6 Reasons You’re Feeling So Lethargic

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We all have days when we feel tired, but if you feel lethargic most of the time, there could be something happening in your life to cause it that you need to deal with.

After all, when you have less energy, it’s harder to be productive, to enjoy yourself, and you might even find your immune system is compromised. 

Feeling like this is not something to feel ashamed about – it doesn’t mean you’re lazy, for example – and it’s not something you should ignore. The best thing to do is to see a doctor for advice, as your lethargy could be due to any of the reasons we’ll list below. Once you have a reason, you can do something about it. 

6 Reasons You’re Feeling So Lethargic

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep 

Perhaps the most obvious reason for feeling lethargic during the day is not getting enough sleep at night. The human body and brain need around seven to nine hours of sleep every night in order to stay healthy.

Getting less than this on occasion isn’t really a problem (although you will probably feel very tired the next day). However, getting less than this on a regular basis can lead to some serious health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and stress, as well as lethargy, of course. 

If you know you have to get up at a certain time in the morning, work backward to determine when you should be going to bed.

You should make your bedroom as comfortable, dark, and cool as possible to help you and remove any electronics. If you still have trouble sleeping, get help from a doctor. 

You Don’t Eat Enough Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient for the body as it aids energy production. Without enough of it, you can feel lethargic and exhausted. If you want to feel more awake, try adding more poultry, meat, eggs, and fish into your diet, as these animal products all contain plenty of B12.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might find it difficult to get enough vitamin B12 in your diet. In that case, speak to a doctor about getting vitamin B12 shots on a regular basis to help your body produce more energy. 

You Have An Unhealthy Diet 

Although vitamin B12 is directly responsible for helping with your energy levels, a generally bad diet can also be a problem. If you eat a lot of sugary snacks and processed food, your body will need a lot more energy to digest the food, and that will leave you feeling sluggish. 

Eating more fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein will ensure your energy levels remain stable since they are much easier for your body to digest (plus, they’re better for your overall health anyway). 

You Don’t Exercise Enough 

You might think that exercising would make you feel tired, but it’s actually a lack of exercise that is more likely to cause lethargy. That’s because when you don’t exercise, your body gets less oxygen.

When this happens, oxygen is diverted to the most important areas, such as the brain and heart, leaving you feeling exhausted. 

When you exercise regularly, your body will be properly oxygenated, and you’ll feel much more alert and awake, especially since exercise releases serotonin and other important chemicals into your body that make you feel great. 

You’re Stressed

Being stressed causes many different problems in your life, and lethargy is one of them. When you’re stressed, your body will be in fight or flight mode. This is no bad thing and is actually a survival mechanism.

The issue is when the stress is chronic, and the constant state of alertness never ends. This is when exhaustion can set in, among other problems, which include erectile dysfunction.

You can take tadalafil 20 mg to help with the symptoms here, but dealing with the root cause must also be addressed. 

If you are feeling stressed, you need to find the best ways for you to destress. This might be meditation and breathing exercises, it could be playing sports or going for a walk, it might be reading a book, or listening to a podcast. Do what you can to destress yourself, and you’ll feel less fatigued. 

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Water is the ideal thing to drink as it contains no additives like sugar or flavoring, and it ensures your body temperature stays regulated, your internal organs function properly, and your body is detoxed.

If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll feel much more tired because your body has to do all this work without any help. Make sure you drink water throughout the day, ideally sipping constantly rather than drinking a lot all at once – your body can use it more effectively when you drink little and often.

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