What Are Tapered Jeans? & What Makes Them Different?

Jeans are a staple part of everyone’s wardrobe, whether they are male or female. It is the coolest clothing item that is preferred due to its great comfort level. They come in various fits that are designed for different body types. 

Due to great versatility in fit and style, most people remain confused about what is better for them and what is not.

Among a lot of jeans, fit styles such as slim fits, straight jeans, regular fits, and other tapered jeans are most liked by men. 

Let’s have a look at what tapered jeans are and what makes them different from other jean types.

When you go to buy perfect denim, it is necessary to know about cuts and fits. Fit stands for how comfortable a jean is for the wearer and how it sits on the thighs and waist. 

For people who like to have a slim look along with comfort, tapered jeans are the first choice. This pair of jeans has a narrow bottom and is roomy at the top. These are not too tight and give the body a slim and natural look.

What Are Tapered Jeans?

What Are Tapered Jeans

These jeans are comfortable and relaxed from the top and skinnier at the knees. They have roomy tops and narrow bottoms, but they are not disturbing and fit too much. You can move freely after wearing these jeans. 

They are designed according to the body shape and give a flare and adorable look to the body. Their fit style makes them light, and you don’t need to carry excess fabric at the knees. 

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The excess fabric gives a baggy look to the personality and creates a lot of tension for the user. This pair of jeans gives a versatile look and is perfect for wearing on all types of occasions. 

These are close fit from thighs and hips but allow flexible sitting and movement. Streamline silhouettes make such a pair of jeans more adorable. Tapered jeans have a taper cut and look more suitable for people with heavy thighs and hips.

Features Of Tapered Jeans:

  1. Loose near the top and reduces in fitting down to the knee and ankle.
  2. Wide from thighs and hips
  3. Suitable for apple body shape
  4. Athletes and men with muscular bodies can easily wear them
  5. Give a unique and slim look to the body
  6. Stylish as well as comfortable for both men and women

Different Fits Of Tapered Jeans

They come in various fits and styles such as loose tapered fit and slim tapered fit.

Loose Fit Jeans

Loose-fit jeans do not have a narrow cut style, and they are roomy but fit around hips and thighs while tapered jeans are also roomy, but they are closer to fit through knees.

Loose-fit jeans give a baggy look to the personality and are perfect for those people who have bulky body sizes.

Regular Tapered Jeans

These jeans provide an inverted shape to the leg and have a narrow fit style towards the ankle.

Slim Taper Jeans

Slim taper jeans are fitter through the knees and slim through the hips and thighs. These are mostly liked by smart people.

These Jeans Are Suitable For

If you have slim, thin, and shapely legs then this pair of jeans is perfectly fit for you. People with muscular body styles can also wear jeans that have confidence in their body shape. 

For more comfort and reliability, you should choose denim made up of cotton fabric. The stretch fabric blend is also suitable for tapered jeans. These jeans are snug and stylish and provide great versatility. 

These are not suitable if you have too big thighs or a bulky body style. They make the personality of skinny guys more prominent. 

One of the most amazing things is that you can wear these jeans with casual outfits such as with T-shirts or tops and sneakers and if you want a fashionable and stylish look then you can also wear them with button-down shirts, blazers, and casual shoes.

Summer Look

In summer, you can wear this denim that looks perfect with a white or colored t-shirt, a blue light blazer, a pair of sunglasses, and boots.

Winter Look

In winter, a bomber jacket, leather jacket, or any casual winter coat with a button-down shirt and boots will boost your personality and look.

How Are These Different From Others?

Although these jeans are perfect and fit, just by defining them, we can’t know what makes them different from other jeans. To make the difference clear for jean lovers, here is a comparison of tapered jeans with certain jean types that look like tapered jeans but actually are not.

Straight Jeans Vs Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans fit from the knees to the ankle and provide roomy comfort. These jeans come with slim leg cuts that make them more adorable for every-sized man and woman.

While straight-leg jeans are straight from hips to thighs. Their width remains the same from start to end. They are skimming over thighs and hips. But tapered jeans provide a closer tailored fitting than straight jeans, so they are preferable.

Skinny Jeans Vs Tapered Jeans

Most people take both jean styles the same, but in actuality, there is a difference in between the cut styles of both.

Skinny jeans are tighter around the legs, hips, and thighs than all other types, while tapered jeans have tapered legs.

With skinny jeans you can’t move freely, these are only suitable for smart guys. These jeans are hard to put on due to the tight waistband, while the former jeans don’t have such issues.

Slim Jeans Vs Tapered Jeans

Slim jeans are known for snug fitting around the legs, and they don’t define what he cuts clearly.

These jeans are too fit for the body shape, while tapered jeans have clear cuts that are according to the body shape. These are roomier than slim fits.

Brands That Are Offering The Best Quality Tapered Jeans

Following are some best brands that are known for high-quality tapered jeans for both men and women.

  • Diesel: Provides trendy and stylish tapered jeans with a tag price
  • Lee: A classic brand that facilitates the customer’s high-quality jeans in all styles
  • Levi’s:  provides all types of tapered jeans with both low and high rise
  • Everlane: This brand provides versatility in terms of jeans that are manufactured with ethical manufacturing methods

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