Autumn Winter 22 Fashion Trends According to Google

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Although it may seem as though summer is just getting started, retailers and fashionistas alike are looking to the (near) future to reveal the trends set to dominate the fashion world the Autumn/Winter.

By analysing Google trend data, the multi-brand fashion platform The Founded reveals the top 5 trends that are expected to be the most popular at the end of the year. 

By The Founded


The Revival and Rebranding of Preppy Fashion

Google searches for “preppy fashion” have seen a 282.9% uplift last month.

The Spring/Summer ’22 Runways saw a revival and a rebrand of the classic preppy look, and Autumn/Winter is no different. The classic preppy fashion was first seen as early as the 1900s, worn by wealthy men who went to Ivy League schools in the US, donning knit sweaters, loafers, and the classic jumper draped over the shoulders.

The preppy trend has had a modern rebrand for 2022 and is now considered redefined workwear. Instead of traditional silhouettes and structured shapes, the Autumn/Winter ’22 revival is about new proportions and new fits. 

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Chinos are synonymous with the traditional preppy look, typically a neutral colour and a slim, straight leg. Instead of sticking to this strict uniform, options now include a multitude of colours, from pastels to zebra print, and even different leg cuts, from skinny to wide leg and pleated. 

Workwear but not as you know it

Google searches for “casual office wear” has seen a 366.7% uplift last month.

As many of us have gone back to working in the office, we are all looking for work-appropriate and comfortable outfits – after all, we have become extremely used to working in our pyjamas. Traditional office attire is more of a uniform, with structured suits, tailored jackets, and the dreaded uncomfortable heel.

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However, offices have undoubtedly become much more relaxed since the pandemic, which is reflected in many Autumn/Winter runways. Relaxed suiting, as seen on the Proenza Schouler A/W22 runway, focused less on sharp tailoring and, instead, opted for more fluid tailoring, focusing on more comfortable fabrics such as linen and cotton, wider trousers and oversized blazers.

Such items have been deemed “anti-loungewear” as they are as comfortable as sweatpants and pyjamas yet still look polished and are appropriate for a business meeting.

Who needs an Occasion? 

Google searches for “occasion wear” has seen a 152.9% uplift last month.

After two years of lockdowns and cancelled plans and occasions, this A/W22 is all about maximalism. Worrying about being “over-dressed” is officially a thing of the past, as garments that were once saved for a specific occasion are now paired with more casual clothing and accessories. 

While the definition of occasion wear is “formal attire,” to be worn only at specific events and times, this trend is throwing out the rule book and stating that occasion wear simply no longer needs an occasion. Think striking, patterned dresses, brightly coloured co-ords and oversized blazers to spruce up an everyday outfit; bigger is better with this trend. 


Google searches for “y2k fashion” has seen a 181.6% uplift in the last month.

This will come as no surprise to many, especially those on TikTok, as nostalgia is one of the most dominating trends across fashion, hair, beauty and interiors. First seen on some of the most influential 00s stars, like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and TLC, the style favours crop tops, mini skirts and low-waisted bottoms. 

The beauty and popularity of this trend lie in its adaptability; you can dress it up to head-to-toe Y2K, or you can incorporate aspects of the trend. Any outfit can be given a Y2K twist, from mini shoulder bags to open knit cardigans. 


Google searches for “denim fashion” have seen a 241.5% uplift last month. 

As seen on the numerous Autumn/Winter 22 runways, including Bottega Venta and Diesel, denim is having a resurgence. With sustainability at the forefront of many fashion houses’ minds, the key to this is long-lasting and durable denim that can be worn casually and experimentally.

Denim is also a great investment as it’s an incredibly versatile fabric; it can be worn for everyday purposes or even to a fancy restaurant.

One stand-out trend from the overarching denim A/W22 trend derives from nostalgia. For example, 70s-style jeans with a wide leg and raw hem have seen a 9900% uplift in Google searches in the last month, and the 90s boho chic trend of long maxi skirts has seen a 235.7% uplift in Google searches in the same period. 

However, it is also worth noting that denim is not just a fabric reserved for jeans and bottoms. Instead, denim has no limits and presents itself in the form of numerous garments, from dresses and shirts to tote bags. 

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