favorite pants to anyone else just because of your fit waist. It is really heartbreaking because sharing your favorite dress is not as easy as one would think. 

But don’t worry, a few hacks can make those pants perfect for you, and you will be able to enjoy the fashion and style with your favorite pants. You can let out the center seam in the back and can wear the pants even with a fatty stomach.


How To Make Pants Bigger Around The Waist?

Let’s take a glance at the hacks that will surely help you to make pants bigger around the waist.

By Using A Water Spray Bottle

It is one of the easiest ways to lose the tight waist of pants and make them available for your large stomach. Take lukewarm water in a spray bottle and then show it over the waistband of the pants. 

Wet all the area around the waistband. You can also dip the waistband in lukewarm water. After that stretch the waistband, it will turn it into a loose one. You can also stretch the waistband just after machine washing. 

Never pull on the buttoned side; it can pull the buttons out. Never stretch from the loop belt; it will lose the loops. The other best way is to buy waistband stretchers to enhance the waist size. 

If the pants are not made up of stretchy material, then you need more power to pull it. Now you need to grab from one side of the waistband while the grab the other side to your partner and pulling it in the opposite direction. 

Don’t use an iron or a dryer for drying it as heat will contract the fabric. It is better to put them on the ranks and let them dry overnight.

Through Extension Patches

The other best way to increase the waistband of the pants for a fatty stomach is through extension patches. The addition of a few inches of extension from both sides will make this waistline comfortable for people with a fat stomachs

This is the best solution to make jeans available for women with fat bodies, such as cowboy jeans and mom jeans.

Use Aerobics Method

This method is also helpful for stretching the small waistband and making it according to the size of the stomach. Put on the pants and zip up and button up them. 

Try to wear the pants after zipping them up and if you could not wear pants easily then it means the waist of the pants is not comfortable for your size. First, pull it manually and then use the powerful muscle of the arm to stretch the waistband. 

If this power is not enough, then you can use the extra power of the foot muscles also. Put your foot into the waistband and hold it to the ground by applying pressure to enhance the band’s width. 

Stretch it with both hands in the opposite direction to make the elastic loose. Now pull the legs towards the chest after wearing it. It will also help in stretching the pants.

Use Hangers For This Purpose

You can use hangers to loosen the waist of the pants. Pull on the button/zip of the pants and lay it down. Now wet the waist of the pants thoroughly and then place a woven larger hanger that is half of the waist size to make it larger. 

The hanger should be tight in the waist and then hang it to dry completely. After dryness, when you put it on, it will be according to the size of your body. 

If the waist is still not according to your size, then repeat this process two to three times to get the desired result.

With the Help Of Iron And an Ironing Board

The next hack that can be more helpful is to enhance the waist size with the ironing process. First heat up the iron to the highest temperature and set it on this point. Now button up the pants and pull them on the iron board or any hardboard as far as you can. 

Wet it through the water spray bottle. Now iron the waistband as hard as you can. During ironing, the waistband should remain in the stretched form. With the hard iron process, dry the pants and move them around the waist’s size for proper drying. It will stretch the band from the normal to a larger size, and surely it will become big and fit a large-sized person.

Add a Waistband As an Extension

It is amazing to know that you can add elastic bands to enhance the size of the waistband. It will save you from extra tension and will also save you time and money.

Use the Pants Belt

The pants belt can not only help you tighten your pants and make your waist look smaller, but also have a decorative effect, making you look more fashionable and classy. Belt buckles are crucial to belts, affecting your dressing style and overall temperament.

GS-JJ is a professional manufacturer of belt buckles, you can come here to make custom belt buckles, suitable for your different pants, and make you stand out.

Cool Ways to Make Jeans Bigger


The above tricks are good and well, working for both pants and jeans. By applying these hacks, you can save your favorite wear from being destroyed. Now, a chubby belly and a big stomach are not a big issue for you. 

Luckily, it will not damage the fabric of your pants, and you can put them on easily, and they will look fresh and active.