Caravanning, The Best Budget Way To Travel

Last Updated on 2 months ago by Nicky Johnson

One of the best ways to travel around Australia with your family whilst maintaining a sensible budget is to go caravanning. This is a very affordable way to take a holiday doing the things you and your family love without breaking the bank.

You will save big on expensive hotel fees, plane tickets, taxis, and all the other added expenses of a typical trip, all whilst enjoying the comforts of home in your very own home away from home on the road!

Caravanning, The Best Budget Way To Travel

The beauty of a caravan journey is that you can live almost the way you do back home, with all its conveniences and comforts, just on a smaller scale.

When the weather gets a bit too hot for doing an outdoor walkabout you and your family can enjoy a snack from the caravan kitchen whilst sitting under the comfortable cool breeze provided by sirocco fans designed specifically for caravan use.

At night everybody sleeps in their own comfy bed, and in the morning the bathroom… well it was crowded at home so that doesn’t change!

The thing is, instead of paying for a pricey room that you are really a stranger in, and shelling out for all the expenses involved in eating out, in a caravan you can save a lot of money just like being at home, with the added benefit that it has wheels so you can enjoy a daily change of scenery!

One of the best things you can do is to plan your trip in advance, ensuring you and your family will experience all the things you want to see and do without any unnecessary stress, and helping you to remain within budget.

In the busy season it’s important to book in advance so you can stay in the choicest campsites and caravan parks that are inexpensive, and sometimes even free!

It’s also important to schedule enough time between destinations to stop along the way when you feel like it to enjoy unexpected roadside vistas, and explore quaint small towns you happen upon. 

Even though caravanning will save you money overall, there are still some expenses to be expected that you will want to be prepared for. One of your biggest is going to be petrol, there’s just no way around it, big caravans require plenty of fuel to keep them moving.

With some planning, you can get the best deals since there are apps available that can show you where all the services stations in the area are, and what kind of prices they’re offering so you can just head to the cheapest one that you are near!

Another expense will be electricity at the campsite, stocking up on batteries will also help you save. Planning out your meals is another easy way to track spending.