Best Options To Take Your Laptop, Planner, Wallet & Lunch To Work

You’re stuffing everything you’ll need for the day into your plastic ‘I Love New York’ tote. You have your lunch bag, your laptop, your wallet, your planner, and your yoga gear, including the mat.

The bag is full to overflowing, and one side is tearing. It looks so ugly. It’s certainly not the best match for your crisp linen suit.

A tote can be more than just a bag to carry things. It can be an extension of you ‘ your personality, your look, and even your interests and passions. With this, you should shop custom tote bags to match your personality and showcase your passion and even promote your own brand.

Look online, and you’ll find hundreds of totes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Some are simple, unadorned faux leather. Some can be monogrammed. Some have birds, cats, your favorite dog breed, or other animals.

Some have striking geometric patterns. And some can be emblazoned with the name and logo of your favorite town, university, charity, or your own catchy slogan.

So how do you decide’ Answering these questions will help you find a fashionable tote that’s right for you.

Best Options To Take Your Laptop, Planner, Wallet, & Lunch To Work

How Will You Use It

Will you use your new tote for work’ The gym’ The beach’ Everything’

Knowing how you’ll use the bag will help you determine the best size and materials. For instance, the best beach bags are made of cotton or mesh and snap shut at the top rather than zipping.

Faux leather is popular for bags that go to work. Take a look at Modern Picnic’s Tote.

The outside is made of premium vegan leather and the bags have snap-out in/out insulated pouches to keep your lunch and other perishables fresh.

The bag is 13″ high by 16″ wide by 7″ deep and has interior and back pockets and a zip closure.

Which Material Do You Prefer

Canvas totes are popular because they’re attractive and are so sturdy they can last for years. When they get dirty all you have to do is wipe them down.

Faux leather is a popular choice, too, because the material is so attractive and sturdy.

Other great materials to consider are

  • Cotton: It’s earth-friendly and machine washable. But it may shrink when washed, wrinkles easily, and the colors may fade over time.
  • Jute: This is another earth-friendly material that’s never out of style. But it’s not as sturdy as other materials, can’t be folded for storage, and can be difficult to clean.
  • Linen: It’s attractive, light, and earth-friendly. But it’s not as sturdy as other materials may shrink when washed and wrinkles easily.
  • Nylon: Nylon is durable, attractive, water-resistant, flexible, and folds easily for storage. It’s not earth-friendly though. The color may fade, and it wrinkles easily.

Look At The Handles

Handles matter. They should be big and thick enough to hold easily but not so thick they’re uncomfortable.

Look at the handles’ length, too. They should be long enough that you can sling the bag over a shoulder if you want to. But you don’t want them to be so long they bump into your legs while walking.

Shape And Organization

Tote bags come in a variety of shapes from square and oblong to hobo bags. Square bags usually work best for large items like laptops.

To help with organization, the bag will need pockets inside and out.

And while you’re looking check out backpacks. They come in many of the same materials and patterns as totes. And heavy things are easier to carry if they’re on your back.

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