Best Jeans For Hourglass Figure

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Everybody has its own body shape and figure, and it is up to her/him what type of dress a person chooses according to body figure.

Some people like to wear such outfits which proportionate their body and give it a proper shape, while most of the people don’t like to wear such dresses. 

Some women have hourglass figures and fitted outclass jeans that give a prominent look to its body. Here we have summed up the best jeans for women with hourglass figures for their ease and comfort.

An hourglass figure is defined as the curvy body with a small, shapely lower half, and large chest. No double hourglass figure, women look fantastic in jeans. 

The well-proportioned outfit gives a more adorable appearance to the curvy body. But the most important thing is to choose the right denim of the right style and brand that helps you to get an attractive look. 

There are many brands that are offering the best denim for hourglass figures with contoured waist, innovative stitching and unique stylish look. 

Such denim makes the body more prominent by holding the belly in and accentuating curves of the body. We have found the best jean’s pair for hourglass figures to give a stylish and comfortable look to their personality.

Best Jeans For Hourglass Figure

Like men, women are also found of wearing jeans. There are many women’s wearing brands that have perfect jeans’ for everybody. Here are the best jeans for hourglass figures for women.

  1. Silver Jeans Co.Suki for Curvy Body
  2. Levi’s Classy Straight Jeans for heavy thighs
  3. Lee Modern Flexible BootCut Jeans
  4. GLORIA VANDERBILT Women’s Classic Amanda Tapered Jean
  5. Annystore Women High-Waist Skinny Stretch Ripped Jeans 

Silver Jeans Co.Suki For Curvy Body

Silver Jeans Co.Suki is the best jean’s pair of jeans for a curvy body or heavy weight. It is a perfect one for highlighting the silhouette and giving a unique look to the body.

Best jeans for hourglass figure

The pair of jeans gives an elegant look to the hourglass body shape, mid-rise waist and unique features. It is top-quality semi- stretchable denim. It is formed of super-breathable, soft, lightweight and a little stretchy material.

Not only that, but it contains 97% cotton that makes it durable and long-lasting. It is flexible and provides freedom of movement. It provides a comfortable feeling and is perfect to wear with flats, heels and sneakers. This jean has versatile stitching and is easily washable.


  • Sometimes medium waist rise is not suitable so choose high-rise
  • Too tight to wear

Levi’s Classy Straight Jeans For Heavy Thighs

Levi’s Classy Straight Jeans is the perfect jean pair for heavy thighs. It is designed specifically for those women who have an hourglass figure, and they are looking for the best fitted jeans for themselves for formal functions.

This straight leg jean is suitable for women with heavy waist and skinny legs. It is available in black and navy color, and you can choose anyone according to your desire.

Best jeans for hourglass figure

This jean is made up of flexible and durable material and has 79% cotton, 2% elastane and 19% polyester. It also has some other attractive colors such as white, black and green.

It has American style and has been famous for decades for fashionable belt loops and unique features. Furthermore, it is also flexible for wearing in every season at any time. It fits to the heavy hips and has long-inseams.

The fabric is semi-stretchable. Signature button, fly zipper, and embroidery on hip pockets make this jean more adorable for use.


  • It is better to wear it only with high heels
  • Has low elasticity, do buy the one that fits snugly

Lee Modern Flexible BootCut Jeans:

Lee Modern Flexible bootcut jeans are also the best and ideal choice for the hourglass figure. It looks like flare denim pants and provides a small well-defined waist look that is why it is most preferable among the women.

It is a balanced silhouette and fits like regular trousers. The jean gives a lovely and impressive look with 17.5” leg opening and regular fit size. You can wear it with boots, slippers and matching shoes also.


Its features are adorable and unique. The features include super stretchable denim, mid-rise waist, semi-flared lines, decorative contrast stitching and contoured waist. You can wear it without a belt. It is super-flexible for everyone.

Moreover, the jeans don’t snug off from the knees and allow free movement without any problem. It has super-composition technology and contains 60% cotton, 17% polyester and 22% rayon.

The stitching is neat and inseams are straight. The zip closure, buttons and belt loop make it more pretty and attractive.


  • It has long and wide legs that doesn’t make it suitable for wearing with flat shoes
  • The fabric loosens after some wash due to more scratchiness

GLORIA VANDERBILT Women’s Classic Amanda Tapered Jean:

GLORIA VANDERBILT Women’s Classic Amanda Tapered Jean is liked by hourglass figured women due to slim, well-lined high-waist. It is versatile and comfortable denim with perfect fitness for curve shaped women.

It is perfect for wearing at home, during evening walks and in casual functions. Furthermore, it is flexible and allows freedom of movement. It flattens the tummy, and creates flawless curves due to slimming holds.


It puts a very impressive look on the functions. Not only that, but it is soft and sturdy denim with 98% of natural cotton that makes it breathable and smooth for wearing.

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It contains large functional pockets and a 15” leg opening. The belt loose, zippers, and top-quality stitches make it more beautiful and impressive. The flare at the bottom is perfect for balancing the curves of the body. Amanda’s design makes it more adorable for women.


  • Cuts are wide at the bottom
  • The fabric shrinks after the first wash

Annystore Women High-Waist Skinny Stretch Ripped Jeans: 

Annystore Women High-Waist Skinny Stretch Ripped Jean is the best mom’s jeans that is a rugged but modern outfit available in different shades.

It is also termed as destroyed denim due to its stylish appearance. It is a high-waist pant with 2% spandex that makes it stretchy, 75% cotton for breathability and durability, and 23% polyester for the versatility of look.


Likewise, it is a ripped jeans pair that prominent the long legs, butts, hips, and thighs as it helps in butt lifting also. It comes with ordinary zipper closure, and you can wear it with shirts and t-shirts. For a fashionable look, it is equipped with four front and back pockets.


  • Not suitable for machine wash
  • Don’t use a tumble dryer for it, better to prefer sundry

Best Buyer’s Guide

Here is a proper guideline for you on what type of jeans you should look for a comfortable sitting.


Choose the best and most flexible material for your jeans as everything depends upon the quality of the material. Choose the material with a suitable proportion of elastane also called spandex, polyester, cotton, or rayon. These materials are more breathable and comfortable to use.

Size of The Jeans

It is better to choose jeans with a small size for an hourglass figure, as such a body doesn’t look attractive in baggy jeans. If you are going to buy jeans of cotton then buy in a size bigger than your size as after washing it will come to your size. Moreover, it should fit the body to keep it relaxed and comfortable.


The material you choose for the hourglass body shape should be flexible and stretchable. Stretchiest gives a more adorable and hugging silhouette and gives the body a unique and attractive look. Most denim today is coming with 3% elastane for stretchiness. It is better to choose one with straight legs and a high waist.

Jean’s Rise

For a curve body, it is better to choose a jean with medium cuts for flattening effects. For taller or heavy height women, it is better to have a jean with a small waist and high cuts. A contour waistband looks prettier on such a body type. The legs should be wide for handling the curvy hips and heavy thighs.

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