The Many Benefits of Custom Face Masks

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It’s a sign of the times that we must now wear custom face masks as part of our daily life and routine. However, with COVID-19 taking hold across the world, the types of masks we can wear have expanded from disposable masks to washable reusable masks, and even to custom face masks. Ultimately, those wearing face masks are looking for both comfort and style. Practicality is as important as personalization.

Why do people want custom face masks?

There has been a lot of resistance against wearing face masks, largely because of the fact they cover so much of the face. Many people worry that by not being able to see someone’s face anymore, they will lose out on understanding that person’s personality and body language, and may even feel intimidated by them.

Custom face masks provide wearers with a compromise, in which they can express a bit more of who they are with a comfortable alternative to disposable masks.

What can I get on a custom face mask?

The beauty of a custom face mask is that you really can have anything you want added to it. From a funky pattern to a picture of something you love, you are free to get creative.

For many people, a custom face mask gives them the opportunity to get a photo of their own face added to their mask, so when wearing a face covering, it still looks like they’ve got their own smile on show. When it comes to custom face masks, the possibilities are endless!


Custom face masks at work

If you operate in a customer-facing industry or simply want to work in a workplace that maintains the highest levels of COVID-safe practices, custom face masks allow you to incorporate your branding into your PPE but AirQueen face masks are a suitable option too. You can get your brand colors and logo added on to your custom face mask so that this small piece of safety also works as an extension of your team’s uniform.

When it comes to creating your custom face mask, there are many styles and types you can opt for. The most important thing is to ensure you maintain consistency in the colors, materials and branding you use throughout your workplace.

You can also opt to have unique and innovative elements added to your custom face masks, such as antibacterial and anti-viral options. You could also look to personalize your masks further by getting your team’s names individually customized onto each of their face masks.

What benefits can custom face masks bring?

One of the most notable benefits of the custom face mask is the fact that it is reusable and can be washed, helping to protect the environment against the wasteful use of face coverings.

Although COVID-safe personal protection is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, throwing out a face covering every time it is used will only exacerbate the climate crisis. Opting for an ethically-made, reusable custom face mask will mean you can both stay safe and help to protect the planet.

By bulk ordering your custom face masks, particularly if buying for a large workplace, you can reduce the amount of shipping required and can therefore further help to improve the impact on the climate that your personalized face masks could potentially have. You will also be able to make cost savings by fulfilling a large order, getting a lower price per item instead.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to start personalizing your face mask, whether it’s with a picture you love, your own smile, or the branding of your business.

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