How To Streamline Your Makeup Routine for Traveling

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Do you open your makeup drawer and cringe at how messy it is? With so many small components, it’s easy to collect hundreds of makeup products and lose track of what you use from day to day.

This isn’t a big problem if you’re at home. You can dig around for what you need while you get ready. But when you have a big trip coming up, you might start to panic about how you’re going to keep your makeup on point while you’re away from home. Read on to find out how to streamline your makeup routine for traveling.

How To Streamline Your Makeup Routine for Traveling

Invest in Organization

The first step in getting your makeup ready for travel is to invest in items that can help you stay organized. Search for and purchase travel-friendly bags or cases that have multiple sections for different types of items.

Your same old toiletry bag isn’t going to cut it when you are hopping on and off a ship during one of the epic 12-night Iceland cruises that make stops in Ireland or Greenland too.

You’ll want to find a travel case for your makeup that balances protection with portability. Some travel cases are very bulky and wouldn’t suit a two-week trip.

But you don’t want to go with something that has no support for your products. If you need to, purchase a different carrying case for your brushes so that you can keep them clean while you travel.

Design Looks in Advance

If you know that you will have to pull off a few different makeup looks while you’re traveling, design them and try them out before you leave home. This is an important step you can do in advance so that you know exactly what products you will and won’t take on your trip.

If you can get both a daytime beach look and an evening-at-the-opera look from one palette, it’ll help you save on space and weight. Try to get versatility out of your favorite products and see what new looks you can come up with.

Choose Travel-Friendly Items

While you might want to take your liquid foundation, liquid highlighter, liquid bronzer, and more, consider switching your strategy to more travel-friendly items. Stick makeup is a great way to save space and weight in your luggage and carry-ons.

If you haven’t used a stick foundation, play around with one before you leave to see how it works with your routine. You can also switch to a small pot of gel highlighter and stick or powder bronzer. When you’re shopping for travel-friendly makeup, think about the way the packaging is designed and if it will do well when thrown in a bag and tossed around.

Take Multipurpose Products

Even if your makeup drawer contains hundreds of individual items that all serve unique purposes, you can switch to multipurpose products when you travel. Instead of taking a contouring palette, use a neutral matte bronzer to carve out your features. A BB cream with SPF can do double duty as a foundation and sunscreen for your face.

You can also pick up amazing products that function as a tint for your lips, cheeks, and eyes. Putting a coral-peach shade on the eyes, cheeks, and lips will give you an instant flush and beautiful glow.

Protect Your Makeup

Another important thing you can do with your makeup while traveling is use protection. No, don’t place your cosmetics in condoms.

In this case, protection looks like cotton rounds placed inside powder compacts to protect fragile powder products and small pieces of tape placed over and around pumps so that you don’t lose product if things get smooshed in transit.

Use a Refresher and Setting Spray

A must-have item in your travel makeup routine is a hydrating setting spray. When you travel, you usually spend more time outside than usual, which means your makeup is exposed to the elements. Having a hydrating setting spray on hand can help your makeup last longer and give you a refreshed, glowy look before you head out for dinner.

Streamlining your makeup routine is one way you can feel confident while visiting new places. Take a chic selfie and wait for the likes to roll in.

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