3 Best Ways Comedians Can Make Money

Last Updated on 1 year ago by Nicky Johnson

While some career paths are laid out very plainly and are easy to follow along, some careers are left wide open for anyone with a venturing spirit. Comedians have found ways to make a living for centuries, and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying out. In fact, with the internet, people are able to reach more audiences than ever before. Here are a few ways people can turn laughs into cash.

Start a Band

Okay, so maybe “start a band” isn’t the best advice as far as making money goes, but it can be done. People like Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht of the band Ninja Sex Party have set enough potty humor to music that they’ve performed on late-night talk shows and even at large film festivals. While some comedians have been known to take a general approach to their humorous music, others have gotten quite specific.

The nice thing about comedy bands is that between the music and the humor, they have two chances right out of the gate to reach wider audiences. Plenty of successful bands out there have started out as jokes for niche audiences, but have gathered large fan bases because the songs became popular enough to extend beyond those who were in on the jokes.

Take to Social Media

Memes have almost become somewhat of a love language – many people have that one close friend that they send all their favorite memes to. If somebody is able to stay on top of current events, some jokes practically write themselves, and a good humor account can go viral if it’s consistent enough. One of the nice things about social media is that paying to reach extended audiences is typically very affordable. If an account can gain a large enough following, not only will potential sponsors come knocking ready to write checks, but those sponsors also often include quite a bit of free swag for the account to include as product placement — people probably interact with far more sponsored content on social media than they realize.

Get Busy Busking 

Buskers, or street performers, can do quite well for themselves if they have a clever routine and are charming enough to convince crowds to gather. For some people, watching street performers is one of their favorite parts of visiting large cities. If somebody is an engaging enough performer, they could tell knock-knock jokes on a busy street and manage to make enough to buy their lunch. Here’s a tip: Put a few dollars in the collection bucket as you set up, and people may feel more inclined to pitch in as they walk by.

People say laughter is the best medicine, so if doctors have job security because there will always be sick people, then it sounds like comedians will always be in demand as well. One of the great things about comedy is that creativity is often rewarded — there are no rules. If you can find a way to make enough people laugh, there may be a career in comedy waiting for you.