Europe’s Most Exclusive Place Found in Spain

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The results of the new European Best Destinations ranking have appeared on the Internet. In accordance with it, the ten premium locations in Europe were discovered. The Spanish destination is at the top of the list. If you, having an idea of the apartments and villas in Madrid, think that the capital deserved this title, you will be curious to know the truth.

European Best Destinations Ranking

European Best Destinations is an expert ranking of the best places in Europe for any travel and lifestyle. The researchers have announced a list of the most exclusive places in 2022. The list comprises 10 places in various sites that are notable for their flashy lifestyle and the beauty of the environment, with Spain topping the list in 2022. So, where is the most exclusive place in Spain and Europe?

Marbella, Malaga is the High-End Town in Spain and Europe

Marbella, a small town in Malaga’s province, holds the top spot of the most premium places in Spain. As one of the top requested points in Europe, Marbella being renowned for its splendid boutiques, golf courses, and extravagant Puerto Banus district abundant with fashionable bars and restaurants, really deserves it. By the way, the Andalusian municipality has 8 golf clubs with 14 fields.

European Best Destinations

In addition, it has a lot of other attractions, such as the old town with beautiful architecture, entire streets of bars and verandas where it is possible to easily spend the day, not to mention the countless beaches in the district. The top range ones are located a few kilometers from the center, but if there is an opportunity to rent a car, they are worth a visit.

Marbella is also distinguished by its gastronomy, which varies from the traditional Andalusian tapas with different condiments and fish meuniere to the most upmarket restaurants, 3 of which are Michelin starred.

Other places in the European Best Destinations ranking

The rest of the rankings are occupied by 9 other premium locations in Europe, with Italy’s Positiano and Portugal‘s Madeira following the second and third respectively.

Positano is a village in Italy on the Amalfi Coast, which is touted as one of the most tranquil spots not only in Italy but in the world. With its impressive architecture, built in the middle of a mountain and on the edge of the sea, it has been honoured with a number of legends, including one that the place was created by Neptune himself to enchant a nymph.

Positano once again started to thrive with the completion of the SS163 road, a much-needed replacement for the mountain routes that had previously served as the only connection between the Amalfi Coast and the rest of Italy.

The first tourists were able to travel to Positano thanks to the new route that connected the town with Sorrento and Naples. These passengers were not your typical vacationers; rather, they belonged to an aristocratic class that included intellectuals, artists, and famous people who, starting in the early 20th century, chose Positano and Ravello as their go-to vacation destinations.

In Portugal, Madeira is famous for the hospitality of its visitors. Thick with premium hotels, the Portuguese island of Madeira is remarkable for having one of the best customer care in Europe. 

Ultra-rich British tourists once made Madeira their lavish island getaway.

Anywhere in Madeira, you can pretty much count on seeing the ocean, but looking out the glass balcony doors of a room may nearly make you feel as though you’re in a surrealist Dali painting with only the ocean, sky, and nothing else.

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