Chirp Wheel Review 2023 + How To Use Chirp Wheel?

Everyone is passing through a struggling phase of life were due to extreme stress and work, mid to upper back pain has become common. Sitting for hours in front of a computer or laptop, standing for work, or carrying a heavy load causes pain and tightness in the lower back, and a chirp wheel is a great blessing in all these situations.

You can use it anytime at any place for relief of your neck and lower back to get rid of scratchiness and tightness of muscles. Here we will discuss the reviews about chirp wheel to know what people say who have used chirp wheel. Reviews help us in selecting anything and understanding whether that product is suitable for us or not.

What is a Chirp Wheel?

Chirp wheel is the best product of the chirp company that provides easy solutions for back problems. This brand has become popular after chirp wheel shark tank episodes. Chirp wheel is a rolling wheel that actually looks like round PVC pipes, but it is an improved version of the traditional foam roller.

It is specifically designed for workout recovery and back pain relief. It is a new product in the market but is getting popular due to increased muscle issues.

The main reason behind popping up such issues is our technology focused lifestyle. According to the Chiropractic Association, due to this lifestyle, about 80% of American will face back pain issues in their lives.

Tate stock is founder of this great wheel that he manufactured by taking an idea from Yoga wheel and after that it has become a more selling product for relieving back pain.

Chirp Wheel Review

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this product and see what people have said about it. Most of the people give many positive reviews about this product. About 3700 customers are happy with its functioning and have reviewed 5 stars.


At the start they take it as a plastic rolling wheel and think it is not good, but with passage of time they understand that this is a foam rolling wheel that is light and provides maximum flexibility to the back muscles and relaxes them by maintaining the blood flow.

It provides the targeted massage to the place where you keep it. It is good for neck muscles also. Furthermore, it is proved as an excellent remedy and yoga for headache and other body parts.

Most of the people said that after long and intensive running the whole day, at night it is the best thing for stretching and relaxing the muscles to get a good and proper sleep.

Negative Reviews

Most of the people complain about the quality of this rolling wheel. The quality of the roller wheel is not very impressive, and it breaks after little use. Moreover, it is challenging to maintain balance in the center during the first few sessions. It has no wide coverage foam.


  • It is strong and effective for targeted massage
  • The central groove enhances the manipulation and provides support to the joints
  • Approved by HAS/FSA
  • It comes with 10- year warranty
  • It facilitates the users with easy shipping and option of payment in installment
  • Available in 3- different sizes


  • Hard to maintain balance
  • Poor quality
  • Break after short period usage
  • Don’t provide deep massage to muscle

How to use a Chirp Wheel?

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One of the most amazing things about the chirp wheel is that it provides flexibility and balance just like a yoga wheel, but it is more comfortable than that. The accurate way to use it will help to get relief from pain as well.

Place the chirp wheel on the ground and then lie your back on it by planting feet on the ground

Now maintain balance on the roller and move the back slowly up and down

For relieving your shoulder blades, keep the chirp wheel in between shoulder blades with spines for protection.

Keep in mind that during movement, the chirp wheel should remain in the center of the back

The chirp wheel puts pressure on the muscles that are surrounding the spines and helps in strengthening and stretching of muscles. It plays a very important role in myofascial release. It facilitates the user with the most targeted massage and helps to knead knots.

Sizes of Chirp Wheels

Chirp wheels are available in three sizes in 3- packs: small, medium, and large. The largest wheel called for gentle, dispersed pressure on the larger surface areas of the body while contacting the back. It is about 12- inch in diameter. It is great for stretching of the hips and relaxing the chest muscles.

The medium-sized wheel puts pressure on the spine with a diameter of about 10- inch. It provides more pressure than the gentle wheel and relieves the muscles without overstretching them. After using it for 10- minutes, your muscles will feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

The smallest wheel is claimed by the company as a deep tissue massager, as it puts pressure on the small muscle tissues during yoga. It is about 6- inch in diameter.

It is considered the best choice for tough and stubborn muscles. Furthermore, it has a relatively lower price than all other chirp wheels. You can buy a separate one according to your choice or pack of 3 for comfort and relief.

After the chirp wheel reviews, this company has offered the other best chirp wheels including chirp back rollers, chirp wheel plus ultimate back bundle and others with advanced features and great quality. It is effective for relieving the tiredness of muscles that cause headache, neck, and shoulder pains.

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