Factors to Consider When Creating a Fitness Training Program

Last Updated on 2 years ago by Nicky Johnson

Running on the same treadmill day after day or doing the same exercises at the gym can be pretty boring for anyone who stays with it long enough. The following factors may affect your exercise program and should give you some ideas on how to keep it fresh, challenging, and fun!

Duration of Exercise

One way to make your training routine more stimulating is by increasing its duration. This does not mean that you always have to push yourself to perform your best during each workout session. You do not see elite athletes giving their all every time they train, yet they make sure they spend enough time exercising to prepare for upcoming competitions. A recent study revealed that sprinters who spent more time training at low speeds were just as fast and strong as those who trained for a similar duration but at higher speeds.

Variation Between Workouts

If you use the same weight every single workout, then it will eventually stop challenging your strength. The same applies to the treadmill, exercise bike, and any other training equipment or exercise you perform daily. You should not push it too much because you want to avoid injuries, but trying something new now and then will help you stay healthy and motivated.

Include Unconventional Training Methods

Adding some unconventional methods to your workout routine is another way to keep things interesting. If all you ever do is lift weights, then try adding medicine balls into your training next time or use a stability ball instead of an office chair when sitting at work. It does not have to be anything dramatic. Change small details from one day to the next so that your body never knows what is going to come next! According to Chris Protein, the last thing you want is to lose interest in your workout regimen. 

Mixing Things Up is the Way to Go

Finally, mixing up your workouts often enough will keep them challenging and interesting. You do not need to change everything all simultaneously, but you should always focus on something different with each passing week or month. For example, you can start doing yoga now and then instead of weightlifting so that your body becomes more flexible and stronger, which is an uncommon combination for most people.

Finding the Right Balance Between Intensity and Duration

Another factor to consider is finding the right balance between intensity and duration. There is no need to train hard every day if you are doing it for general fitness or health reasons. You may limit your performance by pushing yourself too hard because you feel like an out-of-shape beginner again every single time you set foot in the gym.

However, if your goal is to improve specific fitness parameters such as strength and power, you should wear yourself down with challenging workouts instead of going easy all the time. The good news is that it is also possible to improve your fitness level without exercising at all.

This is why most athletes taper their training before major competitions. They might spend weeks or months walking, stretching, practicing yoga, playing with their kids, or whatever they like the most, which means doing nothing too strenuous. And yet, when it comes time to compete, they are in perfect shape and ready to work hard for as long as necessary since they have done everything possible to prepare themselves. This does not mean that you should follow this approach if you are not an elite athlete, but there is no need for you to push yourself too hard either.

As long as you follow these guidelines, it should not be too hard to find new ways to stay interested in your workout regimen indefinitely.