How To Fix Ripped Jeans?

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Jeans are the most favorite wearing among m7uales and females of all ages, no matter whether they are young or old. Jeans are made up of rugged material and are more durable than all other wears, but it does not mean that they don’t face wear and tear.

Holes are made on the jeans daily, some people do so to make their denim more stylish and some face this dilemma accidentally. Sometimes the jeans damage due to rubbing or while playing. In this condition most of the people move towards fixing the jeans especially for the ripped jeans. This article will help you to know how to fix ripped jeans?

Ripped jeans came into fashion a long time ago and were liked by people due to their unique style and look, and still now they are in demand. There are many people who love ripped jeans, but they have to face a lot of issues related to them, especially during washing. When you put ripped jeans in the machine, they become rougher and come out with many holes. This situation is very embarrassing for the wearer. 

Moreover, all we know is that fashion changes from time to time, but it is not possible for everyone to follow it. There is always a second option there for everyone. You can repair the holes in the jeans or ripped jeans in the best way. We have come with some hacks that will not only fix the issues, but will also turn your denim into a new fabric. You can use a patch from inside if the hole is a bigger one. 

Moreover, you can draw different patterns on it or embroidery as well. The patch should have a match color to the denim fabric. You must know how to beautifully stitch the patch on the holes. It is necessary to know the type of the fabric, such as if the fabric is of cotton then don’t try other fabric as of polyester on it. 

It will be prominent in the hole and will give a bad look. Furthermore, use the matching fabric for embroidery or stitching the patch. Cut the extra thread of the fabric, and it is better to use plane patch from inside and a pretty designed patch on the front side and don’t keep the edges flare.

Best 5 Ways How To Fix Ripped Jeans?


You can fix the ripped jeans in the following ways. Before repairing you must have scissored, matching thread, needle and all the essential things that you may require in your hand.

Cut The Frayed Edges:

Wherever you go for stitching anything, keep in mind that the place around the hole should be neat. So cut the frayed edges with the help of scissors.

The reason for frayed edges is tearing of the holes. Be careful while removing the protrusions because your main aim is to correct the fault, not to lose the material.

Stitch the Holes or Tears:

Whatever the reason behind the tearing of the jeans or holes formation is, the mean purpose is how to sew these tears. Now you can follow the trend also. If the tear is a small one, then it is better to sew it from inside.

The large holes require patches to cover them, while the small tears are easy to sew without any patch. It is better to use the same color thread. But if it is not available, then you can use the black thread also. After that, cut the extra thread and protrusion material to give a neat and clean look. Make sure that you have tried to sew thread before cutting the extra one.

Iron The Jeans


Now iron the cloth to give it a new and fresh look. Ironing will blend to sew thread to the fabric, and it will look new.

Mending The Inseams

A regular tear is different from that of seams. While you are going to mend a seam, it is necessary to have a match thread and sew it with care and neatness. If you do it correctly it will give a perfect look to the seams at the ends, otherwise it will give a rough appearance and destroy the shape of the denim. Stitch the seams with tight woven and the thread will disappear after finishing, and you will hardly recognize the fault. After that, cut the extra threads and press to sew part to give it a natural look.

Patch the Hole:

If there are big holes in the jeans, you can’t mend them with a single sew. They require proper treatment. You can place a patch according to the shape of the hole. Now the question is this, what type of patch will be better for the holes.

There are many kinds of holes such as simple ones and those that have art and craft on them. It depends upon the fabric, the damaged place and pattern of the denim. You can cover the damaged place in a better way.

You can place the simple matching patch to the hole and stitch it neatly. After pressing, it will look natural. To give a stylish look to your denim, you can choose the colorful patches or patch with embroidery on them. Even if you are using patch, it is necessary to cut the frayed edges otherwise material will lose after stitching, and it will damage the fabric more.

It will give a neat look and after that turn the jeans inside out and then sew a patch over there. In this way there will be fewer stitching signs and patches will look less evident. During stitching, keep the sewing as close as it is possible. 

It will integrate the fabric and your jeans will look natural as well. Now press the small and large patch places. It will set the sewing and make your denim fresh and neat. It will seal the patch in the best way, and you will feel happy after wearing that jean.

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