4 Best Jeans For Men With No Butt

It is not as easy as seems to find out the best jeans for men with small and lean buttocks. Are you also among those who are born with a flat bum and even exercise and gym cannot change your body shape then do not worry?

We have found the best jeans for men with no butt. Some people think that a person having ear shape body or slim legs cannot wear jeans. They do not look cool in such dressing, but it is not true. Jean is the dress that looks cool on every type of body.

For smart men, it is a major issue to find fit jeans that may not slide over the butts during the walk. A perfect fit of jeans gives a perfect look to the flat buttocks. Most pants and jeans do not come in the perfect size, and you have to visit different shops and sites for the perfect size.

That is why we have summed up the best jeans with no butts to make the selection of jeans easy and comfortable for you. In the offices usually, job requirements are tough and strict. Men have to wear a dress code that is fit & neat and clean.

Wearing jeans is not allowed but at home or at family functions you can wear jeans for comfort. Baggy and loose jeans do not give a stylish and attractive look to the body they should fit according to the legs shape for balanced body proportion and classic style. You can choose neutral colors to keep yourself cool and feel great.

Buyer’s Guide For Finding The Best Jean For Men With No Butts

If before buying any jeans you keep in mind the following tools it will help you in purchasing the fit jeans according to your size.

Types Of Jeans According To Fit

Jeans are usually available in 5 different types related to fitness.

If you do not want fit jeans that stick to any part of the legs then you can choose loose fit jeans for you.

While for those who want tight jeans from waist to ankle choose the skinny fit jeans.

You can also choose a regular and relaxed fit as they are not much tight and loose.

Choose The Right Jean According To Body Type

Although there are certain types of jeans, the type of body also matters a lot. You must have an idea about your body type only then you can choose the right fit. The body type is usually

Endomorph: the people having this body frame are usually fat and overweight.

Mesomorph: this body frame is in between endomorph and ectomorph.

Ectomorph: the people with little muscles and thin legs have this body frame. They are considered underweight.

For people having a thin or rectangular body shape usually regular and slim-fit jeans are best. It will give them a big appearance. They can also choose skinny jeans.

If a man has a fit or trapezoid body shape then to enhance the beauty of the body it may choose regular, slim, or relaxed fit jeans as well.

If you have wide hips or a fatty body then to well-proportioned your body you can choose to lose or regular jeans. But do not choose skinny or slim fit as it will give a bad appearance to the body.

Tips To Keep In Mind

Always try to buy a pair of jeans one or two sizes smaller if you are buying online or shopping from a brand shop.

Most of the brands offer jeans that are usually large in the medium size. Therefore if you want fit jeans then choose the smaller size than your original size.

If you are a man with no butts then do not choose a loose-fit pair of jeans for you. It will not give a glimpse of appearance.

Choose the low-rise jeans for improving the small butts.

Try different jeans in several sizes and then choose the one that fits according to your body type.

Choose plain and simple jeans as patterned or designed jean that seeks the attention of people towards the bottom.

If your buttocks are small then choose the jeans with small pockets as it will give a fuller look to your body while large pockets will give the illusion that your buttocks are small.

Do not wash jeans frequently as they may stretch out in size and fades their color.

The jeans are available in different fabrics. Usually, cotton fabric is good for pants while elastic, polyester, or spandex fabric is suitable for the right jeans choice. It gives smoothness to the jeans and provides maximum adjustability and scratchiness in wearing. The fabric must be comfortable, and durable.

The Best Jeans For Men With No Butt

Following are the best jeans for men with no butts.

  1. Levi’s 541 Athletic-Fit Jean
  2. Lee Men’s Regular Fit Straight Leg jeans
  3. ARIAT M5 Slim Fit Men’s Jeans
  4. DL1961 Russell-slim straight leg fit jeans

Levi’s 541 Athletic-Fit Jean

Levi’s 541 Athletic-Fit Jean is the best loose jean for those men who like to wear comfortable jeans while walking on the lawn of your house, on a long air flight, and after any leg surgery.

It will give a contemporary look, and you will feel roomy in these jeans. It allows the user to move with perfect utility and provides flexibility.

Best Jeans For Men With No Butt

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Not only that, but it is stylish look makes it perfect for casual wearing for slim men. This jean has a perfect room seat, 5- design pockets, and high-quality material.

It is a relaxed fit with traditional-fly zip and button. These sleek look modern jean is suitable for tapered legs with 15-3/4” legs opening and fits at the waist and thighs.

The fiber of the jean is a blend of cotton and polyester that give durability and makes them washable. You can buy it in different sizes and colors according to your choice.

  1. It is of flexible and durable material.
  2. Sleek design with 5- pockets.
  3. Washable and provides relaxation and comfort.
  1. Sometimes sizing issues come due to blending material.
  2. It shrinks on washing.

Lee Men’s Regular Fit Straight Leg jeans:

Lee Men’s Regular Fit is the other best jeans for men with straight legs and no butts. These high-quality jean has 100% cotton Demin fiber that makes are durable, washable, and comfortable for wearing in casual functions.

Best Jeans For Men With No Butt

It gives a classic look to the men’s personality with flat buttocks. Its five-pocket style gives a unique and contemporary look and fits the legs. The non-stretchable fiber makes it perfect for work and other places. It is available in a variety of colors such as black, blue, and khakis.

  1. Classic and contemporary look.
  2. 5 Pocket’s style.
  3. Fit for heavy-weight and mid-weight body.
  1. The non-stretchable cotton fiber is not suitable for those who like stretch fiber.
  2. Available only in a few colors.

Ariat M5 Slim Fit Men’s Jeans

Ariat M5 Slim Fit Men’s Jeans are skinny-fit jeans for slim-body men. It is a perfect choice for those who like tight jeans that is fit to lean legs. It has stretch fiber made of 99% cotton and 1% spandex along with pretty zipper closure and low rise.

Best Jeans For Men With No Butt

Not only that, but it gives a classy look to the slim men by pointing out the bony parts. It gives them a smaller appearance than usual. It is suitable for office wear if you are allowed to wear any casual dress there.

You can easily wash it in the machine. It is available in different colors such as black, blue and gambler and in different sizes also.

  1. Durable and best in quality
  2. Comfortable in wearing
  1. Not as much fit as claimed
  2. It is not exactly the straight leg jeans

Dl1961 Russell-Slim Straight Leg Fit Jeans

In our top pick’s jeans for men with no butt DL1961 Russell-slim straight leg fit jean comes with a unique pretty and loving stylish look.

These imported jeans are available in different sizes for all body types. This jean has durable and stretchable fiber containing 2% lyca spandex, 5% polyester, and 93% cotton.


This material makes it flexible, comfortable, and durable. You can wash it in machines also. The other features include a 10.5” rise, 15.5” leg opening, and 34” inseams with zip fly.

The single button closure allows setting it according to your fits. It remains fit through the hips, thigh, and legs.


What Types Of Jeans Are Good If You Want To Make Your Butt Look Bigger?

You can choose skinny jean if you want to give a bigger appearance to your flat butt.

What Type Of Exercise Is Good To Get A Big Bum?

If you want a big bum you should do the following exercise: Single leg deadlift, clamshell, jumping squat, and walking lunge.

What Type Of Pocket Style Should The Fit Jean Have?

If it is better to choose the jean with small pockets as that of big pockets will give a rough appearance.